defined name

  1. R

    Named file folder range live updated and sorted

    Hi, I have a listFiles named range to return a list of files of a specific folder into Excel. I use the following formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(listFiles,ROW()-ROW(A$2)),"") I was wondering if there is a non-VBA solution to automatically/live update the files list in the Excel named range whenever a...
  2. J

    Index & Match Help

    Hello, I'm slightly above a novice with Excel. I'm trying to figure out a quicker way of returning values from a master data sheet to another sheet that is showing the individual categories. Master data has approximately 14 teams. Each team is scored on 8 different metric ratings every month of...
  3. S

    Show different worksheets with Camera Tool but the ability to edit data shown?

    Using this YouTube video as a guide I have created a Dashboard of sorts which has a Dropdown box and this shows data from numerous sources. The sources are mainly Pivot Tables but is there a way to actually edit whatever is being shown in the Camera...
  4. K

    Hyperlink formulas disappearing after a running code

    I have a spreadsheet with nearly 5000 defined names. We have a code that transfers filled out information from the template, to the most recent release of that template to capture any changes in sale prices or new items. So they are both the same spreadsheet except the most recent template has...
  5. K

    Defined Names contain autofilter ranges?

    I want to loop through all of the defined names pertaining to my sheet. That's the easy part, the issue i am encountering is that the workbook's many auto filter ranges must be stored as a defined name, which is not want i want. None of those filters were named intentionally. And the code i'm...
  6. L

    Display the "Defined Name" of a cell in a cell when the cell reference is in a cell next to it??

    Hello, I created a scenario summary and in the Result Cells column, all I get is a cell reference. Is there any way I can do a look up of that cell number located in the other tab so that the "Defined Name" of that cell displays where I wrote the "?"? I've been searching the web for days, no...
  7. E

    Differences Between Defined Name Scope In Formulas And In VBA

    While playing around with defined names I found some behavior that seems to be inconsistent between using defined names within a formula in the workbook environment and defined names within the VBA environment. I have two questions: Can others duplicate this behavior? If others can duplicate...
  8. S

    Listing the named range values

    Hi All Im getting a bit lost on what im trying to do here I have the named range value in Cell D5 and this range changes dependant on other dropdowns, which then creates a data validation list in a tabular from im building, but i want to build a summary table where the list of values in that...
  9. K

    Variable Shape lookup using defined name - works only with anchored cells in match function

    I have an Excel problem I cannot seem to solve. I am trying to do a dynamic shape/color change based on a percentage, the index of shapes and matching percentages are in B10:K10 and B11:K11. Defined Names - Status =INDEX(Sheet1!$B$11:$K$11,MATCH(Sheet1!$M$11,Sheet1!$B$10:$K$10,0))...
  10. tycasey17

    Two Formulate List Merged into Data List

    Can two list that have a Defined Name be merged to be used in the Data Validation as a dropdown list?
  11. K

    Accessing Defined Names in VBA

    I would like to access some defined names in my VBA code. These names have a ReferTo value that is a formula. For some the formula evaluates to a single value, like 5005 or "The Client", and for others the formula evaluates to a range. After quite a bit of searching I haven't been able to find...
  12. R

    Define names based on cell content (multiple cells per name)

    I am attempting to define names for all cells in an entire column of a range. In this column, there are repeating values, which are always next to one another, by design. What I am looking to do is to have each set of cells that have the same content (again these cells are next to eachother)...
  13. N

    GetPivotData getting #REF error while worksheet is being replaced in VBA

    Hello, I've created a PivotTable with VBA which works fine. The problem is that when I delete and create a new pivottable on a new worksheet to update the values, all of my formulas on an existing worksheet end up with the #REF error. I need to reference this PivotTable to do a VLookup of...
  14. R

    Find text and return address of the found cell on another worksheet (reference by cell in current worksheet)

    I'm trying to do something that I thought was going to be simple; however, it's turning out to be a pain. I have 2 worksheets, sheet1 and sheet2. In sheet 1 I have a list of all of the worksheets in my book populated via a formula. In an adjacent column I want to return the address ($A$5) of...
  15. M

    Simple loop based on Defined Name

    I am having a problem with a simple loop that I want to run x number of times based upon a defined name in a worksheet. My defined name is Clients=counta($A:$A)-9 I have a macro that I am trying to execute that will copy a range down a number of times based upon the value found in the defined...
  16. E

    Change the scope of a Defined Name in Excel 2007

    Hi, I have a sheet with 20 column and wanted to use the column headers as names, so I opted the Create name from selection option. It was a breeze to create so many names so quickly, but the problem is the scope of the names was set to Workbook. Is there any way to change the scope from...
  17. U

    Deleting Names from a Different Workbook

    Hi guys, Having some trouble deleting defined names from my workbook which were actually created in an entirely different project! 1) How the hell did they even get in there (pretty sure the workbooks weren't open at the same time)? 2) Why can I not delete them - the delete button is greyed...
  18. S

    Deleting defined name results in Runtime error 1004

    Hello, everyone. I am trying to delete a named range and then delete the defined name also, so that my name manager is not full of old names. I recorded my actions while trying to delete a range called "Area2." The code that was recorded was: Sub Delete_Named_Range()...
  19. C

    How to define multiple groups with data in the same column

    Starting with a spreadsheet full of data. In Column "A" contains the "production line" , column "B" contains the "production date", Column "C" contains the "Product" and column "D" contains the response data. Is it possible to use "defined names" to create multiple groups which could be...
  20. H

    How to formulate no-blanks array formula?

    In my worksheet I have a table (RECIPES) with a list of ingredients in column A (A2:A50), a list of recipes in row 1(B1:K1), and the quantity of each ingredient required for each recipe in the range (B2:K50). On a different worksheet I created a new table (DAILYMENU) and in row A1 there is a...

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