1. Richard1982

    Excel/VBA automatically opening file - can I avoid this?

    I have a small section of VBA code (as part of a larger macro) which takes some of the pages of the report I'm working on and saves them to a new file. Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Workbooks.Add ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(Array("Page 1", "Page 3", "Page 4", "Page 6", "Page 7")).Copy...
  2. R

    Looking to kick rows of data in Sheet A based off what cells in Sheet C say

    Hi, i've got a code that works - kind of. It does run, and it runs at a good speed. Only problem is that it's not kicking the right rows... High level explanation: I've got sheet A with all my data, it goes to sheet B to see what qualifier to use and then finds it in sheet C which ones have...
  3. N

    VBA Macro to delete files with date on name

    Hello, I have a folder (let's say E:\Test ) that contains files created daily that have the name yyyy-mm-dd_test.xlsx I have another excel on a different folder that gathers the info on the files from E:\Test, putting it into tables. The problem is, I need to delete the files in E:\Test that...
  4. I

    Hide combobox entry options please

    Evening, I wish to hide two entries in a combobox. Please can you advise what options are available. The two entries in question must be in the combobox BUT not shown. Deleting these two entries isnt an option
  5. P

    Problem deleting rows in VB

    Morning, I have a code which should be deleting a selection of cells if the word does not start with LMK or DUB or ORK but it seems to delete it even if it does, can anyone spot the error of my ways please ? For i = LastRow To IRStartCell Step -1 K = Cells(i, 18) If K <> "DUB*" Or K <>...
  6. U

    Deleting query

    I want to delete NA from my spreadsheet without getting it deleted from middle of the words like original using vba. Please help
  7. jim may

    How to delete a posting

    I tried deleting a post - near the bottom (while within the time limit given) I see the button to EDIT, there in a tool tip I see "DELETE" also offered. So how do I follow through on Deleting, not editing?
  8. S

    Deleting blank cells

    Hi there, Maybe this is an easy task for you guys, but I've been struggling with it. Basically, I need to converter the table 1 into the table 2. Thank you for any help! <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3868;width:82pt" width="109"> <col style="width:48pt"...
  9. C

    Deleting row - does not disappear?

    Hi, Deleted a row and it only turned blank. Trying to delete it now but it does not disappear. Workbook or sheet not protected. All rows and columns are unhidden. No filters. No error messages. I believe it caused issues in the filter as well since almost all values are missing. What the hell...
  10. S

    2 Named Ranges - Same Name - Delete Only 1

    Hi All, I have inadvertently, through another piece of code, got a number of files that have 2 named ranges with the same name. I'd like to delete just one of these but not sure how i'd write the code to ensure I was deleting the correct one (the bottom of the 2 below): Name...
  11. R

    Deleting appointments outlook via VBA Excel

    Hi, Se code below text. As I am running below mentioned script it is deleting every time approxm half the appointments So 1st time running example 100 appointments. second time running script 50 appointments deleted third time 15 etc etc So it looks as I am skipping one extra appointment for...
  12. D

    Deleting Row by Content

    How do I delete every row of my spreadsheet where the wording "Customer Totals" is listed in Column C of the same row?
  13. azizrasul

    Deleting a SQL server table

    Does anyone have any VBA code that deletes a SQL server table?
  14. L

    Clearing of data works but if there's no data the code is deleting the headers

    Hi Experts - Good day! I have below code which is always the beginning of my process. I wan't to clear the table of any data for sheets Check and SRPT. The code is working as expected everytime there's data under the columns i'm trying to delete. However, if there's no data under the headers...
  15. O

    Deleting some characters in excel with a macro code

    hello please help dear helpfull friends i need a macro code to delete some letters with a code. for example i want to delete "a, r, ş, ö, ğ, o" in a excel document. i want a code that i can change letters , they can be less or more than these. so i will write letters that i want to delete and...
  16. D

    Deleting a post

    How can I delete one of my posts? I don't see an edit button so not clear how to either edit or delete. Thanks!
  17. P

    VBA code not contained in intended workbook

    We receive a monthly workbook from a service provider which has VBA code that prevents their users from inserting or deleting rows and columns. However, once we open the file it prevents us from inserting or deleting files in our separate workbooks. What type of code would cause these...
  18. M

    Issue when updating blank cells automatically

    Hi, I am working on a scheduling calendar tool for my work. While a have a reasonable knowledge of Excel, I know absolutely nothing about VBA. I looked up codes examples for similar needs and have been “frankensteining” my way with some formulas but at this point, I need help. When I look at...
  19. R

    Deleting Cell Contents Leave Code

    Hello All! I'm using this code to delete contents in a Cell Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Sheets("Calculator").Range("K3").Value = "$0" End Sub How do I keep the Formula in Excel from deleting every time I hit the "Clear Button"? Thank you!
  20. G

    deleting every n row

    HIya, How do I tackle such problem. I have a column of data like os: <tbody> ZZprod1 Tbales long tables 2 * 3 Sbales Short tables 43 32 ZZProduct2 </tbody> So I basically want to check if between after a cell containing a value including"ZZ" , or rather if values between...

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