1. L

    Excel formula to get the result by few rules in 1 cell.

    To seek help on excel formula to auto detect below 3 rules in 1 cell. Please advise. Rules: If decimal in cell more than 0.20 = 0.50; If decimal in cell more than 0.70 = 1; If decimal in cell less than 0.20 = 0. Amount (USD) Wanted Result (USD) 1,074.67 1,074.50 238.84 239.00...
  2. A

    Hours.Minutes to Hours.Tenths

    I have a spreadsheet where time is reported in hours.minutes and I need to report in Hour.tenths of an hour to one decimal, rounded up. Not sure what the formula should look like.
  3. T

    Converting number to fixed length field

    Hi all, Not VBA related at this stage but I will be hoping to convert it into VBA in the long run. I need to convert a number, which will be of indeterminate length, into a text string of fixed length. The length is 14 characters long. To fill the length, I need to add leading zeros to the...
  4. M

    VBA List Separator

    Hello Everyone! I have a question about List Separator, so it is possible to change list separator via vba code? I know the decimal can be changed via vba, but I didn't found anything about list separator. Thank you for help!
  5. H

    Format Cells

    Hello Friends, I want to format the cell that allows me to enter both positive & negative number with 1 decimal place. Like +1.0 or -1.0 regards, Humayun
  6. A

    vba form

    Hello I need a vba form with two fields, one of which is a drop down list of names and the other is a decimal value to store names in the cell and a decimal in the comment. Then I want to formulate and calculate on the decimals inside the comments. Can anyone help me?
  7. C

    Decimal signs "," & "." - causing issues

    Hi, I have a template that calculates costs for services per month based on input from managers. I have set dot/"." as default decimal sign whilst everyone else have comma/"," (applies to all excel files you open). Due to this, they can not see the calculated costs for rows that contain cells...
  8. E

    How can I generate a number patterns from a source value

    Hello i have a little problem here. , how can i fill colomn B faster. problem - > ERJXGNJ7R8Y - where the R in 7R8Y stands for a decimal = 7.8 ERJXGNJ753Y * where the 3 in 753Y is the decimal place = 75000.0 video here - >
  9. A

    convert decimal input to real time vba code

    Hi I need a vba code that converts a decimal input to real time and does nothing if it's time. for example: 2.5 convert to 2:30 3.5 convert to 3:30 and if input is time do notting 2:30 convert to 2:30 3:30 convert to 3:30 . . .
  10. H

    Increase OR Decrease the complete value

    Column B is updated with RTD Output required in Column C as: If 3rd decimal place >=5, then INCREASE the 2nd decimal place by 1 value & COMPLETE VALUE to nearest .05 multiple ELSE DECREASE the 2nd decimal place by 1 value & COMPLETE VALUE to nearest .05 multiple Thanx in adv I am using...
  11. sharky12345

    Add decimal point at specific position

    I'm using this to loop through a series of Textboxes on a Userform and enter a decimal point after the first 2 numbers entered; Dim ctrl As MSForms.controlFor Each ctrl In Controls If ctrl.Name Like "TextSTime*" Then If Len(ctrl.Value) = 3 Then ctrl.Value = Left(ctrl.Value, 2) & "." &...
  12. J

    Lowest decimal place value from a range of data

    I have this array formula which calculates the highest decimal place in a range. {=MAX(LEN(SUBSTITUTE($A$1:$A$9,TRUNC($A$1:$A$9)&"","",1))-1)} How can this be modified to return the lowest decimal place in a range?
  13. R

    dependent cells to follow decimal formatting of parent cell

    Hello, New to this forum, I thank you for your help in advance. I need dependent cells to follow the decimal formatting of a one parent cell. I've done this with format painter but my parent cell decimal requirements changes from time to time and I need the dependent cells to adjust and...
  14. S

    Decimal combinations to a target sum

    I have a target sum to achieve with some constrains such as - individual numbers have a constant divisor, variable must be of 2 decimals only and sum target for 2 out of 5 data. The grand total of the row totals must be 62,185. I tried to use solver, but got stuck. <tbody> Divisor Hours Row...
  15. Nelson78

    VBA: result with only one decimal

    Hello everybody. I need to display the result in cell (17, lc + 1) with only one decimal, but the following instructions don't work (the value remains with 9 decimals). Sheet1.Cells(17, lc + 1) = cell.Offset(0, 12).Value / cell.Offset(0, 8).Value Sheet1.Cells(17, lc +...
  16. G

    Need help with this formula

    Hi all, MY formula is this =IF(OR(ISBLANK(E15),ISBLANK(F15)), "", "$" &E15/F15*100 &"/100g") and my result is this <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> $3.20 175g $1.82857142857143/100g </tbody> Issue I'm having is I would like to only have the multiplied number to 2 decimal...
  17. M

    If Statements Based on Number of Decimal Places?

    Hello all, I was wondering if it is possible to create an if statement that does different things depending on how many decimal places appear in a number? For example if I have the numbers 27.23 and 30.496 can I do an if statement that multiples 27.23 by 4, but multiplies 30.496 by 5? What I...
  18. B

    Trying to make a time tool

    Can anyone tell me how I might do the below multiple part scenario: I need to subtract an end time and a start time to get the hours and the minutes. Start time is in P2 and end time is in Q2. I wanted to do this in a way that I actually don't need to enter the colon and could just enter the...
  19. C

    vba NumberFormat do not put decimal if whole number

    I've read a few posts but none that answer the question for how to not display the decimal point: Two scenarios: 100.3897364 and 102 should appear as: 100.39 and 102 but this format shows 100.39 and 102. (with the decimal). How do I keep the decimal from appearing when a whole number...
  20. S

    Formatting Dotted Decimal Values

    Hello Experts, I have single column showing decimal latitude and longitude of some points and they are separated by commas. This column has multiple no of rows but the no of digits after the decimal for each entry is not static. I would like to have code that will read the latitude and...

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