decimal place issue

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    spreadsheet totals show diff bal than pivot table

    I'm working with files that have a fairly large number of lines (either 994K or 150k after filtering). These files show ytd entered amount that is off by two cents- should net to zero. When split to dr/cr (pos/neg) and remove the "zero" bals, they become off by six cents. They can be in...
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    Textbox to 2 Decimal Places

    Hi, I currently have a system in place where, on a button click, a value I have in a cell to 2 decimal places is entered in to a textbox. However, if the value has a decimal of .#0 or .00, the textbox rounds and to 1 or no decimal places respectively. I need the textbox to show the value, no...
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    Decimals auto added to formatted cells..??

    I am having a problem where Excel 2013 is automatically adding 2 decimal places to cells that I have formatted to NOT show decimals. The decimals show up whenever I type a formula using a percentage into either that cell or into a cell near it. It appears to be random when this actually...
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    ActiveCell.Value = accountPerBase only displays 2 of 4 decimal figures

    Im reading a value (0.8448) from sheet 2, assigning it to a variable called accountPerBase which is type currency. I then try to write that value back in sheet 1 via the following command ActiveCell.Value = accountPerBase but its only displaying 0.8400. When im debugging though, when i hover...
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    Subtracting two numbers - result has decimals

    I have the following two cells which I increased the decimal out several places to make sure it had only 2 places. When I look at the result, it is more than 2 places. there is no multiplication or division happening. I will copy and paste the two cells and then the result. Very strange. If...
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    Excel Formula Inserts Non-existent decimal places

    I have an unusual formula result, which seems to depend on the order in which the formula is calculated. It is s simple formula and shouldn't be doing what it is. I have posted the formula results and formulas themselves below. Note that "Sum 1" produces the correct answer, where as "Sum 2"...
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    Showing Decimal Places from another sheet

    I'm trying to use numbers from one sheet on another sheet, but when i use the numers combined in a formula with words, the numbers only use 2 decimal places if they're not zero so for example if one of the numbers is 5435.40, in the second sheet the number just comes as 5435.4 is there any...
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    cell reference within text (decimal place)

    Hi, This should be easy, but I can't seem to figure it out. I simply want to set the decimal place to 0 for a cell reference (which contains a numerical value based on a formulated calculation) within a block of text. Specifically, I've got the command below within cell F14. ="The...
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    Conditional Formatting - Highlight Unequal cells

    Hi - here is my dilemma: Two columns such as the two below.. (they are both results of division formulas and need to remain formulas) <TABLE style="WIDTH: 106pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=141 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL...

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