data source

  1. S

    How to copy OneDrive file path in order to connect to Power Query

    I want to connect a file from OneDrive as a data source in Power Query. I understand that the best way to do this, is to copy the OneDrive file path and then paste the link into New Source>Other Sources>Web (see reference pictures below). However, I do not see the same "Copy File Path" icon...
  2. Blue1971

    Change PivotTable source from external data source connection to table/range

    In Excel 2016, I have several PivotTables (and corresponding PivotCharts) that use external data sources. The data sources were created via Microsoft Query (an Excel mechanism) and have complex SQL logic that queries an Oracle database. For certain PivotTables, I want to change the data...
  3. M

    A file can't be found - how do I locate what is pointing to that file

    I have a large spreadsheet containing multiple pivot tables. Something in the spreadsheet (I assume a pivot table) is pointing to a file that doesn't exist anymore. When I click Refresh All to update the pivot tables, I receive an error "Sorry, we couldn't find <path and file name of the...
  4. Jyggalag

    Pivot Table with Query

    Hi All, I am currently facing an issue in with my pivot table that I have been absolutely unable to fix and it does not seem like the Power Pivot forum is very active compared to this one. In addition, mine is more related to Pivot Tables than Power BI, Query or anything like that, so I may...
  5. Jyggalag

    Power Query question (never used before!)

    Hi all, I am considering to use power query to get data for my pivot table. However, I am EXTREMELY new to both pivot tables and power query. I want to import data into this pivot table (not using power query below): I have the source data saved here: So questionnaire data file 1 is week...
  6. P

    Pivot table only picking up random parts of source data

    Hi I've created a worksheet which has two pivot tables drawing from the same source-data. So the pivot tables - both - are not reflecting the correct data. So I clicked on 'show details' - which of course - brings up another sheet showing the specific filtered data being used. The filtered data...
  7. R

    Unable to reconnect slicers after disconnecting and changing data sources

    Hi, I have many pivot tables & slicers on different sheets of my excel workbook. The file is constantly being updated(new/changing tables) by many people so my script has to update the data and all the data sources in all the pivot tables. The objective is to: 1. Dynamically identify the...
  8. F

    Pivot Table - Dynamic Data Source range change via VBA

    Hi all, Currently, I am working on the project with 7 different pivot tables stored on 7 seperate work sheets and the main sheet where i keep data extract. So I decided to use VBA that every time when I update my data extract to automate this process with the help of macros and VBA. I could...
  9. A

    Token Comma expected error - Trying to Select Data Source based on True/False

    Hi – new to the forum and (fairly) new to Power Query. I have managed to get the basics down (I think), and just started trying to tinker with the Advanced options. What I have been trying to do is download a file, based on whether or not a value on aseparate table is True/False, if it is true...
  10. R

    Data source reverts back to old selection

    On my pivot table, I click 'change Data source' and click the table range that I need and click OK. I go back to the pivot click refresh, nothing happens, go back to the Change Data Source' and the old Data source is listed. Range - 'Open PO Raw Data'!$A$1:$AB$26160 (old source) range -...
  11. F

    Importing table from Web with multiple pages

    Hi I’m working on importing a table from a web however the issue I am having is that the table is divided into pages based on the number of records . I need my my excel workbook to be able to import all the records into the workbook regardless of the fact they are dividing up into pages with...
  12. S

    Pivot table data source after exporting tabs from XLSM to XLSX

    I have a macro-enabled Excel file with many tabs on it. Four of the tabs contain Pivot tables that pull their data from one other tab. I have VB code that exports the five tabs to a specific location as an xlsx file. I make sure that the data tab is added first, then the four pivot tabs are...
  13. M

    Identify Data Source Update Complete

    Is there a way to identify when a data source has completed updating? We have a lot of processes that are sequential and require a data source to be update prior to running the next step in the process. Currently, we are basically, hitting one button and waiting the source data to update, then...
  14. H

    Cell Formatting Based on Data Source

    I would like to be able to run a macro which automatically formats cells based on their data source. The criteria would be 1) if a cell is hard coded, color blue 2) if a cell contains a formula, color black, 3) if a cell contains a link to another worksheet or workbook, color green. Let me...
  15. C

    Excel Graph Data always resets on reopening

    Hello, I have an odd situation, that I hope can be fixed vs. just an excel glitch. I have a table with data. From this data, I have several column charts created, representing the WoW data. When I go into Select Data Source, on the left (Legend Entries) I have the 4 locations, on the right...
  16. T

    Bug: Pivot Tables: Sources: Can't change the source of Pivot-Tables anymore

    Hi, while I'm new to this forum, I'd call myself pretty advanced when it comes to Excel. But since some days I have a problem with Pivot Tables. I'm working with Excel 2016. When I try to change the source of a Pivot Table from one sheet to another, Excel just doesn't do it. It either keeps...
  17. freelensia

    Manage external data source locations in Excel when sharing the file across Dropbox

    When working in Excel, sometimes we have external data sources. In Windows, these files may be stored in a specific location such as C:\Users\Freelensia\Dropbox\data source.xls When sharing the main file and the data source file with another person through file-sharing services such as Dropbox...
  18. L

    VBA to update file path for pivot

    Hi I was wanting a vba code to update the data source for a pivot in a file so that it points to the current month. E.g, I have a file called 'Manufacturing Month end May 2017'. This file is saved under C:/Accounts/May 17. There is a pivot in that file pointing to[C:/Accounts/May 17/Raw...
  19. L

    Removing Excel database links from master mailmerge Doc

    Good morning all from NZ. I have a master doc linked to a SS database and every now and then server administrators and managers move folders around upsetting the links. When I opened the document it hung looking for the link and I had to copy folder back to original place then re-link the SS...
  20. L

    Copying formul down a column. Data source keeps changing

    Hi, I want to copy a formula down a columns to about 200 cells. This is the formula; =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(I5,A5:C330,2,0),0) The only thing that should change is the row for I. So it should look like this =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(I5,A5:C330,2,0),0) =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(I6,A5:C330,2,0),0)...

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