1. B

    Correcting Debug '424 Error'

    I created the following code below and attached it to a button allowing me to enter a number into Cell A3, click my button and it displays the needed information from another worksheet. Overall it works, but I continue to get a "Run-Time error'424'" msg. What am I missing? Sub ShowDispo()...
  2. A

    Show a string by index part of name

    I've some strings called "MyEncode1", "MyEncode2", "MyEncode3" etc and passing 1 2 or 3 to a function (as n), wanting to see the one corresponding to n. It won't work! I can go to the immediate window and debug print e.g. MyEncode2 fine but debug print MyEncode & n fails. There's probably a...
  3. A

    Macro runs into "object required" error, please debug.

    Greetings All, I am unfamiliar with VBA so reaching out to anyone who can help me debug why the macro named "Sheet2.ShowMembership" runs into "Object required" error message when fired? The macro in question basically turns column A & B (last name & first name) into bolded text with yellow...
  4. B

    Open workbook debug

    If month <= 9 Then source_dizin = "G:\HOME\MALIKONT\_Hazine_Kontrol\TCU_" & year & "\Bilanço_Kontrolleri\Core_Pozisyon\(0" & month & ")_" & mmonth source_file = source_dizin & "\CORE-MİZAN Pozisyon Kontrolü_" & year & "-0" & month & "-" & first_day & ".xlsx" Else source_dizin =...
  5. S

    runtime error '13' type mismatch

    Hey all, Getting a runtime error when trying to save worksheet an send as email. This is the highlighted line I'm seeing when hitting debug. excel- 2010 strFileName = ws.Cells("1", "Q") & ".xlsm"
  6. V

    VBA - Error Handling

    Hello, I am using error handling in my macro using On Error GoTo and part of that is Debug.Print Err.Description which gives me the error in the Immediate Window but does not tell me which line the error is on as it would in Debug mode. How can I make it do this? Thanks
  7. L

    Cleaning up some old code to remove SELECT, now works only in F8 debug mode

    Hi everyone, new member here. I've never had any formal training on VBA, I've always just read a little here and there, and then gone the trial and error route. I was working on adding some new procedures to a coworkers code and thought I'd try to modify his code a bit in an attempt to make it...
  8. B

    Debug Keeps Popping up

    I sent a Spreadsheet to a co-worker of mine. We have enabled macros and all that kinda stuff. When he saves it to his work space and opens it and then runs the macro it immediately goes to debug. We both have 2016 version. I sent him several worksheets an they all do the same thing. Any ideas?
  9. M

    need to debug a little macros.

    Is there anyone who can debug the macros in the attached .xlsm file. The professional can easily correct the mistake. I'm not able to do that. The process: It is a simple VIN Decoder. I load the list of VIN numbers of cars, and it shows me information about the cars. The Problem: Validate VIN...
  10. B

    Why is my VBA debugging?

    Hi guys, I've created a sheet for clients to fill in, some cells are mandatory and require filling in. I have no problem with the blank cells, however some contain drop down boxes with the title "click here to select" or "click here for more options" Obviously if the cell remains as "click...
  11. Y

    Copy to other sheet cannot debug

    Hi can anyone help me check what's wrong with this code? Sub copyTodifferentsheet() Dim i As Integer Dim Priority As String Dim Task As Range i = Sheets(1).Range("A4").Value Do While i <= Sheets(1).Range("A4").End(xlDown).Value Set Task =...
  12. D

    Automation error

    Hi i have the following error -2147418104 (80010008) automation error - the object invoked has disconnected from its clients ,but this error occurs very rarely after 70-100 data entries for few people and rest they don't encounter this problem, does anyone have solution for this ? please help...
  13. A

    How to make a macro go to a certain folder directly to complete the macro run

    Hello, I have the below code to extract data from a certain excel file (xlsx type) but I want to include two things in the macro. 1) The macro should directly open a certain folder directory for me to select the file from for example: "C\My Documents\" 2) And two if I press cancel instead of...
  14. R

    A file named....already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it? Yes, No, Cancel"

    Hello there. Here I am again hoping to get some help with something you may consider a piece of cake :) The code below opens a windows with the suggested file name and format. If there is no file with the same name in the folder and the user clicks on "Save", then everything works great. If...
  15. R

    Call a Macro from another WB - Run-time Error '1004'

    Hi everyone, I have written several macros to grab data from an external source and copy it to the open workbook but occasionally the exact same codes runs into the Run-time Error 1004. The setup is I have around 20 Workbooks each which have the below code within them referring to a single...
  16. L

    Runtime Error 1004

    Hi, I need some help here. Previously it was working fine with the exact same code. And lately, it has been showing runtime error 1004 with the highlighted as per below. I have no idea what is wrong when there was no change from the previous. Please help.... Sub SaveInvWithNewName()...
  17. M

    Excel automation fails second time code runs

    After running the code, its shows "the remote server machine does not exist or is not available". Could anyone offer help on reviewing my code. Many thanks. Sub CopyFilterResult() ' This loop repeats for generate multiple word document by ID ' in the range Dim objWordApp As...
  18. J

    VBA Sheet transfer 'Overflow'

    Hello everyone. First time post. I'm having trouble with VBA and the error that appears is 'Run-time error '6': Overflow. The place in the code that it highlights is in red below with commentary. Basically what this sheet is doing is taking production history from oil wells and organizing...
  19. A

    Error in VBA Code

    I am getting the "object does not support this property or method error" (Run Time error 438) in the bolded line below. Any reasons as to why this does not work? Dim rInitialDate As Range, rFinalDate As Range, rDateRange As Range, Calculation As Worksheet With Worksheets("Calculation")...
  20. K

    From Active Worksheet Trying to Open another file, cut, paste to original file; works in debug but shortcut fails

    Hi - I'm old to programming but very new to VBA. I'm using Excel 2010 and have a pretty functional routine. Where I'm running into trouble with opening a 2nd file, copying a column, pasting the column to the original file (from which the code is being executed) and then closing the 2nd file...

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