data series

  1. T

    Mac Excel Chart Help Adding Second And Third Series

    I'm building a chart from 3 series of data. Mac Excel 16.16.12 The issues: Adding data series 1 is all ok and called "Series 1 "Point A"" on the chart. All category names on X-axis are correct. Adding series 2 is ok and called "Series 2 "Point B"" on the chart; however, "Series 1 "Point A""...
  2. G

    Fill Data Series between multiple points, differing steps and gaps

    Afternoon, long time lurker, first time poster (Excel 2016 /Win 10 user) I have successfully dabbled with various macros and tips from here, but I am now struggling with a seemingly simple task, but I'm not sure what to even search against. I have a column of negative values, with 'gaps'...
  3. D

    Command Button : Add/Remove data series

    Hello, I have a bar chart that 4 command buttons are connected to. Initially I had successfully set up the command buttons to add a data series on the first click and then remove the data series on the 2nd click. However, when I initially coded these the data series were static (1, 2, 3, etc.)...
  4. G

    Assigned data series color changes automatically

    Hi, I have a bar chart with 9 labels and i want to assign colors for each label. But every time i do that, it changes to the default colors assigned by excel in that particular order. I tried creating a custom theme but you can choose to only upto 6 colors. I clicked on the format series tab...
  5. E

    Macro to copy and paste a Graph multiple times and pull the data set down to the new table

    Hello all, This is my first post and I have been racking my brain trying to find an answer to this question. I hope you can all help. We have created a excel spreadsheet that pulls from other tabs in order to give a snap shot of an employees pay grade range and a compa ratio. In order to...
  6. J

    Match Graph Width to Inputed Data

    Hello, I am graphing (Line graph)a data series, with data going across the page in a single row. I slowly add data to the end of this series, and an existing macro automatically expands the range of the graph to include the new data. I would like the size of the graph to also expand...
  7. G

    Expanding a Data Series using VBA

    Hi All, I'm not sure this is possible to do but here is definitely the best place to ask. I currently use a bit of vba code to expand two pieces of data for example: Cell 1 value: 1 Cell 2 Value: 4 With the vba code this is expanded into further cells to become: Cell 3 Value: 1 Cell 4...
  8. B

    Automatically add series to graph

    I want to add series to a graph based on whether a checkbox next to the series is checked. There are 11 possible graphs to add, and the data is found in range W148:AC158. Here is what I have so far: ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 6").Activate Dim n With ActiveChart n = 8...
  9. I

    Average value for each 15 minutes

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask for some help for a VBA code. I have a huge sheet (CSV) with values registered every 1 minute. The CSV is in format: date (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) , value I would like to return the average value for each 15 minutes. The problem is that there are some gaps in...
  10. J

    Super easy issue, whose answer is confounding me! Remove data points' outline...

    I'm trying to format my data series in a chart, and each point is outlined with a black or grey, and the points are filled with the color I specified. Where can I specify no stroke/outline, or change its color? I've searched and can't find this darned [hopefully EASY] answer! Thanks so much...
  11. R

    Employee Schedule not plotting properly - chart type / data series not correct

    Hello, Attached is my spreadsheet (SHIFT_COMPARE) which is supposed to plot the work hours that employees are scheduled to work vs the day they are working, on a weekly basis. It consists of 3 worksheets: "Const", "Sched", & "Chart". "Const" = a "back end" sheet containing constants & raw...
  12. M

    Pivot chart data series issue

    Hi all, I have a pivot table with sales grouped by customer and by month/year. I want to compare customer X sales by month in 2011 to customer X sales by month in 2012. So, two data series: one for 2011 and one for 2012. How do I set up the data series on my pivot chart to differentiate...
  13. T

    Format multiple series on a chart with macro

    I have the following vba code obtained from the macro recorder for changing a data series in an xy scatterplot to a black diamond. Is there any way to edit this so that it does it for all series on a chart? I have about 50 series and would like the macro to go through each one and do the same...
  14. J

    ba and macros, pivot charts, data series, color coding, thanks in advance!!!,

    I have several pivot charts and chart worksheets in my workbook. Additionally, I have several parameters setup where the data series will change based on the criteria selected. How do I create a macro, where no matter what the criteria is set that the color format for each specific data...
  15. Grizlore

    Fixing the colour of a data series in a chart

    Hi Is there a way to fix the colour of a data series in a chart? (Excel 2007) The colours keep changing whenever I change the format, chart style, of apply a filter (if using a pivot chart) Any ideas? Regards
  16. M

    Looking for VBA code to prepare multiple charts in the active sheet containing each 3 data series

    Dear users, This is one of my first steps into the magnificient world of visual basic for applications, i hope someone outthere is willing to help me. I looked on several forums, but most of the time the questions asked are much more complex than mine. I am looking for a piece of code for the...
  17. B

    Data Series Expansion

    Task: I have 2 sets of known x,y data that are in the same range of x and each set has the same starting and ending x value. However, the data sets each represent different functions and each set has a different number of sample points (Series1 has 11 sample points and Series2 has 4...

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