1. X

    On Excel, how can I tell which other worksheets dependents are on?

    When I click "Trace Dependents" for a cell on a given worksheet and the little arrow picture shows that it has dependents on other worksheets in the workbook, how can I find out exactly which other cells of which other worksheets are dependents of the original cell?
  2. B

    how to find every cell that has a dependent

    I love the "Trace Dependents" function in Excel but it has a significant limitation. I have to click on every single cell individually to see if it has a dependent. Is there a way to select an entire range of cells and see which of them has one? I don't even need to know what the dependents...
  3. A

    Can't turn off trace dependents

    Hi everyone - trace dependents seems to be stuck turned on. I've tried the normal going into formulas and clicking remove arrows, but then as soon as I scroll to another cell with dependents, it comes back. When I select everything in the sheet and click "remove arrows" the message I get is...
  4. R

    Tracing dependents not working in my spreadsheet

    Hi all, I am working with a spreadsheet and for some reason (I have no idea why) my trace dependents are not working. Has anyone seen this before or now how to solve for this issue? Thanks in advance!
  5. B

    Need to know formula to sum up 3 largest rates depending on age factor

    Hello, I am making rate calculator for clients to type in their ages and the ages of their dependents to know their insurance premium. Blue Cross has the rule that subscribers only pay for the first three dependents under the age of 21. (the largest 3). These ages and rates are only a sample...
  6. W

    Trace dependents not finding relationships which are there

    I am using Excel 2016. I have the following formula in cell A3 =A1+A2. If I select A3 and click Trace Precendents then it highlights A1 and A2. If I select either A1 or A2 and click Trace Dependents I get a message saying "The Trace Dependents command found no formulas that refer to the active...
  7. B

    can we copy formula dependents

    i have a A4 = 167 if i want to copy this cell from 1 sheet to sheet 2 i can copy only precedents is it possible to bring dependents by pasting cell in sheet2? Any Tips would be Appreciated because it have Huge links in same sheet..i need to give individually
  8. T

    View All Cells Referenced in Countif Formula

    I am using Excel 2010 and Windows 7. I have a COUNTIF formula that looks for numbers in a range that are less than 250. I would like to view these cells to assure myself the formula is accurate. I have tried Conditional Formatting as well as Trace Dependents - neither shows only the cells...
  9. B

    find dependents (links) all at once

    I have a hugh worksheet with links going every direction. I have two columns where I picked up the cell and linked it over to another worksheet by accident. I am trying to find those cells. I did the GO TO and that didn't work and started to go through the cells one by one to see where they are...
  10. E

    Transpose without breaking dependencies

    hi -- I'm using Excel 2003, but open to solutions in later versions of Excel because I'm probably going to upgrade to 2007 or 2010. I've got a large range (about 30 columns and 500 rows) for inputting raw data, which other worksheets in my workbook then use formulas to manipulate. I want to...

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