1. S

    Count across a data set or index

    Hi, I need a count formula that counts names across multiple columns. I need to know how many people attended Philadephia. The answer is 5. Then pull the formal down to know how many attended Orlando = 6. please note the blank cells are blank b/c there is a formula iferror return "" A1 first...
  2. T

    Some Formulas Make Access Quite Laggy

    Hello, I have Excel spreadsheets linked to my Access and I'm using DCount formulas in a query. When i run the query it takes like 5+min for the query to finish and Access is completely unresponsive during this time. Is this typical for Access? Is there a way to make this faster? Thank you.
  3. J

    VBA:Problem with DCOUNT + Problem while copying data from range to listbox

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time getting around some errors in my VBA code, so I was hoping to find some answers on this forum. I have created a userform for creating new data that I can insert into an Access table called EMPLOYEE. While inserting the employee, I want to assign an Manager...
  4. A

    Best Way to Get Data Sums and Counts

    I have the following fields (see below for data): Date, Vendor, Main Category, Subcategory and Amount. I want to create a summary page that will give me answers such as: Sum Amount where Main Category="Contractor - Special Trades" Sum Amount where Main Category='Contractor" Sum Amount where Main...
  5. G

    DCOUNT alternative for a closed source value error (Excel)

    Hello, I have a DCOUNT formula which looks in another sheet. It shows a VALUE error when the second sheet is closed. Much a like a sumif or countif. What is the best alternative for this formula? =DCOUNT('LINK'!$A:$Q,MATCH($C$30,'LINK'!$1:$1,0),'LINK'!$D$1:$D$2) Thank you!
  6. K

    DCOUNT with 1 Criteria ?

    Hello, I am using Excel 2010, and have a few things i am trying to do but its not working, I have a Advanced Filter that has removed 2 list, with 3 criterias, List ( or DB1 ) is based off 1 item " Pay type ( hourly / Salary )" , then the 2nd List is based off 2 Criteria's Job type , and Less...
  7. C

    Using Function in Criteria Range of DCOUNT

    Hi This is my first post, so please bear with me. I've gone through all the microsoft support pages etc... etc.. No luck. I have created a register that gives the ages of the participants being registered. I need to figure out the number of boys and girls of different age groups. I used the...
  8. T

    DCount Function

    I currently have a function in place where I search a data source for items containing a certain date with 2 sets of parameters. For example, find 8/23/2012 in the "completed" column "=DCOUNT(Cases!1:1048576,"completed",C10:C11)" where C10 contains "completed" and C11 contains "8/23/2012". How...
  9. E

    Count values only in a column of a range

    SOLVED! Hello I have data in a matrix, I want to count values in 1 particular column of this matrix (say the second column, or the third column). The column is variable so I need a formula like : COUNT (Range, Column, Criteria) This formula does not exist. Could you please tell me a walk...
  10. C

    Deleting Duplicate Values in Linked Tables

    I created an 2010 Access database to manage personnel data. One form is used to enter new personnel. On this form, a field called "Ind_Ser" (Individual_Serial_Number) is entered as this is a unique number given in our organization (primary key), writing to the Personnel table. <?xml:namespace...
  11. S

    Pulling criteria for DCOUNT/DSUMs from multiple locations

    Hi, I have to use DCOUNTs to provide month by volumes for different sets of criteria. I'm looking to create a more elegant solution than having for each of the 12 volume criteria their own set of conditions for each month (12x12 sets of criteria) so I was hoping to have 12 sets of criteria and...
  12. G

    Using DCount

    I Am trying to get a Match Count on Rows, I am using a Player card a which has 7 name on that and I want to find a formula where if it find 2 name in 1 row it will make a number 1, if 3 name in 1 row list the number 2 next to the name and do this for all the rows. I have used an example...
  13. K

    DCount Question

    I am trying to insert an array directly into a DCount formula and I keep getting an error. This formula works fine: =DCOUNT(Database,field,A1:B2) In this formula A1:B2 are cells containing my criteria. My problem comes when I try to replace A1:B2 with the actual values. For example...
  14. E

    Using 2 Cell Ranges inside 1 criteria within a formula

    I am trying reference both G10:G11 and H12:I13 as criteria on this formula. :confused: Any suggestions? (No the cells cannot be moved) =DCOUNTA(Sales!$B$2:$D$751,"RC",(G10:G11,H12:I13))
  15. H

    Is DCOUNT the right formula to use??

    Hello fellow Excelions: :stickouttounge: Here is my issue, I have a name range called all_colorsheets. It looks like the below. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 361pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=482 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=4 width=64><COL...
  16. lcrooke

    Counting records

    I have a spreadsheet with the following structure: Date Type Jan Feb Mar 1/15/2009 corp $1,000 1/31/2009 vendor $3,000 2/12/2009 corp $5,000 2/20/2009 renewal $1,500 3/1/2009...
  17. V

    IF Lefts - oh my

    I have criteria in column a: a2:111 a3:113 a4:111 a5:112 columns b,c,d are: b2: 111_123_xyz | c2: 113_123_xyz | d2: 112_123_xyz b3: 111_123_xyz | c2: 113_123_xyz | d2: 112_123_xyz b4: 111_123_xyz | c2: 113_123_xyz | d2: 112_123_xyz b5: 111_123_xyz | c2: 113_123_xyz | d2: 112_123_xyz Now - I...
  18. J

    Using DCount function to Determine if record will be new

    Ok. I'm trying to use VB code to determine if the value in an unbounded combo box on a form would create a new record if it were added to a table. Background: I have a table to track orders through our warehouse. The user must begin tracking the order and then update it as it moves through...

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