1. H

    Working out an average in days, months years

    So i'm having a little difficulty working out how to get an average formula to work in regards to days, months & years. I have a spreadsheet which will track employee absence and i would like to be able to see the average duration for absenteeism across all employees. See below for an example...
  2. B

    Remaining Work Days for tasks

    How do I calculate the remaining number of work days left? Based on today's date and an end date?
  3. B

    AccesS Formula help

    I could use some help with how to write this formula in ACCESS to determine age bucket for the column DaysAged. It works fine when I input just the formula for <= 30 days but, when I add 30-60, 60-240, and > 240 it isn't calculating correctly. I'm just not sure how to show the days between 30-...
  4. J

    Gnatt Chart work Planne

    Hi There I have created the attached planner/job board and require help in doing the following. 1. Under the days of the week. if a date range is entered i want it to auto colour the cells under days of the week. 2. in the engineer list section if i set and engineer to on holiday or sick, i...
  5. S

    Calculation of Net Working days

    Is there a way to calculate the number of work days between two days? If so, how? Very new to Power Query...….
  6. M

    Finding the Min and assigning to that category

    I have a spreadsheet with 2 separate sheets set up as follows List Department Shift State Home Health Nights Toys Nights Toys Days Sporting Goods Days Grocery Days Toys Nights Furniture Days Pets Nights The goal of this is to look at the summary sheet below and...
  7. V

    extracting number from text string and doing calculations

    I have to extract the left most amount and the number of days from the below attached text string and perform mathematical operations depending on the number of days. <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Condition $280 for days 1 through 6...
  8. J

    User Input Control

    I have moved past the issue of time to decimal, as that was handled quite efficiently here. I am now on to a new "I need help" thing. I would like to have a yes or no question box pop up upon opening the worksheet (or workbook or speadsheet, not quite sure of that terminology yet) which changes...
  9. C

    Date data validation formula

    I have a basic spreadsheet where staff enter details of events they're planning, it's in a set format so the date of event goes in a specific row. Even with only 4 events per month there's an issue with people not checking and trying to schedule them too close together. I've been asked to...
  10. K

    I want to know the formula for a problem

    Dear Sir, I have a problem I want a formula for the problem Problem is: In a cell I have number of days (the days btw 2 dates) Keeping that as reference: I have 3 slabs: slab 1 : if the days are more than 5 and less than or equal 10 the number of days should display in a cell next to the slab...
  11. N

    Calculate Day Name in a Month and then Average

    Good morning excelites, I need help with a formula to average data for a given day based on the data below. I need to first identify what day of the month (Mon, Tue etc) a day number falls on in any given month and then average those days out. For example, in the table below "Day of Month" in...
  12. H

    Workday formula - adjust for a zero occurrence

    Hi there, I have a formula that calculates the KPI days from the date deemed adequate. =IFERROR(WORKDAY([@[Date Allocated or Adequate]],[@[DPE KPI(working days)]],Holidays),"")............ returning the DPE KPI Target Date. If the KPI working days (returned from a vlookup) happen to be zero I...
  13. C

    Employee Attendance Tracking with Points - help with SUMIF Formula

    I am working on an employee attendance spreadsheet that is based on a point system. Point values are associated with different absence reasons and tracked on a rolling 12-month calendar. I was able to successfully complete a spreadsheet to take care of this part. However, I am unable to figure...
  14. W

    Displayed date difference starts counting from one day again whenever a date difference exceeds one month

    I'm trying to calculate the date/time difference between two cells, to be displayed in days, hours and minutes. Right now, if I simply use <code><code>=A1-B1</code></code> The cell displaying the difference has the following custom formatting: <code><code>d "days" h "hours" m...
  15. M

    Cash Counting sheet

    Hi Everyone I am pretty good at excel until it comes to layout.. I’m a Treasurer with a local soccer club and we have a snack shack that I am responsible for. I need to create a sheet where I can enter the total number of notes for each denomination but here is the tricky part I need to do it...
  16. A

    Trying to redeem myself from being an idiot!

    I apologize, I really got reamed for my last post (and justifiably so) and I will try to make it right this time as not to waste your time again. I would like to get the number of days between the last two dates in the date column that has the task columns checked (columns C, D, E & etc.)...
  17. A

    Days between two dates the hard way

    I have dates in A6:A41. In column B6:B41 I have some check marks. I am trying to find the days between the last two check marks in column B. There will be blank cells between the check marks. I have googled and googled and can't come up with an answer any where. You have been a big help in...
  18. J

    Formula For Counting Vacation Days

    I have a vacation calendar to create for 2020 and I use NETWORKDAYS to give me number of days that a person needs for vacation. For example, NETWORKDAYS formula applied to a vacation from 9/2-9/6/19 yields 5, which is correct. My problem is that some employees work on the weekends, so applying...
  19. P

    SUMIFS with array that counts number of valid days within a date range

    Hi there, I've tried to recreate two tables which I'm working with below: <tbody> Start Date Finish Date Effective Days Total Amount Daily Amount Month Start of Month End of Month Monthly Amount 04/09/2019 22/10/2019 49 1000 20.41 Sep-19 01/09/2019 30/09/2019 ??? 15/09/2019 15/10/2019...
  20. E

    Create charts with dynamic ranges

    Hi forum, Hoping you guys can assist and resolve this issue I've had for a while. Every month I receive data with three columns. Col1 is hourly segments so a maximum number of rows of 672 for 28 days, 696 for 29 days, 720 for a 30 day month and 744 for a 31 day month. There may occasions...

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