1. V

    Index Match entire row descending order

    I have rows of data I am trying to Index Match variable amounts of dates from. I saw a blog mentioned descending order can extract the highest, then lowest matches. Table example: Bob None 1/1/2020 None None None 1/3/2020 None None None Stanley 1/10/2020 None None None None None None...
  2. S

    Sort Blank cells to bottom in a descending sort in VBA

    I am sorting the following columns independently and in descending order, i.e. the largest value in each column will always be in the top row. However, I have several blank cells in the table. These are not actually blank, but rather the formula e.g. IFERROR(H2/I2,"") gives a blank answer. I...
  3. M

    VBA: Sorting data with dynamic heading location.

    I have a list of headers in row 13. I am trying to find the header titled "Revenue" and sort in descending order. lCol = WorksheetFunction.Match("Revenue", Rows("13:13"), 0) Rows("13").Sort key1:=lCol, Header:=xlYes What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance
  4. A

    Return corresponding names in descending order based on next column values.

    Hi everyone, Column A1:A5 contains unique names/references Column B1:B5 contains numbers I want column C1:C5 to be those names but based on their corresponding values in descending order. I don't want to do any filtering, a function on C1 to read values from B1:B5 and return corresponding...
  5. S

    Sort Report Button

    I have a report based on a Query and I'd like a button on the report to switch between the Sorts below: 1. Sort by [Name] A-Z THEN [Date] Oldest to Newest 2. Sort by [Date] Oldest to Newest THEN [Name] A-Z I'm guessing code is the easiest way but I'm unsure how to do this one.
  6. Y

    Printing sequential numbering in Descending Order

    Hello, I copied macro code from this thread Sub PrintJobs() Dim i As Long, startnum As Long, lastnum As Long startnum = Application.InputBox("Enter the first job number to be printed", "Print Job...
  7. R

    Conditional Format single cell in range that's closest to s specific value in another cell

    I have descending numbers from A1-A21 I have a value in D5 I would like to conditional format column A to highlight red the value that's closest to D5 by a matter of rounding down.
  8. J

    Ranking ever other row descending order with criteria of ignoring blanks and "100"

    I'm trying to rank every other row, descending order with the criteria of ignoring blanks and the value "100" I got this far: =IF(E2=100,"",IF(MOD(ROW(E2)-ROW(E$2),2),"",SUMPRODUCT(--(MOD(ROW(E$2:E$21)-ROW(E$2),2)=0),--(E2>E$2:E$21))+1)) <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> it's ignoring...
  9. L

    Finding column title and returning row values in descending order (top 10)

    Hi All, I appreciate the future input, I'm a bit stuck at the moment using index/match! I'm looking to create a drop down that contains all of the months (January, February, etc.) Based on this drop down selection (i.e. February), I need the formula to pull out the top 10 sales values in...
  10. H

    Help With Mutli Sort

    I am trying to get VBA/Macro to mutisort a file. I was able to record a macro and get it done on the sample sheet, but it would be limited to the defined rows. I tried coding it like below, but I am now getting a named argument error. Columns("A:A").Select ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("RAW...
  11. K

    Sorting numbers Assending or descending within a cell

    Dear Experts, I have a cell, in which a series of numbers available. I want to sort these numbers assending and descending orders. Can anyone suggest a formula to do this. Cell Values Assending / Desending 5573914 1345579 9755431 4513217...
  12. I

    Sort column issue in one cell

    Evening, I have two macros of which one sorts column G Ascending & the other Descending. The column in question is date format. The code in use is supplied below. I use the same code for both & just changed one to Descending etc. My problem is that cell G4 when Descending is incorrect, Ascending...
  13. C

    Lookup formula - can handle descending ranges!? Solution anyone?

    Hi, Using a lookup formula to find where a value sits in a range. i.e. 100 - 200 - "ABC" ---- 104 - Look up 104, between those ranges and return ABC - works fine if the range is 200 ---- 100 - if NAs Any solutions or can i use a different formula? Thanks Colin
  14. A

    How to descend a pivot table after adding a seperate column.

    Hi There, Not sure if it is possilbe, but how to descend a pivot table after adding a seperate column, which containes a funciton based on the the pivot table?
  15. M

    Index Match, Looping IF, Descending Array . . . I'm in need of Help Debugging my Function

    Okay guys. Usually I am able to find some type of article that helps me with my excel issues but this time I cannot and that's why I am here. I think with your experitse you can help think outside the box on this one. Here is the problem. <colgroup><col><col><col...
  16. R

    Data Sorting Problem--Should be Easy

    I have two columns a & b shown below:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> 4 .7<o:p></o:p> 2 1.2<o:p></o:p> 3 50<o:p></o:p> 1 12.4<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I want to keep the above data intact, but in columns c & d...
  17. C

    Chart columns showing below the chart

    I am charting Blood Sugar levels over a monthly period. The user enters the info in cells D1:D31. However, the chart reads off the table in R1:V31 which has the date, target, reading, high and low series as well. The info in the D cells is copied to column T1:T31 with a simple =D1,=D2, etc...

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