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    Conditional Data Validation list

    Hello everyone, I have two name range lists as follows Fruits Orange Apple Banana Coconut Apricot Vegetable Cucumber Eggplant Pumpkin Squash Tomato I am looking for a solution to use the above lists under data validation with if condition. For example If i Put...
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    Alternatives for INDIRECT in cascading (dependent) dropdown lists causing slowdown and headaches

    Hi, Calling all Excel geniuses, I’m working on a project for a friend, I’m already way beyond my comfort zone in Excel, and am have an issue that I can’t get around. My project involves making a sheet that acts like a form with each row being a series of dropdown menu’s (to limit the users...
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    Creating dependent list

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet with a number of companies, each one with 3 specific values that I would like to be able to put in and out of spreadsheets. When I select one of my companies using data validation list I would then like the 3 corresponding values to automatically fill in the...
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    Multi-select from data validation isn't working in conjunction with auto-assigning data validation

    I have a sheet within my workbook where I'm trying to do a couple related things at once that I think may be messing with each other. I am applying data validation on the fly first -- in other words, every time I click on a cell in a given range on my sheet "User Lists" it checks the header of...
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    Prevent specific text being entered into a cell

    Is there a way I can prevent users being able to enter the text "N/A" or "None" into certain cells using data validation? in cell A1 is "What is the name of your current employer?" in cell A2 is a blank cell where the user would answer. If they are unemployed I don't want N/A or None being...
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    Tooltips for drop down list options

    I have a lot of drop down lists (using "data validation") and I'm wondering if there is anyway to have tooltips for each option in the drop down list?
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    Data Validation

    Hi I am trying to do a data validation list where only the on the form below where if I mark a one in any of the columns in blue I only get these result from my data validation list rather than them all. So if I have a 1 in Type Specific and Land Reg columns then on the same row under...
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    Excel - Lock Cells based on value of another cell in row from a list and not use a value unless another value is used first

    I’m trying to create an attendance workbook with each sheet being the month, with multiple rows/column. I have created a drop down list to choose from on a different worksheet. What I need is the following; HVX and HVP can only be used if HV has been used in the cell before. If D is used then...
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    Data Validation Alternative?

    Hi, I'm currently working on a Dashboard that is made available to the users through SharePoint 2010. I would like for the users to be able to change currency on the Dashboard so i have come up with a fairly simple solution where the users select currency from a Data Validation drop-down...
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    Using VLookup with a Dynamic Filename within a data validation

    Hey Friends, I've been looking and looking but cannot find answers to my question. I have a macro that gives a list of filenames within a folder. I then used data validation to put the file names in a list. What I now want is to be able to write a vlookup that spits out data based on what file...
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    Auto correct/populate drop downs

    Hi all, First time poster - bare with me please! I have a spreadsheet that is very dependent on selected location. I currently have data-validation dropdown lists for continent, country and city - the formula for each list is =indirect('previous dropdown'); ie the 'Continent' dropdown is in...
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    Multi-Level Data Validation (Again...i know....)

    First, let me say that I have read the previous posts about using the INDIRECT() function in conjunction with the data validation function in excel, however, this does not achieve what I am looking to do. I have a "database" worksheet whose first two columns (A:B) are categories and types...
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    Excel drop down list with Dynamic range where range contains formulas that return a ""

    Hi there I have a drop down list which gets its data from the output of a formula in column I. The formula in column I is =IFERROR(INDEX(Projects!$B$12:$B$500, SMALL(INDEX(($I$10=Projects!$A$12:$A$500)*(MATCH(ROW(Projects!$A$12:$A$500)...
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    Using DATA VALIDATION drop down to set workbook name in SUMPRODUCT

    Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me please. I have a formula in excel as follows: <code>=SUMPRODUCT(('[XXXXX.xlsx]01 04 2014'!$E$2:$E$922=C$7)+0) </code> I also have a data validation drop down in cell B2 that lists multiple client names. What I'd like todo is be able to use the drop down...
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    2 drop down lists that are dependent on one another with vlookup

    Hey there. My goal is to have two drop down lists that depend on each other. List A is names and list B is job title. If the user selects a job title in list B, list A should only show those names with that job title. This is easy. The confusing part for me: If the user instead selects a name in...
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    excel custom data valadation with countifs

    Hi there I posted a thread earlier it looks lik it was wrorking but it now appears not working. Can you use countifs in custom data valadation my formula that i want to use is =COUNTIFS($B$4:$B$50000,"="&B4,$AO$4:$AO$50000,"="&AO4)=1 Can any body help me?
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    custom data validation

    Hi there I am trying to setup a sheet where you are only allowed to have a certain entry once a day. I want the data valadation to stop the user if they try to enter the value again for the day What i have done so far is that i have highlighted column B where you enter the values. In column...
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    VBA code optimization for data validation drop down worksheet hiding

    Hi, I have about fifty worksheets most of which are named with two letter country codes. I am using a data validation drop down list to select the relevant country code (US, CA, EU etc…) worksheet in order to hide all the other country worksheets. However, I don’t want to hide all the...
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    URGENT: Data Validation to prevent entry of multiple dates in the same row

    I used the following formula for data validation of 2 cells in the same row but now I need to know how to write the formula for 3 cells. My goal is to prevent the user from entering more than one date in the same row. Data Validation for C11 =G11="" Data Validation for G11 =C11="" I need to...
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    Data Validation in VBA use RC notation

    I have two procedures. First procedure (cell validation) has all the details that are passed to the second procedure (cell validation rules), which applies the data validation and conditional formatting. I'm trying to pass several and formulas (BtnNumberRange) using RC notation. I can only seem...

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