1. S

    Is is possible to add searchable text into the same cell, similar to how hashtags work

    I'm creating a product table in excel containing about 200 products. Each of these products can be used as a component in multiple applications and they can have multiple useful descriptions. Some products might be usable in 10 or more applications or have similar descriptions. Rather than...
  2. C

    vba keep x axis descriptions from going diagonol

    I have automated reports that spit out sunmary page by representative. Sometimes one of the charts decides to turn the tick description diaganol. Only many of the diagonal descriptions look the same since they start with same loacation name. Is there some vba code that will turn the xaxis...
  3. P

    Extraction of IP Addresses from an excel sheet along with their descriptions and writing them to another excel sheet.

    Hi, I have an excel sheet full of IP Addresses along with their descriptions in adjacent cells like ABC, XYZ.....etc what I am trying to do is to extract all of these IP Addresses along with their descriptions from a worksheet and write them to another worksheet in...
  4. J

    Macro to combine multiple columns into one (list of names, values, description)

    Hi I have a sheet set up as shown below: A B C D E Names Amount Description Amount Description John 500 Nov Statement Mary 1200 Nov Statement 200 Dec Statement...
  5. P

    VBA formula below descriptions

    Hi all, I would like to write a VBA code so that, to run through row “2” and where find the description “Item code” should prepare the formula below descriptions “Closing stock quant”: .Formula = "=VLOOKUP(RC[10],'[Closingstock.xlsx]Sheet1'!R4C1:R5000C32,25,0)" “Cons.quant”: .Formula =...
  6. K

    Code in macro

    Good Afternoon, I need a formula to take commas out in one column from my item descriptions. Is there a way to do this so I don't have to do it every time and it comes over with them remove? Thank you
  7. 8

    VBA Help Copy, Sort, Report

    Hi there, I am new to VBA and have taken on more then I can chew with this assignment. I am hoping that someone in the community can help me with this. I know my way around excel but not vba. What my setup looks like. I have 3 sheets in the workbook. Sheet 1 has all the data Column A-H. The...
  8. C

    Compare 1 column where column B matches

    Hi all, So I have a very large spreadsheet which contains all of our parts and part descriptions. It was merge between old data and new data. I am needing to see which part's descriptions have change from then and now. When B is a match (part number), compare D (Description) and write match...
  9. S

    Countifs criteria

    Having trouble finding the solution to this if there is a simple one. My formula looks like this: =COUNTIFS(Model,$A10,Package,$B10,Status,"*DS*") But it is not returning anything. I'm assuming this is because B10 contains varying numbers with 0's in front like "01" or "02" but the Package...
  10. H

    coping data based on specific Crieria

    I have descriptions in Col I. where a/c 95915, 95925, 95950 are in Col G, I want the descriptions that are in the same row in Col I copied to Col H only for these account numbers...
  11. C

    Linking Text Boxes

    Am not sure if possible but I want to link to a page that has a series of options for descriptions and to display appropriate text. Ideally I would like a grouped text box of 8 headings with option buttons and if i clicked on anyone of them it would present the appropriate description. I'm...
  12. U

    Spin Button on a VBA Form Controlled through/by a range.

    I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of Descriptions of User Names - obviously password protected itself. I have a range of names of "Descriptions" in the column A1 to A20. This range I have called "MyUserNames" and might contain "Amazon - Paul" or "Amazon - Liza". In the corresponding...
  13. T

    Excel and msword

    Hi everyone I have 20 different msword descriptions...How will I be able to add that descriptions to 20 different excell sheets...also will it be possible to update the excel sheet from the msword document automatically when it gets updated in word?
  14. S

    Insert Page Break Auto

    Hi, I have a pivot table that in which I need to insert page breaks automatically.I have 3 columns in my pivot table-1. Item Descriptions 2. Stores 3. Revenue. And the Item Description column has a subtotal after every different item description. I have 1000 plus item descriptions. So therefore...
  15. M

    Unexpected behaviour - Matrix visual...

    Hi, I have a fact table (many) and a dimension table (one) with a relationship set up between the two. I have created a matrix that is bringing values (product descriptions) in from the dimension table (as 'Rows'). I have then created a measure using data held exclusively in the fact table...
  16. P

    Code to retrieve data from the web

    Hi! Can someone help me write a code to retrieve data from the web? I have a list of IDs and I need to search for their corresponding descriptions. It's a long list and I'd hate to do it manually. Thanks in advance!
  17. H

    Sreamline Sum If formula

    I have descriptions in Col B and values in Col C I have the following SumIF formula to extract the various values based on the descriptions that I which to extract their values The formula gives me the correct result, but slow down my Laptop I would like to know if this formula can be...
  18. E

    How to split out multiple account codes and descriptions from a text string

    Dear MrExcel Community I have often found the advice and guidance I need for past problems on the forum, but I am afraid that today I am at a loss. I have bunch of financial system accounts (including codes and descriptions) which were printed from the system. I would like to split the codes...
  19. N

    Help! Adding Description to Custom Functions

    How do you add descriptions to custom Excel functions such that while filling in the required fields, the descriptions to the required fields are shown below in a pop up bubble? (as shown in the below image) <a...

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