custom number format

  1. Wad Mabbit

    Display Negative conditional amounts in K and M

    Yeah, I'm obsessive, but..., OK, I have [<1000]#;[<1000000]#.##,"K";#.##,,"M" Which works great for positive numbers, now how about negative numbers as well (in RED, with a minus sign? Thank you
  2. S

    Custom Number Format, with Special Character, Macro

    Hello, Thank you for your assistance! I have a macro that applies a custom number format to selected cells. The number format works great within the workbook as: 0.00%" →";0.00%" ←" I'd like to apply this using a macro. The VBA window won't display the "→" arrow symbols. They are displayed as...
  3. D

    Removing zeroes in number format

    Our customer numbers begin with A followed by four zeroes and a string of numbers. Example: A00002121256438 A00002178164211 A00002191112936 A00002152291978 How can I create a formula to remove the 4 zeroes following the letter A so that the...
  4. P

    Custom Number Format --- % & Color at the same time

    A1 = 1/2 = 0.5 I want to format A1 with 2 things: -If less than 1, Red. -Percentage % I wrote the following but it is not working. Could anyone please guide me...? 0%;[Red][<1];
  5. U

    Include contents of cell in custom number format

    Is it possible to include the contents of cell A1 in a custom number format? Suppose cell A1 contains string "USD" representing currency. Cell B1 is to have custom number format, if user types 100 in cell B1, it should be displayed as "100 USD". Then if cell A1 is changed to "GBP", cell B1...
  6. C

    Custom Number Format with Text/Numbers + Coloring

    Hello and thank you for your time, I am trying to create a custom number format that allows me to create the below example: If the formula for the cell results in a negative number it will display this: (622) Negative If the formula for the cell results in a positive number it will display...
  7. E

    Create conditional formatting to indent data by VBA gives runtime error on ExecuteExcel4Macro

    Hi! I am trying to create conditional formatting rules via VBA. I often use a custom number format to indent lines of text based on some level indicator. The custom number format is then something like '" "@' to indent by 3 blanks. Then I can embed this within a conditional format with...
  8. A

    custom format

    Hi all, I have a custom format which will display millions as $2.5M and thousands as $249.9K. these values will always be above $100,000 and got up to a couple hundred million. However there are some newly created regions where data will no exist for a particular period and I have put an...
  9. jmh2008

    Make cell text even if numbers

    I have numbers, some with leading zero, and I want to format the cells to text so they will stay. When I select the cells and format them to Text, I see in the number formatting group of the ribbon, that they are text. The number go to the cell of the cell, which indicates Text, but if I do a...
  10. M

    Way to format number as "X Years, Y Months"??

    Hello, first post in search of a solution, so please forgive any lapse of protocol. I did attempt to search for a solution before posting - not my first time on any forum at least! I need the term of a lease in my spreadsheet to display as "X Years, Y Months" but would like to be able to use...
  11. ed.ayers315

    textbox results and custom format with vba

    Hi folks, I have tried numerous versions of the code below; some from this forum and some some the VBForums. When I exit textbox177, I need the input to format to the Vessels c29 exactly. Then as seen below take that number and depending on the case selection do the correct math. The math...
  12. B

    Number format

    Hi, When I enter a number like this; 3450982 and I try to break it out into millions and thousands, it is showing up like this 3450,982 instead of 3,450,982. I have tried using the custom number feature and it is still not showing up the way I want it to. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
  13. N

    How to Format Chart Axis Based on Cell Format

    Hey there, Regular lurker, first time poster. :eeek: In Excel 2007, I need a chart's vertical axis to change based on the reference cell format changing. Basically, I have a "dashboard" that will allow a user to select whether they want to view units or dollars in a table. The table that the...
  14. P

    Formatting small numbers

    Among life insurance actuaries, it is customary to quote mortality rates as "deaths per thousand." So, if a mortality rate is 0.00123, I would like to display it as "1.23" In custom formatting, I have tried the following custom format string: 0.00,%%% which displays "1.23%%%" (Here the comma...
  15. M

    Custom Number Format - removing minus sign from result

    Hello, I have a problem with number formatting. I am trying to make numbers display in the following way; If a number is equal or greater than +1 then it will display as +x and the number will be in blue If a number if negative and greater than -1 then it will display as -x and the text is...
  16. G

    Format Near Zero Numbers as Zero ($-)

    I was hoping to create a custom number format that formatted all near zero numbers (say, any number greater than -0.001 and less than 0.001) to zero. I cannot use the round function because doing so creates other issues further along in the spreadsheet. Does anyone know if this is possible? I...
  17. I

    Custom number format to XX.XXX.XXX,00

    Hi! I would like to ask if there is a possibility in the customize the number format in excel in such a way that the standard number format (i.e. 34,000,344.01) to this number format instead XX.XXX.XXX,XX (34.000.344,01). I have to change the number format for a lot of entries and was wondering...
  18. J

    custom number format for a specific range

    I am trying to format a number to the third decimal if it is in the range of 0 < x < 1. If it is not in this range, I would like it to be formatted as a decimal. So far, I've tried to create a custom number format in the Custom category on the Number tab in the Format > Format Cells dialog...
  19. L

    Delete Custom Number Formats

    Hi - I've done a search and couldn't see anything which seemed to solve my problem. I have a spreadsheet into which a client has copied a number of worksheets. Unfortunately, all their custom number formats have also been copied across and I continually get the error message "too many custom...

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