default settings in excel

  1. B

    Deafult Date Format

    I've seen loads of posts about this but none that answered this problem. We import data from an XML file, and the input date is (for example) 12MAR2013. Excel has no problem with this and correctly imports it fine, however the date display is "12-Mar-13". Now I know we can change how its shown...
  2. J

    Changing the default settings on excel for pivot tables

    Is there a way to change the default setting for the value field settings for a pivot table so that when you add new items, they are calculated automatically as average instead of sum or count?
  3. KG Old Wolf

    Change Filter default settings

    I use filters a great deal and would prefer the default setting to be set to "Select All" equal to none so that I can just select the particular condition I am researching. Okay... one extra mouse click but I do this a LOT! (no longer such a minor thing). Writing a macro wouldn't save any...

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