date filter

  1. A

    Breaking up CSV files based on date into individual txt files

    Hi Guys I have this BSE.csv file that I want to use to update my data. What I request the experts is to help me with creating individual txt files based on dates that are in column B. The separator for creating a new txt file is in B column containing the date in (yyyymmdd) format For eg : There...
  2. L

    Filter date range to last 365 days (Pivot Table)

    Hello and thanks in advance! I am attempting to filter a date range in a pivot table to the last 365 days of data input. I need the range to be dynamic rather than set dates for the reason that dashboard charts are based on that timeframe. I would prefer that other's don't have to continually...
  3. E

    Question about filtering a table from a query through VBA - Dates

    I have the following macro: Sub FilterByDate() Dim targetDate As Date Dim wsDashboard As Worksheet Dim wsShippingQ As Worksheet Dim tbl As ListObject Dim colNum As Integer 'Define the worksheets Set wsDashboard = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Dashboard_Today") Set...
  4. S

    VBA filter by date + 2 days in the future

    I am trying to create a button that will filter a table and delete row entries that are more than two days a head (i.e. today is Monday and I want to delete rows that have a date past the coming Wednesday). The date column is in column A and I have D2 is "=Today()" I am getting the "Run-Time...
  5. T

    Excel date vba filter

    Hi guys, Been stuck on this for days now so I'm resorting to asking for assistance on this one. I'm trying to filter between two dates in dd/mm/yyyy format ( my PC is formatted this way too in regional settings), but after I run the code, the date "custom filter" has mixed up the days and...
  6. P

    Pivot Tables - Date-slicer that is NOT timeline-layout

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way to filter/slice a pivot table in the exact same way that a timeline-slicer works, but with manually entering dates instead of marking them on the timeline. I want it to function as a slicer in a dashboard-worksheet. Like the "Date Filter -> Between" but as a...
  7. G

    Autofilter using two date interval_dates stored in two columns

    Dear All, I have a database of projects and I need to filter to those projects which were active in 2016. Column J contains the projects' start date, column K contains the projects' end date in a mm/dd/yyyy format. So I do not want my filtered list to contain projects that run out of this...
  8. hkydad

    Exel Schedule Filter Issue

    Hi, I have a production schedule and I am trying to filter the schedule based on the completion date but when I hit filter to choose a specific date, I am only seeing the 1st production date of December 1st and not all of the the production dates for the month of December. What could be wrong...
  9. J

    VB Code for date filtering

    Hi, I wanted to filter column C with a condition that the date in C is greater than a date availabale in cell N1 Can anyone help me with the VB code for this Thanks and Regards
  10. J

    Pivot Table Filter

    Does anyone know of a way I can make my pivot table filter select the day where "X" field was highest? I only want the date with the highest "X" to be selected....
  11. T

    Controling Date Filter on Pivot Table with drop down

    Hopefully someone can help me! I have a table with business data such as units sold, revenue etc. entered by date (1/1/14, 1/2/14...) for 4 different business units. I have this data summarized in a pivot table. The pivot table is set up with the date filter as a row label. I would like to...
  12. M

    Excel 2013: Filter Date using Timeline filter

    Hi all, I just got into the world of PowerPivot, Excel 2013 and Pivot Tables and am in the process of creating a Dashboard which I will then be uploading to SharePoint 2013. On top of page I added the new timeline filter which I've linked to my pivot charts. Now what I would like to do, is...
  13. A

    how do i define the oldest 2 dates in vba

    Hi everyone, I am new to Excel programming and I have a question regarding finding the oldest 2 dates in a specific cell. I am trying to build an application that automatically sends an email but can't seem to filter the 2 oldest dates which is why when I click on send, all the records are...
  14. J

    Excel 2007 Pivot Table Help - 3 hours lost .... please help!!

    Hello, I need an advanced user on Excel 2007 pivot tables [or at least someone better than me....] <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have a workbook with multiple worksheets. One worksheet has my source data and the other worksheets have...
  15. X

    How to filter based on date?

    Hi newbie here, I don't have any macro knowledge but I am trying to create a macro that filters transaction records based on their aging days. I need to filter transaction older than 2 months, 3 months, and so on. I don't know if it is possible to put the aging calculation on macro but I tried...

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