dates and sum

  1. A

    COUNTIF / SUMIF / DATES formula

    Hi, I am new to the site but hoping someone can help with ease... I have a tab in a workbook that includes a list of dates when a companys vacancies were given approval - column E. I have another column that provides for the date when the vacancy was filled - column O. I am looking to create...
  2. R

    Help with Lookup

    Column A has a full year of dates. Column L has the number I need. I need to find the last populated date for each month and pull the value from column L. (Some may end on the 20th or some the 31st....etc) I was using =lookup but it doesn't seem to be getting there for me.
  3. M

    Automating Dates

    My "Days Worked" column keeps breaking with every new month... and i think i have it coded wrong. My formula is =NETWORKDAYS($C$7,$C$8)*-1-$C$11 C7 is Today / C8 is Start Date (beginning of the month) / C11 is Holidays (which i manually enter due to company picks).. Currently it's showing...
  4. M

    Formula for showing the age range when dates are given

    Hi, I'm trying to create a simple table that counts dates that fall into a specific age range: <tbody> 0-10 days old ? 10-20 days old ? Over 20 days old ? </tbody> The easiest way would be to add a column to where the dates are and insert the networkdays formula but I need to avoid and...
  5. V

    Can't figure out dates - SUMIFS or SUMPRODUCT?

    Hello, I have an issue in getting excel to sum a range beginning at Jan-17 up to and including the current month that will auto update ongoing e.g. next month it will include Jan17-Mar17. I can only seem to have it sum just Jan-17 is it best to use sumifs or sumproduct? Will the formatting of...
  6. G

    Calculated Pivot Field Woes...

    Strange issue I'm hoping someone can help me out on: I have a tall data set that has an amount tied to a person and a date, say like such (as a simplified version - the actual data has several thousands of lines for individual people stretching back 90 days): <style type="text/css">...
  7. T

    Help needed in creating a purchase ledger???

    Hi All, I hoping someone may be able to help. I'm creating a purchase ledger and would like to include at the top all a total of: Total Unpaid Payments that are now overdue Payments that fall within 30 days Payments that fall within 14 days Payments that fall within 7 days Below I have tried...
  8. L

    Break down date ranges

    Hello, From the below I have in cell A1:A31 dates. B1:B31 DOW and C1:C31 number of rooms sold. I am wanting a formula that firstly breaks the month down into weeks that run Fri-Thurs and then calculates the number of rooms sold during that week. This will be done every month and so the DOW...
  9. V

    Calculate Biggest Profit & Loss Day

    So I have a range of bets that I would like to summarize by having a cell display the most amount of money won and another showing money loss on a single day and for it to constantly calculate the biggest amount. What would be the best approach for this? The data is formatted like below...
  10. B

    Auto Fill Dates

    I have different dates in column A, names in column B and a product I column C. Is there a formula that will add 7 days to the most recent date for a given name that next time that name is entered if a certain product was entered? Column A Column B Column C 1/1/2015 John...
  11. S

    using SUMIF for date ranges (with blanks)

    Hello, I have some data that I want to add up cumulatively but it has a condition on its date of operation in other columns for instance; <colgroup><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> A B C D 1 1234 1990 2 673 1990 1997 3 2134 1991 4 7878 1992 1996 5 0 1992 6 567 1994 1999 7...
  12. S

    countif and sumif with dates

    I've got a few Excel sheets with data that looks like this: Apr-2012 1 Apr-2012 1 2 Apr-2012 .34 3 4 Jun-2012 .8 5 Nov-2012 .2 Jan-2013 1 etc. What this data means is this: The first date (the...
  13. A

    Sum of working hours between two "sliced" dates

    Hi again Since my last question yielded great help, I'll try again with another one: I have a table containing employee numbers and their respective number of contractual working hours. Furthermore, the table contains a start date and end date showing when the given number of contractual...
  14. B

    Date forecasting with formatting

    Today is 14-Nov-12 Hello Forum, appreciate some help with this headache ;-) The office has a large spreadsheet where Column A has a "start date" and Column B "Clearance Date" We would like to see a red font for those dates that have passed the current date. A yellow cell for dates that are...
  15. N

    Please i need help

    <tbody> A B C Here is what i need 1 Date # of hours Start Date____i want to enter any day 2 1/1/12 0 # of hours_____enter any number of hours 3 1/2/12 6 End Date______need a return date 4 1/3/12 6 so if i enter 1/2/12 as enter date 5 1/4/12 6 and 24 hours 6 1/5/12 0 i need the end...
  16. S

    Subtotal Ifs

    I have tried the multiple solutions on this forum and can not get it to work. Use-Case: I want to sum a total amount of cells on the IF statement that they are considered a "Renewal" and that they are within the dates of 2/1-2/28/2012. So 2 if clauses, or 3 if I have to specify the 2/1/2012...
  17. D

    sum of time: pivot table

    I am trying to find out the exact sum of time down to the hh:mm:ss on my pivot table from different people on different dates (in half hour increments). Hence: Columns: name name name name name Rows: 01-01-2010 12:00 01-01-2010 12:30 I need a sum of time from each column WITHOUT the dates...
  18. C

    SUMIF - two sets of data, want to sum only one

    Hi all, I got a problem, some financial data I have to sum. There are two sets of data; Forecasts and Actuals; i.e. Row: A1: FY2011 (Forecast) B1: FY2011 (Actual) ...... this goes on for a couple of years. Row A20: Net profitFY2011(Forecast), B20: Net profitFY2011(Actual) ... this goes...

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