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    debits do not = credits due to rounding when using % to calculate

    <tbody> <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> See below example. D671 = 41,298. 41,298 x %. All % = 100% but when the result hits the debit or credit column, debits do not = credits by a few cents. Any suggestions? JE AMT DEBIT CREDIT </tbody> <strike></strike>...
  2. N

    Is it possible to dynamically update an Excel Table and have the master report shrink and grow?

    My goal is to update information in a master report whereby adding information to Excel Tables on other worksheets and have the master report automatically shrink or grow the area required as the data between sections can change? I've looked into several ways to attempt this however in Excel...
  3. V

    combination that nets to zero. and exclude others which are not zero

    I am new to Macros and having a little trouble in identifying a solution I have a row which contains more than 500 items/numbers in postive as well as in negative. these rows match with each other and net to zero just like reconciliation, however, there may be more than 4 negatives which make up...
  4. T

    VBA Import data from Excel to PDF text boxes

    Hey guys/gals, I'm trying to use VBA to populate an interactive PDF with data used from excel. Please refer to the following link, which describes what I am trying to accomplish: Excel data will consist of accounting values, such as various line items...
  5. J

    Power Query Custom Column Question

    I have a file that contains transactions that are broken down into credits and debits. The issue I have is that the debits are not presented as negative numbers. I tried to create a custom column that stated if the transaction type = Debit than multiply it by -1 else keep the original amount...
  6. A

    Live Total at Top of Worksheet?

    Hello, I have an accounting worksheet that already has over 1,000 rows, and will continue to gain many more. I was wondering if there is a way to set up cells in the locked row at the top that will always have an up-to-date total of various columns. Ideally, I would have a cell with the total...
  7. T

    Automatic circle lettering

    Hello, Below is a code I got assistance with that automatically letters groups of cells that net out to 0 and makes them red font color: Dim R As Long, X As Long, StartRow As Long, LastRow As Long, Total As Double Dim Status As String, EText As Variant, FNumbers As Variant On Error GoTo...
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    Automatically letter debits/credits

    Hello, Random question. Is there any way to automatically put in letters for each pair of debit and credits I have in journal entries within excel? For example, I would need A, B, C, D, etc. in a red circle. Thanks, Tony
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    How to delete credits and debits off the same column?

    Hi, I am trying to go through 5000 odd rows to check if a debit and a credit for the same value exist in column E. Basically, what i need is a macro to check the reference number in column B and delete rows that have the matching debit and a credit for that reference number e:g <TABLE...

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