1. L

    Hide Down Arrow for QAT Customization in Excel Ribbon using CustomUI Editor

    Down to the last little annoyance on the Excel Ribbon bar of this project I just want to hide the little down arrow (top left ribbon bar) for the QAT Customization Menu Not much out there in the way of "Just use this idMso" The little I have found doesnt work - BUT I dont get any erros on the...
  2. H

    Timeline template - how to Customize

    I wish to create a timeline in excel as a way to gain overview of multiple projects. The timeline template in excel is fine if you only need to keep track of one project, but is there a way to create and overview which displays "multiple" timelines in one view? So you can compare? And is it...
  3. G

    Excel Chart templates

    I am looking at customizing the chart templates for excel 2003. I have few questions. 1) In excel if I add an chart, it comes up with some default settings like borders, grey background etc. How do I modify the template of each chart for multiple things like border, color etc, so that for the...

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