date grouping

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    PIVOTS - grouping months to years with averages

    Excel 2007 windows XP I am trying to group columns of dates so that they show either quarters or years when the initial data is by month. The problem I have is that I want the results to show the total qrt/year as an average in the 'summarise value field by' within the field settings. However...
  2. D

    Date Grouping - PowerPivot - Excel 2013

    Hello all. I'm using Excel 2013 to create a new dashboard. Currently I can't group date in powerpivot tables the option is disabled while I can do this for sure with the regular pivot tables for the same data set. In another file I created earlier (using Excel 2010 and PowerPivot 2, later...
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    Pivot Table Date Group by Week

    hey guys, i want to group the dates by WEEK on my pivot table but excel 2010 don't have group by week. i refrain to use DAYS then 7 because the start and end dates appear. i want it more presentable like WEEK 1, WEEK 2.. so on if i add WEEK column on my table, some weeks will be missing if i...
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    Extracting data from pivot tables for Mont day and Year

    Good day everyone I am trying to exctract data (profit) from my pivot tables for a daily amount, month to date amount and finally for the year to date amount. This is for various portfolios which then builds up into relationships (I need this info per portfolio and relationship ie daily...

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