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    count of weeks between two dates

    Hi, I found this formula on the internet, which counts the number of weeks between two dates. =INT((F5-D5)/7) Is there a formula that will display 10.3 weeks if it is 10 weeks and 3 days between the two dates? Any help is appreciated. Cheers
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    how do i define the oldest 2 dates in vba

    Hi everyone, I am new to Excel programming and I have a question regarding finding the oldest 2 dates in a specific cell. I am trying to build an application that automatically sends an email but can't seem to filter the 2 oldest dates which is why when I click on send, all the records are...
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    Date not cycling with addition of time

    Trying to figure out issue with adding date and time. The code is listed below. I have watched the code while running. The initial date FDateS and FDate(t) value is m/dd/yyyy (9/16/2010) and no time. FDateS has different amounts of time added to it. The issue I have encountered is that once...
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    Import dates from text with milliseconds

    I'm trying to open a text file (comma separated) containing a column of dates (in the format 2008-06-29 14:48:15:973). As far as I understand, Excel needs milliseconds in the format 2008-06-29 14:48:15.973 (period as delimiter before milliseconds). When I manually change the colon to period in...
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    Adding Months to date - simple question!

    Hi, I think (and hope) this is quite a simple question. I've managed to do everything so far by searching online, but am now stuck. I have managed to create a formula to add a date (contained in cell E3) to a number of months (contained in cell F3). This formula is in cell G3...

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