1. S

    Is it possible to define a name which consists text with double quotes?

    Hi, I have a requirement in my formula that certain strings gets repeated. I want to put that string as a defined name. Here is an example of such string: " One"," Two"," Three"," Four"," Five"," Six"," Seven"," Eight"," Nine"," Ten"," Eleven"," Twelve"," Thirteen"," Fourteen"," Fifteen","...
  2. M

    Clear content of several ranges (inc Message)

    Hi, For the life of me this doesnt work, any ideas? Many thanks Sub Clear_Estimated_Hours() Dim Msg, Style, Title, Help, Ctxt, Response, MyString Msg = "Do you want to continue ?" ' Define message. Style = vbYesNo + vbCritical + vbDefaultButton2 ' Define buttons. Title = "Delete...
  3. J

    Define PDF file and attache to mail

    Hello All -- In a user form I define a PDF file and it is created successfully. In a seperate module, I define another PDF file and it too is created successfully and attahced to an outlook mail. I want both PDF's to attach to the mail but have been unsuccessful in doing so thus far. Code...
  4. K

    Select Pasted Picture

    I am trying to rename a picture that I just pasted (a copied screenshot) so that way I can consistently copy and paste and modify using the same name. So far the code I have is this: Application.SendKeys "({1068})", True DoEvents Dim PicName As Variant PicName = "Cinco Bug All Screenshot1"...
  5. A

    How to define this workbook and active workbook

    Hello, i need some coding in VBA which can define this workbook & active workbook in any example. Thanks Amit
  6. S

    Creating variables for file path names VBA

    I am writing coding for a rather large macro and I am trying to decrease the number of characters I use. One way to do this is to define a variable for the long file path name but it is not liking it. My coding is: ' Ask user for the period of the projection exercise PNumber =...
  7. L

    Why dim? or what does it mean?

    Hi I did google search to find out why in VBA dim keyword is used. What does that mean? I know it means Dimension, but why that keyboard? Is not easier to define a variable like this: int x (like Java) Or x as int (actually this is used when you define a custom function argument in vba) I...
  8. R

    How To Activate Go Back Button in This Script

    Sub DynamicWebPage() ' here I define elemnts for the loop Dim sht As Worksheet Set sht = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet2") Dim LastRow As Long Dim i As Long LastRow = sht.Cells(sht.Rows.Count, "D").End(xlUp).Row ' here I define Internet Explorer Dim IE As Object Dim Doc As HTMLDocument Set IE =...
  9. L

    is Workbook.SaveAs a method or sub?

    Hi In this article MS define SaveAs as a method!! While object browser in VBA editor define it as Sub? Which one is the correct one? or it does not matter? Thank you very much.
  10. K

    Cube Function Excel - Create and Define a List

    Hi, How do I define a list using the cube function in excel? eg Say I have A, B, C, D, E, and I want to create and retrieve data for A+B only from the cube? Thanks
  11. A

    help creating a FILTER UDF

    here is what I have right now Function FILTERIF(select_range As range, select_column, select_row As Integer, criteria_column1 As Integer, criteria1 As String, Optional criteria_column2 As Integer, Optional criteria2 As String)Dim rows As Integer Dim i As Integer rows = select_range.rows.Count...
  12. K

    Using variable as Integer or Long

    I have read that it is useful to define a variable taking on integer values as "Long". Yet most examples I see define such a variable as "Integer" which, of course, it is. Can you provide clarification or the thinking behind an integer being defined as "Long"? Thanks, Kerry
  13. H

    Message Box to display current date

    I have the following code ShowDateBox: IPrompt = "PLEASE ENTER DATE FOR THIS REPORT:" _ & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & Chr(13) & Chr(10) _ & "(Normally Accounting MONTH END date)" IDeflt = Format(Range(InsImpDate).Value, "dd/mm/yy") ' Define buttons...
  14. D

    How to define large set of variables as Long in VBA?

    Hello, I am looking to define an efficient way to define these number of variables. Dim sumCol31 As Long, sumCol32 As Long, sumCol33 As Long, sumCol34 As Long, sumCol35 As Long, sumCol36 As Long, sumCol37 As Long, sumCol38 As Long Dim sumCol39 As Long, sumCol40 As Long, sumCol41 As Long...
  15. J

    VBA define address full path

    want to define variables for the full destination of my current workbook, current sheet and current cell. The variable should be called: cworkbook csheet ccell
  16. L

    Bold is Variant not Boolean

    Hi Excel define Bold as a variant. Yet the example below (from Assigned True to Bold!! So why excel did not define Bold as a Boolean? It would make sense to be define as Boolean. Thank you. what does it mean a variant variable...
  17. L

    Application Class

    Hi Using Object browser, Application class has the following: Activecell as range Activechart as chart Activesheet as object Activeworkbook as workbook ActiveWindow as winodw All of them make sense to me except ActiveSheet? Why is define as Object? What does that mean? Why they did not...
  18. F

    Freeze Panes - Shared Workbook - Define only one view

    Hi guys Any way to prevent "Personal views" on Excel? My workteam have 15 people working on several Shared Workbooks and all users have Office Professional Plus 2016 on W10.. I have defined that all files have the freeze pane at "C2", but there are some people that insists on unfreeze...
  19. H

    VBA Filter

    Hi, Is there a way to define the Criteria1:=Array so that it shows all items except the ones you define? So how would i define the array if i wanted to show all values except Apple, Oranges, Pears? Thanks!
  20. M


    Hello All- I want to count all the "Yes", in a data range define as "CPR_Data", using the SubTotal function. Can anyone help?

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