1. H

    DATEDIF() - Not working, Why?

    As you see guys! What's the problem? I do it perfectly. also the version of excel is 2010.
  2. H

    Date custom formatting for 30 days in each month

    Hey guys, My government considers 30 days for each months when it comes to payments (ignores the 31th days of some months) which proved problematic for me to make some calculations regarding the salary of the workers, I need to know if there's a way to create a custom calendar system or modify...
  3. Chris_010101

    Formula for returning last date

    Hello I'll try and keep this simple. Sheet 1 This is a list of absence. Each separate occasion of absence is recorded against a unique employee ID in Column A and on it's own row. On each occasion, there is an absence start date and an absence end date. Example: an employee with 2 separate...
  4. N

    ISBLANK <>"" not returning right result

    I have a spreadsheet which holds contract data i need to check if a contract has ended part way through the contract term and amend the end date to renewal date but also return nothing if the contract has no end date This is the formula i was using AA=IF(AND(Q1<>"",Y1=0 O1=12)...
  5. J

    Using IF formula on a DATEDIF cell

    Hello, does anyone know how to use an IF formula with DATEDIF as the logical test?
  6. L

    Sumproduct Datedif Multiple criterias

    Hello everyone, I would like to count with your help, Im trying to do a tenure counting of persons per each month of the year, if the person is still active i do not insert date in the leave date column. I would like to use sumproduct if possible, and ignore the black leave date cells from the...
  7. F

    DATEDIF to show both positive and negative years, months and days

    Hi, I am trying to use a formula to show both positive and negative years, months and days between two date columns. I can get where I want showing a positive or negative number of months using =IF(L2>M2,-DATEDIF(M2,L2,"M"),(DATEDIF(L2,M2,"M"))) Where column L is "Retail Sale Date" and column...
  8. T

    DATEDIF formula with multiple criteria (IF ...)

    Hi everyone, So in Excel 2010, I have a DATEDIF formula that works perfectly, which is: =IF((AND(Y:Y<>"",B:B<>"")),DATEDIF([@[Date of inclusion]],[@[Date of discharge]],"d")/7,""),IF((AND(B:B<>"",Y:Y="")) B shows the first date (date of inclusion) Y shows the second date (date of discharge)...
  9. V

    Combining ISBLANK and NOT(ISBLANK() to calculate dates..(or other suggestions)

    Hello, For a document at work I need to calculate the total days that we have had someone stay at our property. Something that should look like below. Room Room (per person) Date in Planned Date Out Actual Date Out Total Nights 1511 1511 25/09/2020 9/10/2020 7 1511 25/09/2020...
  10. S

    Count number of cells under a certain period of time in y m d format

    Hello, I'm looking to count the number of times a value is under a certain period of time (in this case, two years). The tricky part for me is that I'm trying to count cells populated with a "#y #m #d" format from a DATEDIF formula. Example below: DATEDIF formula used in B2 and copied down...
  11. L

    datedif() arguments

    Hi I want to understand datedif() function. What I do not understand the logic behind "Y", "YM", MD" Why YM to find month, why not only M? and why MD to find day? why not D same as Y for year. I do not understand the logic behind YM and MD? Thank you so much = datediff(A1,today(),"Y") - to...
  12. L

    Calculate Age

    Hi I am trying to find the best and easiest way to calculate age. I thought it is something easy but it turn it is a bit complex. The websites below showing how to calculate age. But I only found is better and easier yet it is not that easy because they use a function called...
  13. O

    Trouble Using Formulas in VBA

    Hi, I have a specific problem with some code, and then a general question to ask as well. I started learning/writing VBA code about 4 months ago; therefore, I apologize for my ignorance on a lot of this stuff; anyways, my general question would be, 1. Is there any general / simple way to use...
  14. I

    DATEDIF when two dates are the same

    Hi I have this formula which i am using to find the number of days difference between from two dates DATEDIF(F5,P5,"D") when the two dates are the same it is coming back with 0, how do i change this formula so when the dates are the same it brings back 1? Thank you
  15. V

    where do i get Dateif formula

    Hi team, where do i get Datedif formula, in which version of excel?
  16. L

    IF ELSE Usage

    Hello I started a new job and I need help with my excel sheet. I have a column with dates. At the bottom I am using =MAX(F1660:F1680) to result the most recent date. Then I am using =DATEDIF(F1681,TODAY(),"D") to use the result of MAX date to count the number of days since the most recent date...
  17. C

    DATEDIF not working.

    Hi, Trying to retrieve the number of months between the two dates below. Dates are generated through functions beneath. 2019-01-01 A1=DATEVALUE(YEAR(TODAY())&"-01") 2019-04-01 B1=EDATE(DATEVALUE(MID($C$12;18;4)&"-"&MID($C$12;23;2));1) =DATEDIF(A1;B1;"M") does not work, returns "1900-01-03"...
  18. Z

    Odd DATEDIF Result

    <p>I was wondering if any of you have seen this sort of result from DATEDIF. I am using this function to determine the age in years, months, and days of various items. </p> <table> <tr><td> </td><td>A</td><td>B</td><td>C</td></tr> <tr><td>1</td><td>Start Date</td><td>31-Jul-17</td><td></td></tr>...
  19. M

    Monthly report for yard activity - ISO best method

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've been using Excel for several years. I consider myself at least an intermediate user, however I don't write a lot of code. Better at copy paste, edit. I inherited the task of adding some KPI's to an already existing workbook. It was full of missing and...
  20. 0

    Generating a DATEDIF value of "0" when the EndDate is in the past and then using in IF formula

    Hello! I am trying to use a DATEDIF formula to calculate a number that is then used to in an IF formula to generate a score. The issues is that for some of the DATEDIF calculations the EndDate is before the StartDate. When this happens, I have the formula generate a "0". I then use the...

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