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    Conditional Format Data Bar 2 Colours Based on Number Range

    I have a column in excel that has been formatted to display a progress bar based on the value in the cell 0 - 100. I did this by going to: Home > Conditional formatting > Data bars > More Rules: Then I select, Format Style: 'DataBar' / Type(min/max) 'Number' / Min Value: 0 Max Value:100 This...
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    Databars length on one key color on another

    Hi there, im confused with Excel at the Moment. :( im trying to get databars which length are based on the value within the cell but the Color is depending from another keyfigure. Any idea on how to solve that? <tbody> Achivement Status Status bar 10 R 45 G 80 Y </tbody>...
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    Maintain conditional formatting after changing cell contents

    Hey All, I have a matrix with conditional formatting of some values that looks like this: then I want to add some other data to the fields (standard deviations, and descriptors) so of course the conditional formatting is now stripped out...
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    Conditional Format - Data Bar

    Does anyone know how to show different colours on a data bar conditional format? I want to have the bar green if the value is over 75, amber for between 60 and 75 and red if below 60. But at the same time retaining the the functionality of the Data Bar Conditional Format. Cheers John
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    Data Bars - coditional formatting error

    Hi Has anyone ever seen an error with the data bar colours not showing the percentage correctly? I have applied the formatting to a number of ranges which works fine but when I apply it to a list of 7 values all 100% it displays bars looking like 100,60,60,20,0,40,40 even though the values...
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    Cond. Formatting Data Bar Multiple Criteria

    I would like to know if there is a way to have a conditional formatting that is able to display bars in different colors by using different criteria. The conditions are the following: Limits for positive results = Min: 0 , Max: 4 Limits for Negative results = Min: -Target A , Max: 0 If cell...

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