1. C

    Copying Data from One Sheet to Second Sheet on a Daily Basis, but not overwriting Data from Previous Day VBA Code

    Good morning. I read the article concerning this question but the recommended code was not working for my intended application. I am looking for some help, please. I have an excel table for which I need to back up daily. I want to save new data (values only) each day without overwriting the...
  2. S

    Text formulas returning 0

    Suddenly all of these formulas (like below) are no longer just returning words, they are returning 0's. All of the other cells referenced have words in them. =IF(Developer!J46="Network","C: Drive Daily Archive", Developer!E42 & " Daily Archive")
  3. H

    Sum Total of Date Range in Pivot Table

    I want total sales for each sku in a specific date range. But what I get is daily sales excluding the daily sales that are not in the date range. So I then group the daily sales into years, so that I only get the total yearly sales for each item, and I get this. <colgroup><col style="width...
  4. detriez

    Streamline Power Query for Excel

    I am just discovering the power or Power Query for Excel I need to run merge queries to populate data on my daily file from the same master file every day and am trying to streamline the process. My current process Open my daily file Get & Transform From Table/Range In power query editor.. New...
  5. K

    Monthly Weekly Daily Target Turnover

    Hi, I have the yearly turnover target for a company and would like to calculate the monthly, weekly and daily targets to meet the yearly. I want to be able to put the actual daily revenue and automatically recalculate the next day target and the next month target. For example if my yearly...
  6. V

    Obtain separate monthly totals from a year's daily data.

    I have daily data over a year in col B with the dates in col A. I wish to find the sum of data for each month, (1st to last day). I had thought of sumifs, but cannot see how that could work, given the different months’ lengths. What would be the best easiest way to get the totals I want, please?
  7. N

    How to change dynamically excel external file name change daily as the date

    Hi all, I am a beginner to this technology VBA Excel. I faced a problem in the project Read an external file and look for a Specific String (This external file name will change daily – as the Date – which will be part of the file name – will be dynamic) Return a Value from the 8th Column...
  8. C

    How to refresh daily data with additional text included in date filename

    Hello, We have a number of CSV files which are created daily by our modelling software. I would like to import the most recent csv data into their respective excel sheets. Each csv file is saved in a single folder generated by the model. An example of the saved csv file are saved like this...
  9. J

    Actual and Budget with different granularity

    Hey, together I'm currently facing a small challenge again.I have the following two tables. TblActuals <tbody> Product ID Group Quantity (Actual) Date A1 A 100 01.01.2019 A2 A 150 02.01.2019 B1 B 50 15.01.2019 B2 B 150 16.01.2019 C1 C 25 08.08.2019 </tbody> TblBudget <tbody>...
  10. S

    How to Refresh Data -Automatic on daily basis - 2013

    Good Morning , We are using Office 2013. We connected to Oracle DB , make query and make Power Pivot query -> All working ok Now whenever we need to get the updated data - we are doing manually -Data -> Refresh All. But we need to have 'Refresh Automatically' - For example say by 10 AM...
  11. C

    Interest calculated daily, paid monthly

    I have a savings account where interest is calculated daily and paid on the 3rd of each month. Most months the account is not touched but sometimes I might pay an amount in or take some out. Have created a spreadsheet with columns for amounts in/out, daily balance, number of days between...
  12. matthewlouis

    #NAME? error

    I am getting the #NAME? error on this formula: {=INDEX(O6:O130,MODE(IF(O6:O130<>"",MATCH(O6:O130,O6:O130,0))))} I am using the SAME formula in another data set on daily market prices (the above is for weekly) . . . and I am NOT getting an error on that sheet (??) That error says I have...
  13. M

    MTD Data tab

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet in which I post daily data for up to 50 employees. I have a Macro that combines the data from 2 tabs into 1 sheet and creates a copy of it. I save that copy with the day. I want to create a MTD sheet that will sum up all of the fields from the daily tabs that are...
  14. S

    Help with pulling data from an excel file in a folder to automatically update the date from inside that file to my work book

    Hi, I have a workbook with a daily report Sheet. I (move and copy) it each night and rename the file to the "Daily Report- mm/dd/yyyy, date of that work day. That file gets stored in a job number folder on the desktop and in that folder is another folder named Daily Reports. I have another sheet...
  15. C

    Habit Tracker Streak for Habits That Aren't Daily Google Sheets

    I am building a habit tracker where my habits are the columns and each day is a row. Near the top, I have a 'streak' row which is meant to be how many days from today that I have successfully completed the habit. I have managed to figured out a way to calculate this field for habits that are...
  16. A

    Referencing to dynamic worksheet

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to write a code which refers a dynamic worksheet. I have daily file whose name changes based on the date. So far, I have tried the code below: Dim TodayDate As String TodayDaye= Now Windows("Now" & Daily Inventory Followup.xlsx").Activate However, this is not...
  17. D

    Look for blank cells on a non active sheet?

    Hi, Please can someone help me? I have this code that works fine for me when the Daily Check Sheet is active. I now need it altering so the code still looks for the same blanks cells on the Daily Check Sheet but when the sheet isn't active. Here is my code: Sub DaysandMonthsandInitials()...
  18. B

    Help with a repetitive task

    Hi All, I am not sure if you can help but I have a spreadsheet with a lot of sheets (countries) and within each sheet there is a table showing a rate card Year by year. <tbody> Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6 Daily Monthly Daily Monthly Daily Monthly Daily Monthly...
  19. T

    Largest Negative Daily Total

    Hello Everyone, I need your help! I have a problem where I need to find the largest negative daily total in a table. I have the largest daily sum total with the following: MAX(SUMIFS(Values[P/L],Values[Date],ROW(INDIRECT($L$3&":"&TODAY())))) L3 is the <tbody> Starting Date, L31 is a...
  20. C

    Creating a work order

    My department has task that are executed daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly and these tasks have been placed in a name range list called "task" where the headers are A1= Frequency, B1= Form # and C1 = Task Description. 4 rows or lines of data reads as follows: A2 =Daily B2 =27 C2= Preop...

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