1. P

    Insert dashes within character string, within an array.

    ISO VBA command to insert a dash (hyphen) as the 5th character from the left, and 6th character from the right, in a string of varying length, within an array. For example... Column Z contains the following list of values: MSEAVIMA0013S MSEAVIRM0016S MOLPVIRM0017S MOLS130012S MSEAVIRM0011S...
  2. R

    replace parentheses and dashes from list of #s

    I have a list of numbers in static columns (let's stay columns D and E have the home and business phone numbers) that need to have all dashes, spaces and parentheses removed. Raw: (213) 345-4567 Desired: 2133454567 I know I can do this via formulas and such but I would prefer to do this via...
  3. C

    dashes needed excel 2016

    i need 00901002409 as 009-01-002-409 with the preceding 0's when i try <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3986;width:82pt" width="109"> <col style="width:48pt" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> 00901001120 =TEXT(G4,"???-??-???-???") 00901001122...
  4. D

    Formula to result text between last two 'dash' ticks

    Hey guys, always get me great feedback I have: Cell C2: /123K/XXX0-A/XXXX0-135-A0.job I was looking for a formula that would return the value 135 in this example. It will always be between the last two dashes in the cell. Any suggestions would be much appreciated:)
  5. K

    Fine Text between Dashes in Excel

    Hello, I need to find out text between the dashes. JAWAD AHMAD SAHIBZADA - Sem-1 - MSEM-F2018 - R.No.MS 155-2018 Fee Deposited. 1.Between 1st & 3rd Dashes ( Sem-1) 2.Between 3rd & 5th Dashed ( MSEM-F2018)
  6. J

    finding substring from a string with dashes

    I have parts in the following format: <tbody> ABVD-JtU5d-NR393. Where the prefix, base and suffix can be any length., but there are always two dashes. I need to add a column to show the prefix, base, and first letter only of suffix. So for the above part, i want to extract ABVD-JtU5d-N...
  7. R

    Remove Social Security #'s From a Text Cell

    In my roll I generate allot of reporting with information submitted by others which often times includes text that I need to copy/paste into an excel text cell. We get allot of these that have full Social Security #'s in them and I'd like to create a formal (preferably not a VBA) to search the...
  8. K

    Customize Cell

    Hello - Is there a way to customize a column of cells that requires 9 digits (no more or less) and no dashes? This column will be used to enter social security numbers. I was able to customize no dashes, however, not sure how to require 9 digits in addition to no dashes.
  9. T

    Text function in Query

    Hi all. I am have a little trouble. I have a column in my data set that is formatted below: MUS 5 - BULK - PAC I need to pull only the text out in between the two dashes. I think this is all the info you need but please let me know!
  10. J

    Show Underscore from formula bar

    Hello, I am trying to make naming my files easier. I have a spreadsheet where I have. FILE NUMBER PROJECT NAME My boss likes to use the naming convention of: 0001_TPR_PROJECT NAME [TPR being the company name] I am trying to use =CONCATENATE(TEXT(A1,"0000_TPR_"), B1) but because I...
  11. A

    exact sequence in certain cells?

    I am looking for a VBA to only allow an exact sequence for instance if cells in column A aren't typed in containing "A-12-34-5678-01AAA-123A-B" with same number of numbers between dashes then they get an error and it is deleted. Any suggestions?
  12. X

    UPC format-text with dashes and possible leading zero

    12 digits, may or may not have a leading zero. Needs dashes as follow: 0-12345-67890-1 client inputs the numbers. Leading number may or may not have a zero but if it does, it needs to be visible. I was trying to do text but with dashes as a customer but couldn't quite get there. thanks...
  13. R

    Conditional Formatting on Three Dashes / Hyphens

    Hello, I'm trying to conditional format three dashes / hyphens "- - -" that are the result of formulas. I can't seem to get a conditional format to work on this. Does anyone have any ideas? RB
  14. A

    Extract all Dashes and Upper Case letters

    I have a cells that contain Names and Dashes ex: "Aaron Arbogust -- John SMith -- Bret Johnson -- Dan Bologna" I would like that to extract all Upper case letters and Dashes to read:"AA--JSM--BJ--DB" Basically extract Uppers and Dashes OR remove Lowercase letters and spaces
  15. M

    Social Security Numbers without dashes

    Hello Guys How can I display SSNs without the dashes? Would it be in format cells option?
  16. D

    VBA NumberFormat

    is there a way to combine the following two commands in one? Sums_range.NumberFormat = "[>=1000]#'##0;0" Sums_range.NumberFormat = "0;-0;-" the first formats numbers in the 0'000 format (with tone for thousands) and no decimals the second formats zeros to dashes
  17. P

    Add placeholder in last section

    Hi, I've got a list of device names and I need the last section of the name to have 3 digits. Here is a small example: SPT-01-1 SPT-01-20 SPT-01-250 I need: SPT-01-001 SPT-01-020 SPT-01-250 I've tried a couple formatting techniques and watched a couple tutorials on similar problems but...
  18. J

    Concatenate Two Columns with a Dash, Skipping Some Blanks

    Hello all, I searched around on the forum for an answer for this, and I found some solutions that were close. I was not successful at adapting them to my needs (and I feel like this should be easy!). I have a spreadsheet with testing data (quality control tolerances), so there is a column...
  19. K

    Removing dashes when importing text

    First time poster, long time lurker. I'm importing data from a text file, but every now and then there is a "----" in the middle of my data which creates an extra column. This throws off the rest of my formulas. Any suggestions??
  20. N

    Index Match/Vlookup has return column with no value, has to return closest number

    <tbody> 1395 - 6.90 30.14 1394 6.17 - 30.15 1393 - - 30.16 1392 - - 30.17 1391 - 6.91 30.18 1390 - - 30.19 1389 - - 30.20 1388 6.18 6.92 30.21 1387 - - 30.22 1386 - - 30.23 1385 - 6.93 30.24 1384 - - 30.25 1383 - - 30.26 1382 6.19 6.94 30.27 1381 - - 30.28 1380 - -...

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