custom chart format

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    Can I make a custom x-axis??

    I need my x axis to range from 100-2500 but I want it to appear as intervals as 500 with the initial starting value of 100 not being shown. The axis should read 500,1000,1500,2000,2500. Can this be done and how?
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    custom format

    Hi all, I have a custom format which will display millions as $2.5M and thousands as $249.9K. these values will always be above $100,000 and got up to a couple hundred million. However there are some newly created regions where data will no exist for a particular period and I have put an...
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    Adding additional data to a stacked chart

    Help! I have been asked to add data to a stacked chart. The data needs to be displayed as two lines on top of the stack. The data displayed by the stack relates to units sold over a 3 year period. Each stack includes data from 2 different customers. I need to add 2 lines of data that...
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    How Do I Embed Custom Chart Formats Into A Workbook?

    Good Morning, I have several custom chart formats applied to pivot charts that require distribution but as you all know in Excel 2003 the formats revert back to the default chart as soon as someone interacts with the chart or the underlying pivot table. I can easily create a macro on my own PC...

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