1. D

    MonthView development

    Hello everyone! I am trying to develop a MonthView control as Excel 365 64-bit down not support the mscomct2.ocx I have looked around and put together ideas, such as the strategy to capture a label click I found in the thread below Userform Label Click problem However, now I am stuck as all I...
  2. pedrowave

    New Rolling Calendar Control

    In old versions of Excel there was an add-in for a DatePicker Calendar Control that allowed dates to be entered into a cell from a monthly calendar. New versions of Excel don't include a DatePicker add-in out of the box, so add-ins have been developed by third parties to fix its absence, and...
  3. V

    Ron DeBruin add in - date picker for online version

    Hi, I installed Ron DeBruin's add in . It worked in excel but after uploading the file to the SharePoint, the option is not available. So is it only for regular excel? Thanks, VJ
  4. kelly mort

    Closeup datepicker with VBA code

    I have this datepicker that I have placed on a frame in order to hide it and show it in various instances. Now I am using the "mouseMove " event from a parent frame to hide or show the datepicker. It responded fine. The only issue here is that when the datepicker is opened, after hiding the...
  5. J

    Populate a cell with a date using DatePicker

    When I select a cell to add a date using DatePicker drop down box, I select a date but nothing displays in the selected cell. The code I used is; Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) With Sheet1.DTPicker1 .Height = 20 .Width = 20 If Not Intersect(Target...
  6. R

    Use Date Picker to Locate and Select a Cell

    Is there a way to code a DatePicker so that when you choose a date it will look in column A and select the cell that date it in? so if i choose 11/1/2019 in the date picker it will look through column A, find the date, and select the cell.
  7. H

    DatePicker 32 & 64-bit

    I've found a datepicker I tried to find the way to use the " DTINSERT"-knob to use the date in another Procedure There is a timer event which gets activated in the launch code. When you stop the code midway, the timer...
  8. C

    Datepicker, Default to previous workday

    OK I have this in my code which defaults the datepicker to todays date but I have tried to no avail to get it to use previous workday as defasult date. I know this is gonna be simple but here is what I have now which works for today. PrevRptDate.PrevDTPicker.Value = Date I have tried a few...
  9. R

    using a macro to change the date of a Datepicker

    I have a worksheet that when a user completes they click on a button and the data is copied, pasted, and all the fields reset to blank except the DatePicker is there something I can do to call the DatePicker to reset itself back to 1/1/2019? I've been looking all over and I have found examples...
  10. A


    Hi I'm trying to put a DatePicker in my sheet in Column A. I've used the tutorial below to do that. However, I need the datepicker range to start in column A from Cell 2 so that it doesn't mess up the table header. Here...
  11. krishhi

    Excel Datepicker to show by default NA value

    Hello, Is there a way to make a Default Value N/A for Datepicker. So, user will know that there is no date selected for a particular. Thank you in advance.
  12. G

    Datepicker in a listbox/listview second column

    Hi Is possible to have a datepicker (or maybe just another control like button etc) in a listox or listvew control for every item? And if yes, how is that done. Thanks for any hit/help.
  13. K

    Distinction if VBA or user enter textbox

    Hi, I have 4 textboxes in a userform1. When I click in one of them textbox1_enter, I have a separate datepicker userform2 that shows and puts its value in the textbox. It took time but that works. My issue is that when I initialize userform1, I would like to have specific dates in the...
  14. P

    datepicker and monthview control question

    As the title states, I have a datepicker and monthview control question. Since I didn't have these controls originally under the Additional Controls selection. I found out how to install the .ocx file that will allow these controls to be added to the Additional Controls selection. So my question...
  15. K

    need help with copying date from userform and changing the format of it before its copied to sheet

    I have a macro that runs when the workbook is opened and looks at the date column and takes the date, copies it and pastes it as text in a hidden column so that it reads "Apr-2018" (or whatever the month/year is in the date.) But I cannot get the same function to work when attempting to do it a...
  16. M

    Passing Userform Vairiable to Main Module

    Right now, my macro starts Module1 [Sub simpleXlsMerger()], which opens a userform that collects start and end dates using 2 datepicker controls. The dates are collected in another sub procedure [Private Sub CmdOK_Click()]. How do I pass these dates back to Module1? I’ve read that I need to...
  17. D

    MSCOMCT2.ocx download

    Hi does anyone know where this file can be found anymore, it does not seem to be supported anywhere, I am trying to find a userform datepicker. Is there another way to get one?
  18. B

    DatePicker Control to default to first day of year current year

    Hi, I have a datepicker control in my userform that currently defaults to today's date using the code below. Do you know how to modify this to always show the first day of the current year? Me.DTPicker1.Value = Date Thanks
  19. M

    DatePicker Problems

    I am having trouble with Excel 2010 addin Microsoft Datepicker. Much has been written but cannot find my answers. It looks like it is impossible to feed it a null date. I would like it to start blank. 2nd Question. I have 2 datepickers on one sheet. I would like one of them locked so it is...
  20. E

    Vlookup with combox and Datepicker VBA

    I need to borrow someone brain for some help please. Scenario I have Combox3 which value set via Rowsource on the property tab -It works! I am using a Datepicker to store data underneath the datepickers date starting in Row 4 going down for the day -it wont exceed 400 rows going down) So I...

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