1. M

    Code works however receiving Runtime error 380 - Could not set the list property. Invalid property value

    Hi there, I have a userform that contains a listbox that retrieves it's data from a table in a worksheet called Breakdown. The userform has a search function linked to the listbox and has a button to edit and a button to delete. These two buttons open their own userforms - for example the delete...
  2. R

    SaveAs method not actually saving, wrong sheets being deleted (1004 Error)

    Option Explicit Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim ws2 As Worksheet Dim rng As Range Dim r As Long Dim i As Long Dim er As Long Dim c As Range Dim sht As Object Dim wb2 As Workbook Dim fname As String Dim fpath As String Sub printshts() Set wb = ThisWorkbook Set ws =...
  3. B

    Worksheet KeyPress event

    Hi all, This might be a basic one, but is it possible to trigger a vba event if cells on a worksheet are cleared? To provide a little context, a have a userform that will drop data into columns B:E starting on row 44. The next entry would be row 45 and so on. I have a macro in place on a shape...
  4. D

    Delete duplicates per key in a column

    Hey everyone, I posted this earlier as follow-up in a different thread, but I thought it would be wiser to open a new one since its a different issue than the original one. I want to delete duplicates per key in this table...
  5. IIII

    [VBA]: Delete empty rows from multiple tables and then print the range to pdf

    Hi All, I have this worksheet (see below) that has multiple formatted tables. Users are able to add or remove table rows as needed. What I'm wishing for it to do via VBA is the following: Remove any empty rows from any of the tables Print the whole thing from A2 down to F...the row just after...
  6. An Quala

    Delete date in 3 sheets once we run the macros

    Hello, can anyone please write me a code which deletes the date in the 3 sheets present in same workbook, the sheet names are "Sheet1", "Sheet2" and "Sheet3". Please note that only data needs to be deleted, not the sheets themselves. Thank you.
  7. M

    Delete records across all sheets based on multiple criteria [user input method]

    Dear Excel, VBA community! I have an issue with my VBA code and hoping someone could very kindly assist! The code below is meant to delete multiple records across all excel sheets based on two or more criteria. So far I have made it for just two criteria where the user inputs the product type...
  8. M

    vba to delete dynamic number of rows if they exist

    Hello and thanks for reading. I have code that copies data and pastes to another worksheet on the next available row. I am trying to delete a dynamic number of rows from a worksheet if they exist. I can search for a value in column C and lets call that value "dekalb". If vendor name exists i...
  9. B

    Delete checkbox outside table or in empty row

    Hi guys, I have a worksheet that have a big table with employee data. In this table, I have a checkbox where a checkbox is created in column B, in every row (this is done with vba). But I would need to delete checkbox that are after the table (for everytime that a row is deleted in that...
  10. M

    Trouble deleting only freeform shapes in excel chart using VBA and not the chart.

    With help from I've put together a sub which shades under two excel scatter plots using freeform shapes and filling the shapes. The sub then copies the chart and the 2 associated shapes to be used in a word document. I would the sub to delete the shapes and leave the chart so that...
  11. B

    Delete last checkbox if table row is deleted

    Hi guys. I have a table with a row for each employee of my company. In each row is created a checkbox in column B (with a macro that runs in every change made on that sheet). Is there any way that I can delete a checkbox if I delete a table row? It doesn't need to be the checkbox in that same...
  12. R

    Prevent changes to specific worksheet (VBA)

    Hi, I would like to disable the option to delete, move, copy or rename one specific worksheet in a workbook, regardless of the activated worksheet in the workbook. I cannot protect the workbook structure, because I want to still be able to delete other worksheets in this workbook without the use...
  13. H

    VBA macro that this will be able to automatically search and delete row

    Hello everyone I want your help. I try to make a VBA macro that this will be able to automatically search for the word TRD in the column and check from column E if the total time is less than 00:03:00 then delete the entire row where the specific TRD is located.
  14. R

    Search copy paste delete the workbook with date time in the name

    1. Open the file that has name, time and date 2. auto filter zero in a specific column "AL" and remove all the rows that has zero 3. disable auto-filter than save and close the file 4. copy the same file to another folder and paste it 5. delete the old file that is already there which is 30-45...
  15. P

    Deleting every chart sheet

    Hi guys, I have this little VBA code which deleted all my worksheet except those I listed there. My question is how to make this delete the chart sheets too. I have some sheets which is only a chart, VBA sees it as chart but I want to delete those too.
  16. T

    VBA button that "delete and shift cell up" without shifting all ref to that cell up

    Hi Everyone, my probleme is that when when i shift cell up using a VBA button all the formula using that cell as to do calculation become #ref! because the ref have shifted up by one cell. The formula i use to delete and shift cell up: Range("B6").Delete (xlUp) Example : i want to delete the...
  17. F

    Selecting pictures within highlighted cells

    Hi, I’m trying to delete a picture within a certain number of highlighted cells. I’m trying to do this in VBA and every suggested code I’ve tried doesn’t work or requires specific cells to be selected however I’m highlighting the cells via ActiveCell.Offset codes. The sort of thing I’m after...
  18. Jyggalag

    Use macro to delete files from folder?

    Hi all, I currently have a data overview that draws data through power query from a folder in my windows computer: However, I plan to update this folder rapidly every week and I was wondering if it would be possible to create two macros attached to VBA codes, where they do the following: 1)...
  19. Jyggalag

    Power Query question (never used before!)

    Hi all, I am considering to use power query to get data for my pivot table. However, I am EXTREMELY new to both pivot tables and power query. I want to import data into this pivot table (not using power query below): I have the source data saved here: So questionnaire data file 1 is week...
  20. M

    Deleting Data after Extracting

    Hello all, i have created a macro to extract the data from A column except 1st word. But i could not find a way to delete those extracted data from A column. Please guide me to acheive that. Thank you. My macro example. Sub DeLeft() Dim i As Long, d As Long Dim Cel As Range Dim Rng As Range...

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