delete duplicates

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    Sorting and Deleting

    Hello, I have a data sheet with columns A-R and about 3200 rows. Column A is a work order number and Column K represent the amount of days it took to complete that work order. There are situations in which there are duplicate work order numbers (2 jobs at once) and that results in two...
  2. B

    Deleting record with smaller ID

    Hello everybody, I'm once again in need of your help. I have a database, which is updated regularly from excel-import. Excel-importing adds new record to my table. I'm looking for a way to make the aftermath smoother by trying to create a macro, which would remove duplicate data the updating...
  3. D

    Multiple combo boxes refenrencing the same range/list without repeating choices.

    Hello! I hope someone can help me. I am desperately trying to accomplish the following; I have an userform(FormEntry) with 6 combo boxes. However, all 6 combo boxes reference the same range(Courses) under column "C" in sheet(Ranges-Lists). What I need is for the boxes to continue referencing...
  4. R

    Remove Duplicates with multiple criteria --Very Urgent, Need help

    Number Group 26673 VDP-VDW 26673 VDP-VROR 26673 VDP-VROR 26520 TTMS 26520 VDP-VDW 26520 VDP-VDW 26520 VDP-VROR 26520 VDP-VROR 26544 CPS 26544 Customer Central 26544 CPS 26490 CAD AMS 26493 TFAD 26493 TFAD Above is my raw data, I want to remove the...
  5. C

    Remove duplicates

    I had 2 spreadsheets- both with lists of the same item but containing different information on each item. I have copied and pasted the information together and need to combine information on to one line and delete duplicates. My document is 5 columns wide and about 4,000 rows long. Column...
  6. L

    VBA to delete blank cells and duplicates in different work sheet

    Hi, I tried the following code and it worked ok. But I want the results on a different worksheet, ie sheet2, in the same book. I also want to apply this only on the specific two columns F and G.(I want to leave the other columns as they are) regards, Listter Sub RemoveNoise() Dim...
  7. E

    How to delete duplicate data among multiple columns in Excel?

    The table represents keywords of each item. keywords have duplicate entries of each item, and one keyword is placed in one cell, different item can have different number of keywords. how should i delete the duplicates of each item in excel. for example: item keywords A -> 123 234 456 123 234...
  8. S

    New to Excel VBA

    Hi All, I am new to Excel VBA and am having an issue with a macro I am writing, I can get VBA to delete duplicate rows but I have a situation where the same Unique ID that I am looking for can be used for multiple vendors within the same data set. Vendor ID TransID 41122...
  9. R

    Runtime error '1004': Unable to get the countif property of the worksheetFunction class.. Please Help!

    Hi all, This is my first post, so bear with me. I am currently populating a whole lot of different/identical data to a worksheet and then using a concatenated string in front of all the different figures I am determining which ones are the same. However I now need to delete the duplicate...
  10. S

    How do I highlight duplicates based on multiple columns and remove them?

    I am trying to tell the spreadsheet that if column G *and* column V are both identical to another row's column G and V, then the entire row is a duplicate and to highlight and delete it. I also want to record a macro of this process to apply to all spreadsheets. Here are the tutorials I...
  11. J

    Del dublicates

    Anyone who could help me. That macro asks if I want to delete or not. If I choose "not" it leaves current cell red. How can I degree that. If I choose not to delete it should leave that cell as it was in the begin. Please help me. Sub oma() Range("A:A").Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone For i =...
  12. D

    Compare and Delete

    Dataset 1 Workbook 1 (name varies)--> Worksheet 1 --> Column A --> Cell 2 thru (varies - can be hundreds or thousands) Dataset 2 Workbook 2 (Rlistsort) --> Worksheet 1 --> Column A --> Cell 2 thru (currently 250 but will continue to increase) Need to compare Column data in Workbook 1 to Data...
  13. B

    Filter Unique and delete Duplicates

    Ok, I have this form that I have been working on. It is a submission form for numbers that are submitted to certain sheets depending on where it needs to go. So for now, my code just checks for a number input, copies from sheet Form and pastes into the new field in one of the other sheets...
  14. G

    How do I add new information but ensure at most 1 record exits

    Deear All, I am a self taught (and not very well) user of Access 2007. I have a table that must contian unique records based on some key fields (item number and purchase order number). The table includes an AutoNumber field that adds a sequential record number. This can tell me the sequence...
  15. B

    Please help: How to delete double data (rows)

    I have an excel worksheet (Excel 2007) where I have around 4000 rows of data. So now and then there are double rows, so similar rows are shown. Instead of deleting the manually I want to find out how I can delete more easily. Which formula can I use to automatically delete this double data...
  16. J

    Serious Problem with GIANT spreadsheet

    Okay, I hope someone here can help. Heres my problem: I have a huge spreadsheet with 2 columns, and 36,000 rows. The two columns are "Part Number" and "Job Date". The Part Number column is alpha-neumeric. For many of the part numbers, there are several duplicate rows with the same part...

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