1. R

    Weekly average from columns?

    Evening, I know this is a common question but I've done some google and Mr Excel searches on this but there's so many answers I can't find one I understand enough to apply to my circumstances Here is some sample data, the row and column numbers are the ones I'm using <TBODY> A B C D E F...
  2. D

    Project date of money running out based of daily expenditure

    Hi, I spend $10 on weekdays and $5 on Saturdays and always 0 on Sundays. How can Excel figure out the date that I will have no money left? If the day I start spending is today (16th Oct 2012) and I have $200 what date will it run out.
  3. X

    Using Vertex42 Daily Planner

    There are a few things I'm not getting. (1) Why is there an end date that appears to serve no purpose? I thought it might help print 7 daily schedules after putting in a start date. But I see no code for this? (2) How is the schedule meant to be used? Printing one day at a time, or is there a...
  4. C

    Subtracting from multiple cells to get a specific answer

    I had a question considering a workbook that I am working on for overtime, a different one than I posted before. On my workbook, I have vacation leave, sick leave, and overtime to figure in. I want to be able to have a choice to choose which you would like to keep at the end of the week. Such as...
  5. T

    Should be a simple question for those that understand

    Hello and first thank you for reading I have a formula =StartingBalance * (1 + Rate)^NumberOfDays this is to create a daily compounded interested rate now if this formula is correct (that is what I am checking) Principal = 400 interest rate = 3% number of days = 1 year then =400*(1+.03)^365...
  6. A

    Needing to track daily backups with excel!!

    Is there a template or something out there that will help me track my daily tape backups? I just need something that will list the date, the 3 backup jobs, successful/failed and a notes section. Anything out there like this?
  7. W

    Payroll - Daily & Weekly Overtime

    (This is Sooo Bad, I had all this typed and lost it in the preview) (This time I "ctrl+c" everything before preview) (In preview my pic didn't show, I used the wrong link: "Use the second one") I am creating a weekly expense report that includes pay Daily Hours <= 8 $10.00 Daily Hours > 8...
  8. Y

    Sending DAILY emails from Excel

    Hi everyone, I am new board member and need your help on something: I know how to send an email from excel using VBA, but I would like to know how send an email every day without opening the Excel file continaing the macro. (Let's say I can specify a given time, then, whether the Excel file...
  9. C

    Generate a daily roster from a weekly schedule?

    Hi all, this is my first post and I could really use some help on this one... I write a weekly schedule with in times for an AM shift and a PM shift. The number of people on each shift vary from day to day and week to week. Weekly schedule looks like...

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