1. M

    Calculating total demands from two tables

    Greetings, I am somewhat lost how to approach this problem that I have. In essence I want to calculate demands per material for specific date based on the number of projects on that date. for this I have 3 tables Project Consumption Table (showing how much of each material is consumed for each...
  2. K

    Auto populate a demand form from quanity list

    Hello, I have a workbook which each sheet has its own list of items for a stock check. On sheet 2 I have a form which is a company made form to request missing items. With this I would like a code to find what items are missing from “Quantity” (Column E7:E) compared to “Quantity Held” and...
  3. S

    increment order numbers - helper cell?

    Hi all, I need to change some code in my UserForm that we use toinsert orders to a WorkBook so that it incrementally updates the order number.Currently I use the code as seen below: Dim rng As Range Set rng = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp) rng.Offset(1) = rng + 1 ws.Cells(iRow, 2).value =...
  4. D

    Projected Inventory Run Out Date

    Hi All, I need a formula that provides the date inventory will run out based on a quantity on hand and a demand forecast. I'm assuming an array function will be necessary. I would like to assume that the demand per month is evenly spread per day. For example, Item 123A has 500 units on hand...
  5. U

    how to manipulate a formulated workbook without causing manual data to not align with automated data

    I am creating a Demand/Actuals document to keep track of each employee's projects and the hours needed each week and what hours were actually used. In the Demand tab, I input the data for the expected time needed each week per project and on the actual's worksheet, I pull the data from the...
  6. Dan Wilson

    Special startup

    Good day. I am running Windows 10 pro with Excel 2013. I have created a workbook that has several macros installed to make various sorts of the data occur on demand. Is there a way to make one particular macro run every time the workbook is opened for use? Thank you for any help. Danno...
  7. C

    Rank x.... Again

    Im reading tons of forums about RankX it seems amazing but every single forum I read seems to be a unique issues. Here is mine I have a column called Asset Address then 12 months of data for each asset. I wanted to rank my Base Metered Demand TOD column that is a decimal number based on the...
  8. W

    IF and Statement?

    Hi, Please help.. Need a formula. I couldnt make the string?:confused::confused: i NEED FORMULA ON "H" that will output the following scenario? many thanks <tbody> A B C D (TOTAL b &c) E F G H 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 NO DEMAND 2 0 10 10 20 20 0 20 In Process 3 15 0 0 0 15 0 15 Need to Order...
  9. D

    if empty say empty, if not do this formula

    Hi all, Fairly new to the forum, however im learning excel at a fast rate. Basically i need help in a "heatmap" im creating for work. We have pick locations in which we pick stock from (obviously). now the heat map lists the location and how many are due to move from it. how i have it is it...
  10. B

    Just need to know where i start?

    <tbody> George Kyparisis owns a company that manufactures sailboats. Actual demand for George’s sailboats during each of the past four seasons was as follows: YEAR sailboats in year 5 will equal 5,600 SEASON 1 2 3 4...
  11. S

    If and Statement

    I have 2 columns of Data, G8 and H8. I am trying to say if G8 > 25% than Supply Review or if H8 > 100% than Demand Review, or if G8 is >25% AND H8 >100% then "Demand and Supply Review", Else "No review Needed" and can't seem to capture the whole formula. Please help =IF(H8>100%,"Demand...
  12. F

    Forecast and Demand Planning

    I am beginning to develop a new forecast and demand planning that will utilize the production plan of my customer to tell me how many of each products I will need on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I don't want a true forecast because I have the production data. Can any provide any insight...
  13. B

    Capacity analysis

    Dear all, I am working with a workbook, which enables me to 1. have a capacity overview (total, per team, etc) 2. have a demand overview (total, per project, per team, per role) 3. make simulation / what-if scenarios. The 3rd part is in order to make possible "movement" of projects from one...

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