deleting rows

  1. 9

    Arrays To Compare & Delete Data

    I have two tables that are on different tabs. One tab is called RawData and the Other is called CSheet. On CSheet, I have a column of data starting in C2. I am needing to compare the CSheet data list to the table that I have on the Raw Data tab. The table on the RawData tab starts in Cell A1...
  2. D

    Index match to delete rows not in table

    Hi guys, Im trying to make a macros in which one of the things is to remove a row if a cell value isnt in another table. for example, if an application under the column Unique ID does not exist in table "KPI" under the Unique ID column, then delete the whole row. i was thinking of using index...
  3. B

    Cell references when inserting and deleting rows

    Hi all! I'm relatively new to more advanced Excel functions, so this question may be relatively easy to answer. I have a spreadsheet with a list of employees that is copy and pasted for every month of the year. As of now, the spreadsheet only goes through June. There are four columns, employee...
  4. T

    Deleting specific rows

    I'm trying to delete any row that has "ReportNbr" in the range A2:A10000, here is what i have so far but the Rows(check).select line doesn't work. Dim check As Variant Set myrange = Range("A2:A10000") For Each check In myrange If check.Value = "ReportNbr" Then If check.Value =...
  5. K

    Deleting duplicate rows based on multiple values

    Hi all, long-time anon, first-time poster. I'm a little stuck. I have a massive sheet of raw sales data that I'm trying to analyze to see if we paid what we're supposed to be paying; however, the sales data is only in a per month basis. I've figured out how to get the unit price we're paying...
  6. E

    VBA- Code to delete rows where there is content in Column C

    Hi, I'm really stuck for some VBA code to help me build a macro that will delete any row where there is content in Column C. Can anyone here help me :confused::confused:, I would really appreciate it. ExcelRookieIre
  7. J

    Deleting rows (lots of rows data)

    Hey everyone, Newbie here using Excel 2007. I've googled so many different ways, tried VBA codes, tried making match case formulas, and nothing seems to work since most compare columns. Scenario: - have a sheet with several columns (headers: account names, IDs, revenue, margins, etc.) - need...
  8. G

    formatting and deleting cells and rows from a txt import in excel

    I believe I have exhausted all the searches I could do on this subject and since I have not solved my first problem I hope I can post and get an answer for both of my issues... Background: I recieve a report from an old database in email as a message, I copy that message to word and save it as...
  9. E

    Delete row that contains text VBA

    Hi I hope someone can help me out I'm very new to VBA! I have a data set (set of results) that contains text and numbers, occasionally there is a row that just has one cell of text in (a three letter abbreviation that could be ONE OF 17 different abbreviations - OCS, DSQ, BFD, ARB, DGM, DNC...
  10. R

    Macro help - adding totals by name that may occur multiple times

    I have a spreadsheet that is sorted in name order that lists name, code and and amount. The name may appear multiple times, usually either 1, 2 or 3 times. Currentyl I am adding the amount manually, and I was thinking there must be a way to create a macro to do this. So, my worksheet looks like...
  11. E

    Deleting blank rows and shifting rows up

    Okay, this is my very first post and I might not be asking the right question but here is what i'm trying to accomplish. I'm creating a master list of projects according to employees. So I created a drop down box with employee names and then used the code:=IF('worksheet'!C:C="employee...
  12. J

    Macro: Deleting Rows based on values in 2 columns

    I have an excel sheet that has 11 columns just as follows: <tbody> PLU Description Dept UOM Cost Retail Margin Inv Sales Sales2nd Supply 12345 Jack Dan 135 750 1.11 1.99 22.14 0 0 0 0 20151 Cuervo 136 750 1.13 1.99 22.51 3 1 1 3 50364 Jim Beam 136 175 1.43 2.49 22.54 0 0 0 0 </tbody>...
  13. R

    Deleting Duplicates in a Column based on a value in next column

    in Excel 2010: I currently get Excel reports given to me from my companies CRM tool. It shows me activity history in every account. There are many duplicate values in the Account name column and I need to delete the duplicates leaving only the value for the time the account reached the...
  14. S

    Using Macros to delete cells & rows based on specific criteria

    Hello, Each week I run a report that produces over 2,000 rows. I have to manually go through and delete things, by the time I am done, there may only be 320 rows left. I would apply a recorded macro, but the report is not consistent each week. There may be more or fewer rows depending on the...
  15. D

    Vb deleting more than asked to

    What i need is for the command button to sort through all my worksheets of info (16 so far) match the information in my userform2.name2 text box and delete that row. It needs to do this for each worksheet. This code below already does most of that. However, it has a glitch. if it does not find...
  16. J

    Macro Going Slow

    Hello I have a macro that opens another workbook and deletes rows based on specified criteria. The code that deletes the rows works fine but runs extremely slow. When I step through it my self it seems to work relatively quick but it gets caught up when its running. Here is the sub program...
  17. G

    Deleting Multiple Rows...URGENT

    I have over 40,000 rows of information that i need to be trimmed down. Is there a easy way to delete every OTHER row of information? I need help fast.
  18. D

    Delete rows if specific data appears in cell, if not in cell ignore and continue

    I am using the below code to search a column for a specific number, in this case 2603, and if 2603 is present it deletes the entire row. Dim rng As Range, cell As Range, del As Range Range("V:V").Select Set rng = Intersect(Range("V:V"), ActiveSheet.UsedRange) For Each cell In rng If...

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