1. J

    Extract all delimited values from column into their own cells in new column

    Hi everyone, I have a spreadsheet containing email sender/recipient metadata (email from, to, cc, bcc) that I am attempting to normalize. Column A contains the email IDs, and column B contains the recipients values, delimited by semi-columns. Below is an example: Column A (Email ID) Column B...
  2. D

    VBA Highlight Duplicate comma delimited cells in a column

    Hi, Is there a way to highlight duplicates in comma delimited cells that are in a column, I want to compare all comma delimited text values in every cell in a column and highlight the cells that contain the duplicate text, Can someone help with this please
  3. S

    Macro for delimited data

    Hi all, I am absolutely stumped on how to solve this challenge with a macro. I have software providing me with multiple rows of data, with all the data relating to a particular job placed in a single cell, separated by a semi-colon. An example is below. I basically need to develop a macro...
  4. C

    What is the mac equivalent of ctrl+j in the text to columns wizard?

    I'm writing a macro and one of the steps involves splitting multiple rows in one cell into their own separate rows. What is the equivalent of hitting ctrl+J in the text to columns wizard? I've already tried ⌘+J, ^+J, and ⌥+J, but those aren't working. If anyone knows of a chart that lists the...
  5. Belair58

    Graphing from a $ delimited txt file

    Hello, I'm outputting a delimited txt file using $ as my delimiter from SQL server. This file will be output once every 5 minutes. I'm wanting to graph this data on a continuous basis. I'm trying to link it through Data / From Text/CSV, but it doesn't give me the option to choose the delimiter...
  6. N

    Tab Text Delimiting not working

    Hello, I have a workbook where the data appears to be tab delimited but isn't working in Text-to-Columns. I'm looking for help making text to columns work or other manual "left" "right" "mid" formulas to get it done. Workbook sample below where the data in Row 2 corresponds to the following...
  7. D

    VBA Check if a column is TAB delimited

    Hi, Is it possible to check if a column of data is TAB delimited, can someone help with this please
  8. R

    Having a right nightmare with exporting Tab Delimited from 2003 to .txt format for Google Shopping Upload

    Hi I have been tearing my hair out with this conundrum and still no nearer to solving. We have a TXT feed from our website to Google Shopping which uploads every morning at 6:00am largely without errors. From time to time, we need to edit items and re-upload during the day. I have downloaded...
  9. N

    Extracting/transposing data from a delimited text string

    Hi all - I have a delimited string of numbers/letters in one cell that I am trying to transpose into another set of cells(the string could be something like "A, B, 179, C") Normally I would just use the split function in VBA, break this into an array and assign each cell I want to insert into...
  10. P

    Split comma delimited rows into multiple rows

    I am able to split one row(A1) of comma delimited values into multiple rows with one value in each , however if have multiple rows i am having to do one by one row . can any one help
  11. K

    Exporting a space delimited file from Excel

    I have a custom program that reads data from a space delimited (padded?) text file and performs a number of tasks for us, such as importing the data into our system. Starting next month, I will be receiving a second file from a separate system and need to consolidate the two files into one...
  12. C

    lookup by comma delimited list with single value list

    Hi guys, I've been trying to get a solution my self and I searched the thread and found the following below that partially got what I was after.
  13. D

    VBA split References by comma delimited

    Hi, I am trying to expand references by comma delimited but not sure how. can someone help with this please Example: From This: <tbody> References A3, A7, A10-A15, A17, A19 B12-18, B20 C01-C09 D01,D04,D08,D013-016 </tbody> To This: <tbody> References...
  14. B

    Date and Time Format

    Hi, I am trying to view some Datalog files downloaded from a device in a .txt format we have that then need to delimit. The Date and Time format however when it comes off is in the following format 20180711140751 where it looks to be YYYYMMDDHHMMSS I am struggling to find how to reformat this...
  15. F

    Pipe Delimited file in VBA Code - Do I have to mess with the Control Panel each time ?

    I have a VBA Macro that creates 50 or so CSV files (comma delimited) for our different customers. Here is a simple line I use in the Macro: ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=SaveToDirectory & “\filename nn.csv”, FileFormat:=6 Now I have one customer who wants a Pipe Delimited file. Is there a...
  16. C

    Save as Tab delimited TXT

    Hey! I just have a quick question. I have a really short code to save the current file with the sheet name and an added word to it a a text file. It is a regular text file not a "tab delimited one". How can I save it as a tab delimited one? ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (ActiveSheet.Name & " Done" &...
  17. Y

    [VBA] Saving to file and retrieving information from it through a key in the saved data

    I really don't know how to ask this question, but I'll try... I have a userform that has severl textboxes for a user to input parameters to calculate production output. Everything else is working perfectly so far, except the [Save] function. This is what I need: When a user clicks the [Save]...
  18. D

    VBA to split out hyphen strings into comma delimited

    Hi, Is it possible to split a hyphen string into comma delimited. Example: From This <tbody> A1-10 J1D1_4-J1D1_7 C2, C4-C8, C12 </tbody> To This <tbody> A1, A2, A3, A4, A, A, A7, A8, A9, A10 J1D1_4, J1D1_5, J1D1_6, J1D1_7 C2, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C12 </tbody>
  19. B

    Compare delimited strings to a list

    Hi I have a workbook with two columns A & B. Each cell in Column A contains delimited strings: Example A1 contains OT6, PA3, PU4, PR2, PL8 A2 contains: AP3, AP, AP4, AP10 I would like to compare these cells in column A to a list in column B and return the answer if any of the values in A1 or...
  20. H

    Exporting Un-delimeted Data to Test

    I am looking for a way to export data in a delimited format to text. To be clear, I have data in cells, and I need to export that to a text document to be uploaded into SAP. I can, easily enough, code a macro convert everything to text format, and add the appropriate number of spaces to the...

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