date formula

  1. N

    Exccel - date formula that drives multiple other formulas

    I have included the example in excel so I could use XL2BB. - I originally posted this in GSheets as this is where I would ideally like to work from but since it got not responses I thought I will come back to excel and find out if its possible in excel and then fumble my way with the work around...
  2. J

    Data validation with date function fails

    I have a column that is supposed to have dates entered, and is formatted for short date. The condition is: any date entered must have occurred in this year or a later year. I have entered the XL2BB code below and a screen shot afterwards. The problem is that dates in previous years are accepted...
  3. C

    Conditional Formatting Formula for Dates

    Hey Y'all, I'm trying to figure out a conditional formatting formula for cells O17-O30 that highlights date cells that are either in the past, today, or up to 3 months in the future, all relative to today's date. Does anyone know a good formula for that? Thank you! Chelsea
  4. 4

    Target dates

    Hi all, This could be a novice question but I was hoping one of you could help me. I have a report to run this morning from an excel file, I have a list of target dates and a list of dates when the jobs were actually completed. I basically only want to know which jobs didn't meet the target...
  5. S

    6 month anniversary purchase dates

    Hi guys, I was looking to create a formula which based on a fixed purchase date gives me the next future 6 month anniversary date of that purchase date. So if the purchase date was 31/03/2018 I would (today) want my formula to return the date 31/09/2019 The original formula I had was ...
  6. tlc53

    Text string plus Date formula

    Pesky formula! Can anyone see where I am going wrong please? ="Book Value as at "&TEXT((DATE(YEAR(D7)-1,month(d7),day(d7)),"dd/mm/yy")
  7. J

    Date Swapping Formula

    Hey Guys/Gals, I have been using a date swap formula to basically swap the month and day between "/" slashes. =IF(ISTEXT(C7),DATE(RIGHT(C7,4),LEFT(C7,SEARCH("/",C7)-1),MID(C7,SEARCH("/",C7)+1,2)),DATEVALUE(TEXT(C7,"mm/dd/yyyy"))) I originally was working on the formula for sample dates such...
  8. tlc53

    Formula - Value if True not returning valid year

    Hi there, I have a formula which the "Value if True" result is not calculating correctly. For example, if the date in cell D7 is 30/06/18 return 2016-17 but if the month of cell D7 is December, return the year of D7 minus 1 year. The bit that doesn't seem to be working is YEAR(D7)-1 This...
  9. tlc53

    Return Year End Date it falls in

    Hi there, I would like to calculate a year end date, based on a changeable date. For example, say the year end date is 30 June. eg. From start date 01/12/2017 I would like it to return the year end date it falls in, so 30/06/2018. eg. From start date 01/05/2017 Returns 30/06/2017 Cell F13...
  10. P

    Log file where each line gets a date stamp when populated and where date is then stored as value

    I have a simple log file with a couple of columns to log events. One row for each event. Every cell in a row is manually entered and there are no macro's or formula's yet. To prevent mistakes I now want to make a modification in column A... the date column. As soon as one of the other cells in...
  11. M

    help with a excel expiration date formula

    Hi guys so I have a formula that needs to show 3 things as of today if Date is within a year ( of today) = Ok Date is within 30 days ( of today) = >30 daysDate has passed ( as of today) = Expired This is what I have and cant seem to get >30 days to...
  12. M

    Formulas Based on Differences between months, as text?

    Hey so I cannot find the solution nor figure this out for some frustrating reason.. I have two columns that are Months. They have the month names spelled out fully. One is the original, the next is the adjusted. I want to say if the first month is later than the second, "Pulled In" if the...
  13. S

    Need help on Date formula in excel

    Hi Everyone, I have a following table <tbody> Quarter Activity Start Date Activity End Date Budget Year Q2-2017 5th May 2017 26th June 2017 2017 </tbody> i want to populate Column No. "Quarter" with formula which will return the value as Quarter 1/Quarter 2/Quarter 3/Quarter 4 with...
  14. I

    20 Days into Prior Month Formula

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a formula that will give me a date of 20 days into the last month and base it on the computer systems date. For example, today is November 3rd. I would like October 20th to be the date that is returned. I've been using =DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),-1) but...
  15. A

    Date formula to bring back specific dates after an initial date

    Hi there, I am trying to put together a formula to bring back up to 6 specific dates which are specific months after an initial date. E.g. 6 payments that are 6 months apart. Here is an example with the formulas I've used (which are probably very long winded as I'm new to this!!) and this...
  16. A

    Subtracting Fiscal Quarters from eachotehr

    I am looking to just calculate the column in red below (Column E) in a basic excel spreadsheet. So I have the information in column A which is converted from date to fiscal quarter for column B. The same applies for column C which is converted into fiscal quarter (Column D). The end result is...
  17. J

    Macro with dynamic date in folder path

    Hi, I'm quite new to using VBA, and already very enthusiastic! I am trying to create a macro where I am able import sheets from other workbooks automatically into my workbook. I have managed to do so with the following macro: Sub import() Dim wbCopy As Workbook Dim wsCopy As Worksheet...
  18. A

    IF formula to mark box with an x if after a certain date

    I'm having a hard time figuring this one out. I have a date in cell A. If today is greater that 6 months from the date in cell a, how would I forumlate cell b to have an x? I want my spreadsheet to look like this: Date 6 months 12 months 2/12/16 8/5/15...
  19. E

    Date prior to today with conditions

    Hi all, I have the following data: Column A: Projected completion date (normal format DD/MM/YY) Column B: Project status (either "active" or "inactive") I want to use conditional formatting to highlight a date prior to today but only if the project status is "active". I know the formula for...
  20. XfortunaX

    Return Value from Entered Date

    I am stuck on the final formula for a vacation workbook. I am trying to return the value in column C by referencing the date in column B and placing it next to the correct date on the Sheet listed in column A. The sheet "Dummy, Taylor". The 8 entered on 02/10/2015 from above would be on row...

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