date difference

  1. R

    Calculate task date by skipping non-working time.

    I am making a task tracking grant chart using 2 input value Start(Date and time) and Duration(Hourly), to calculate their Finish by simply just Start+Duration/24 as you can see in this sheet. ABCD1TaskDurationStartFinish2Task11201-Oct 06:0001-Oct 18:003Task21301-Oct 06:0002-Oct...
  2. W

    Displayed date difference starts counting from one day again whenever a date difference exceeds one month

    I'm trying to calculate the date/time difference between two cells, to be displayed in days, hours and minutes. Right now, if I simply use <code><code>=A1-B1</code></code> The cell displaying the difference has the following custom formatting: <code><code>d "days" h "hours" m...
  3. Hrishi

    Net working days, Date difference excluding alternate saturday

    Hello, I have two columns for dates, Start date and end date. I want to calculate difference in two dates but difference should be exclusive of all Sundays and all First and third Saturdays falling in between those two days. Plz ensure its not alternate Saturday its First and Third Saturday...
  4. W

    Delete entire row if cell date is older than 30 days from one of 3 locations.

    I have an excel worksheet that is set to update the next cells with a date if a value was changed in a cell. This then copies the entire row to another worksheet called Changes if any value in K, M changes In Cell K is the data and in L is the date it was last amended. The same in Cells M & N...
  5. D

    SUMPRODUCT - Count where date difference

    Hi there, <tbody> Name Submitted Assessed Bob 01/01/2019 05/01/2019 John 01/01/2019 31/01/2019 Fred 01/01/2019 20/02/2019 </tbody> I'm looking to use SUMPRODUCT function to count the number of records in the table above where the date difference between column B and C is less than 10...
  6. Q

    Date difference excluding days of week

    Hi, I have two dates, the start date and the end date. I need to calculate the exact date difference between them but excluding specific days of week. For example: Start date: 2015-10-06 11:00 AM End date: 2015-10-29 18:55 PM And all of Wednesdays and Fridays need to be excluded...
  7. N

    Date Difference, How to return a positive, negative, or 0 number in a formula

    Hi folks... Novice here... I need help with a formula. I am looking for the difference in days, between dates, that can EITHER return a positive or negative number. Say I have a "goal" date of 5/30/15, and the goal is obtained before the "goal" date, say 5/28/15. I would like to return a -2...
  8. G

    Calculate difference in months between two dates

    Hello, I want to calculate the difference in months between two dates. For example, in cell B2, I have 12/31/2014. In cell A2, I have A2, I have 5/3/2014. The days of the month will vary, so this may be messy. What I'm looking for is a calculation that will tell me that there would be 7...
  9. S

    Calculate age based on defined date

    Hello all, At the moment I have a rather clumsy way of calculating someone's age based on today. <tbody> B C D E F date of birth today year months answer <tbody> 06/05/2008 </tbody> =TODAY() =IF(MONTH(TODAY())>MONTH(B2),YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR(B2)...
  10. T

    Incriment value of cells in target row

    Hi all, I have the following code that might be a bit rough, but runs. The purpose of this part of the macro is call a conditional formatting subroutine and to then find the difference in value between two dates. What I can't do is add 1 to the difference in the dates. The point of it all is...
  11. M

    Need average days between transactions

    I have a table of sales with fields for salesperson ID, date key, and sales amount. Each salesperson may occur between 1 and 100 times in the table depending on whether she sold one order or 100. I am trying to calculate the average duration in days between each sale. For example assume a...
  12. C

    Need help with finding the date difference in months between 2 different cells if the day is less than 15

    Hi- Need some help. I am trying to design a depreciation register and am having problems with the datedif() formula. Wondering is someone Know of a way to calculate between dates if the day in the purchase date is less than or equal to 15, then start counting from purchase date month. If it...
  13. J

    VBA Code to calculate CURRENT DATE - COLUMN DATE and insert the difference in Another Column

    Hi Mates, I need a Piece of VBA Code to calculate CURRENT DATE - COLUMN(A) DATE and enter the days in Column B Tried with Date Diff Function. But Dont know how exactly to do. :confused: Thanks in Advance :)
  14. F

    Record date of cell alteration

    Hello everybody! I'd like that when data is stored in a cell, the cell in the next column in the same line give me the date in wich it occurred. It seems simple at start but I'm not good at all with VBA. Tks!!!
  15. B

    Conditional Formatting Question

    Hello, I have been searching the forum and have not been able to find what exactly I am looking for. Nor have I been able to alter what I have found in order to make it fuction as I desire. I have created a matrix (block of cells) I would like to turn the individual cell in the block of...
  16. S

    Next Date of Quarterly / Monthly / Weekly Reports

    Hi, How can Excel calculate when the date of a Quarter / Month or Week will start? Ideally, today's date is 5-Feb-2009 Some cell would come down to display the following: Next week start: 09/02/2009 Next month start: 01/03/2009 Next quarter start: 01/04/2009 Any help will be great.
  17. srizki

    DATE Formula

    I am trying to calculate total rent payments. I have two dates, the starting and ending dates, in column L and O, and need to calculate total rent for that period. So for example starting date 02/28/08 and ending date 9/1/08. for mula calculates 180 days or 6 months. I multiply that 6 months by...
  18. W

    Excel Formula Help

    I'm needing a formula that will determine the number of days that fall in a specific month based on a date range. For example, if I have a date range of 10/15/2009 to 01/13/2009, I need the formula to determine the number of days in each month within the range (October has 15 days in the date...
  19. B

    # of days between 2 dates?

    Hello, I am trying to calculate the # of days between 2 dates, specifically from 02/17/09 to today. Please help! Thank you, Andy:)
  20. B

    Move 'old' rows to different workbook

    I created a spreadsheet that tracks modifications made to hospital accounts. Once an account has been corrected, the user clicks a command button and cell U in the active row fills with the current date and time ((now)) according to a macro I created. After 5 business days of this cell being...

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