data validation rule

  1. M

    Trying to Perfomr Data valaidtion if # exceeds value in other cell.

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 This Wk Hrs Worked Prev Wk Hs worked Prev all Hrs Worked Estimate hrs cumulative hrs New Total Hs 2 2 4 5 10 9 (sum b:c) 11 3 4 </tbody> Trying to understand how I can perform data validation if exceed value in...
  2. S

    Allowed to manually enter data in cells with data validation on

    I have a workbook with data validation throughout, some time ago I unchecked the Show error alert after invalid data is entered, recently I changed it back however it still lets me manually type in stuff even though the data validation for a list is turned on, anyone got any ideas here? thanks...
  3. N

    Multiple Data Validation on one cell

    I'm building out a form where I'd like a cell to either be unusable or have a dropdown list available depending on the input in the row. So the example is if the user in cell A3 selects "Yes" I want cell B3 to be unusable similiar to this function =A3<>"Yes". But if the user in cell A3...
  4. mariposa

    Data validation with IF statement, no list

    Hello, I need a way, either via VBA or Data Validation or combination of both to determine the cell value based on another cell's value. So in column "F" I have a data validation list of just 2 options "Salary" or "Hourly", easy. Based on what is selected by the user, column "H" need to be...
  5. R

    Restrict cell content using data validation

    Hello Everybody, I need to restrict the entries of a cell to a range of numbers (i.e. 001 to 99) or the word N/A. Meaning that only a number between that range or N/A can be entered in that cell. How can I do that using data validation in Excel? Help will be very much appreciated thanks.
  6. 9tanstaafl9

    Data validation to prevent deleting cell contents. Ok to change, but not delete.

    Apparently the Backspace key and the Delete key are not the same. Who knew? I have a spreadsheet with zeroes in cells that should NOT be deleted. The user needs to be able to change the cell value to a number if they want to, but they cannot enter text, or more importantly, they must not...
  7. D

    Data Validation: Only allow comma or space(Alt+Enter) & Integer

    Hi, I have a column for Case Number which is supposed to be integer only. But for some reasons, user sometimes need to enter more than 1 case number in a cell. At first, I set a rule in data validation to only allow integer to avoid user entering strings (unintentionally) but it becomes...

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