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    Excel VBA Date in wrong format

    I need to export data from a excel file to a CSV file (to use for import in MailChimp) using VBA. I have dates in columns and in excel (* .xlsm) dates are correct, but after they are copied to * .CSV and I open the * CSV file again, some dates are not correct. I have checked that all cells in...
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    Count occurrences of data according to date from a different sheet

    I will try to explain this as best I can please bare with me. Here is the situation I have: On the first sheet (for the sake of this post we will call Sheet1) I have a list of multiple items in one column which are dates formatted as such: month-day-year Also on Sheet1 I have another column...
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    Dates in Excel

    I am a new user here, but an avid Excel user. Great site BTW. Love it. Quite helpful in many ways. Here is my question. I am working with dates and trying to convert the date to a text month so I can run a formula to add a column to insert quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). I have been using...

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