cut and paste

  1. B


    Hi guys! I'm wondering how to build a macro for the following repetitive tasks: 1. Selecting a specific cell, 2. Goes to the last row with data, 3. Selects all the row, since the 3rd column until the end, 4. Cut all these cells 5. Pasts on the column A of the first blank row below the...
  2. T

    Cutting and Pasting individual cells that meet criteria to same row of different column

    I'm a n00b and I've been searching the forums and the closest thing I can find to my problem was addressed here: Simple Macro to cut and paste based on cell value I'm trying to have any cells in column M that are greater than 0 be cut and paste into a column 3 columns to the right of the...
  3. tourless

    find and move

    Hi Folks. I'm working on automating a solution to a problem file and I need to extract some rows to a new sheet programmatically. Specifically I'm looking for a way to loop through column H and any cells that begin with the word 'Net' (spelled exactly like that) need to be cut out and moved to...
  4. D

    Cut rows after cell value and insert above cell value

    Im dealing with a slightly screwed up software export, what im trying to do right now is: cut all rows with content below my case ("Total Ertrag") until the next empty row (cut without the empty row) and paste it above my case im having a hard time getting a clue as to how i should go about...
  5. B

    2 macros - Copy Row and Cut and paste row to another worksheet based on value

    Afternoon all I've been working on a spreadsheet. I had no VBA knowledge at all, now I still have close to none! I've been searching various forums and websites and copied and pasted code in a trial and error way, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I'm stuck now though. I've seen lots of...
  6. M

    If value in column B = 1, then copy and paste content of Column A to another sheet.

    Hi all. I am little new to Excel coding and would really appreciate some help. I am writing an excel sheet for my students but getting stuck, essentially they will fill out a sheet scoring themselves from 1 to 5 in certain areas, Col A will have 50 skills, they will rate themselves 1 to 5 in...
  7. S

    Code to cut data and paste as values, then delete specific range of row when the cells in column D is blank

    Hi I am a new VBA learner. Need help for code, to cut data and paste as values, then delete specific range of row when the cells in column D is blank Eg. I have a quotation table in my sheet (=Quote!$A$10:$AL$265). I would like to first cut of (=Quote!$A$10:$K$260) and paste as value...
  8. K

    Extract/Move row based condition

    Hello Everyone, I have searched this forum and others for several days but can't find what I needed so I took a stab and trying to code myself and it was an epic fail.... I have two workbooks wb1 (has master data in it) and wb2 (storage data). Here's what I'm trying to do... -If column AA in...
  9. D

    I need help writing a Daily Average Formula

    Howdy, I have a problem that I can't figure out, and I'm hoping someone here can give me a hand. For the past several years I have been keeping a record of how far I walk/run/cycle each day via Excel. It has worked great for letting me see my average year by year. However, I have one Excel...
  10. T

    Shifting a selected range of cells to the right or left

    I have a spreadsheet that needs to shift a selected range of cells one column to the right or left using an "Advance" or "Delay" button. Here is the sequence of operation: 1. Activate a button 2. Select the cells beginning 2 spaces from the button's originating cell to 10 spaces from the...
  11. Roderick_E

    Easy Cut & Paste to duplicate sheet

    My company uses a lot of spreadsheets where there are 2 tabs; one for "active" and another for "completed". The user typically will cut and paste a completed row from the active sheet to the completed sheet. Both sheets have exact same headers. To automate this, I created code so that the user...
  12. D

    Find Text, Cut & Paste It In Another Column

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2013. I want to find a particular text, cut & paste it in a column of my choice within the same row. This text may be present in any column. I have gone as far as the code below which works fine. However, the code stops half way though there is more rows to be searched...
  13. Carlo22

    Cut and paste values only? to avoid copy>paste values> select initial cells>clear cells

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to easily move only values from one cell selection to another. The formating of both the source and the destination cells are to remain the same. So far I couldn't manage to find a solution in this forum or elsewhere. Does someone here have a solution? Thanks!
  14. M

    Text not going in to cell correctly

    This is probably really easily soluble as it seems a very stupid question. When I cut and paste text into some cells the text goes into the cell, fits in at the width that I've already selected for the cell and expands the cell downwards so it all fits. However sometimes, the text appears on one...
  15. S

    Macro: Coding Macro to Select, Cut and Paste Row from one sheet to another (Excel 2010)

    Hello! I am needing to code a macro that can select a row of information, cut it and then paste it into a different (already labeled) sheet. To elaborate I would like to select cut the information from "Sheet 1" and then paste it into "Sheet 2" in an identical format without pasting over any...
  16. A

    Search ".xls" files and then CUT and PASTE to new location

    I have a folder with many subfolders and I want to search ".xls" files from these subfolders and then cut and paste them to new location. There is a code available over interned for searching files in folder but apparently it does not work in newer versions of Excel.
  17. A

    Copy and Paste work but not Cut and Paste in vba

    Hi, I am new to vba programming. I have written the following codes. The codes work for Copy and paste, but when I change to Cut and paste, it won't work. I am trying to cut a row on one spreadsheet, and paste the row in another spreadsheet. I can't figure this out. Can someone help me? Thanks...
  18. K

    Cut Cells Marked "Closed" and Paste to New Sheet

    1 Workbook 2 Spreadsheets - "Complete Backlog" & "Closed Jobs" If Column K in "Complete Backlog" says "Closed" then cut that row and paste it into the next available row of "Closed Jobs". I have this code below but there is an error with it. It currently cuts all of the items marked closed but...
  19. K

    Macro to Cut Closed items (rows) from One Sheet and Paste into Another

    I'm using 2003 (company computer :( ). I need the macros to manipulate cells not entire rows So here's the algorithm: If a cell in Column K of the "Complete Backlog" spreadhseet is equal to "Closed" then cut cells A?:K? of the same row and paste into the next available row of the spreadsheet...
  20. R

    Cut and move rows - loops

    Hi, I'm trying to cut rows with the word "FBO" in column B, and move them all to a new sheet, title that sheet "FBO Accounts", and delete the rows on the original tab where the FBO accounts were and would now be blank. So an example: There are 100 accounts, 62 have FBO in the name which is...
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