1. S

    Automatically typing the whole list by the list name

    Hi there, I have stucked in the above said. I have named the lists. Like 12 different training given in April month, I named the training list by "April". Now I want to show it like if I select "April" in a drop down list, the names of all training should come in next or desired cells by list...
  2. D

    Letter Sequence in Columns - AA AB AC AD AE etc

    Hi, I have the following formula in cell K1 =LEFT(ADDRESS(ROW($AA1),COLUMN($AA1)+(COLUMNS($K1:K1)-1),4),2) I need to copy & past this formula 6 rows to the right each time (i.e. Q1, W1, AC1 etc) And return the following sequence in the cells; K1 - AA Q1 - AB W1 - AC AC1 - AD The formula...
  3. R

    How do I copy a formula to multiple cells and only change one reference cell but not others?

    I am trying to copy the following formula that has multiple If Statements referencing multiple other cells for the desired results and only the first cell referenced but not the follow 3 cells referenced in the desired results. =IF(A2=1,'Team 1'!B13,IF(A2=2,'Team 2'!B13,IF(A2=3,'Team 3'!B13...
  4. S

    Weighted average but with negative values - % return on purchase and sales

    I apologize in advance as I will try my best to explain my predicament. I am attempting to find a way to calculate net gain or loss from the purchase or sale of an item. However, by inputting negative values in to the items sold column, it is throwing off my numbers. Initially I was using a...
  5. A

    getting date in desired format

    I need date in this format dd-mm-yyyy 01-02-2019 Specially I need zero before date.
  6. C

    #N/A Values

    <tbody> 1 1 #N/A 2 #N/A 3 2 4 3 #N/A 4 </tbody> I have a bunch of #N/A values in columns. what's the easiest way to get the desired result (1234) in the adjacent column with no empty cells in between?
  7. S

    IF and MID and ELSE

    Could someone please help me to add multiple functions in a search string? =IF(MID(B18,2,8)="01330701","11-13 hours","") is giving me the desired result for that one formula. I need to check B18 for 5 different number sequences which would return the same, "11-13 hours" result if met. For...
  8. C

    IF Statement using Networkdays.intl formula

    I am trying to build a formula that will calculate after determining if a start and end date are equal to or between a calendar (fiscal) start and end date. The formula I have is...
  9. D

    Convert ddmmyy to Customise Qtr Yr

    Hi ppl, Previously I made enquires abt converting DDMMYY to Qtr YY. Example 15012019 = Qtr1 19 But now due to some requirement in company, my Qtr1 can only starts on April 2019 Meaning from April, May, June 19 = Qtr1 19 July,Aug, Sept 19 = Qtr 2 19...
  10. N

    Values only once when multiple values

    <tbody> Current Desired Result A B 1 Apple Apple 2 Apple Banana 3 Mango Mango 4 Mango Peach 5 Mango 6 Peach 7 Banana 8 Banana </tbody> I need the value only listed once (preferably in Alpha Order) from a data set column that lists that value...
  11. danhendo888

    How to transpose(?) column to desired output

    <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: rgb(255,255,255);border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color: rgb(187,187,187)"><colgroup><col width="25px" style="background-color: rgb(218,231,245)" /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col /><col...
  12. M

    formula to match a date in one column with a date in another

    I'm trying to find a way (I've looked at Index, match, choose, find, search, substitute and am investigating solver) to match from a list of possible project end dates (demobilization dates) the date closest to each employees contract expiry date. The difficulty is that there will be a finite...
  13. K

    How can I make Offset work when referencing a Table in an INDEX/MATCH formula?

    I currently have the following formula: =INDEX(DetList[Department],MATCH($C$4,OFFSET(DetList[Service],2,0),0)) This formula however isn't returning the desired result. The OFFSET isn't functioning. I don't know how to achieve my desired result and am hoping someone here can help me out? Regards.
  14. davewatson86

    sum--Frequency help

    hi all i have this formula: =SUM(--(FREQUENCY('1'!$B$7:$B$500,'1'!$B$7:$B$500)>0)) which gives me the total amount of invoice numbers in the desired range. how can i tell it to only total the unique invoice numbers in the desired range that have a certain value in column L of that row i.e...
  15. Welsh Mark3

    Max Value?

    <tbody> Month Value Desired Result 1 10 20 1 20 20 2 20 50 2 50 50 3 150 150 3 5 150 </tbody> I am treying to write a formula that finds the maximum value in a given mnmth. The table attempts to show what i am trying to do, the desired result is the value i am trying to produce.
  16. Nelson78

    VBA: playing with arrays and dictionaries

    Hello everybody. I've a situation as follows: I need to calculate how many different cities (column H) have code 233 (column D) and list aaa (column K) The desired result is in cell N16 = 2, meaning the 2 records in green (in red the not considered duplicates). I...
  17. R

    Importing data from webpage

    I am trying to record a macro wherein I am importing stock market data of Nifty fifty stocks from NSE website: However, the destination cell only displays the following message "no data". Could you please tell...
  18. How_Do_I

    Index Match

    Hello all, I can’t work out how to get the desired results in I4 and J4… My search is in cell H4 (“WM (44) 1”), Column E has two matches, one match WITH “Annex” in Column F and one match WITHOUT “Annex” in Column F… How would I get my desired results please…? Sheet1 <colgroup><col...
  19. G

    Subtracting Time and Date in hours & minutes

    Hi, I have 2 columns. Each column contains a date & time in "m/d/yyyy h:mm AM/PM" format. I am trying to subtract the differences between two columns and am having a hard time. Any assistance appreciated and the desired result format is negotiable, so long as i get minutes difference....3...
  20. J

    Pivot Table Filtering Conundrum

    Thinking how to accomplish filtering on field that is not displayed and ran into a few roadblocks. E.G. - 1. If I put the desired field in the "FILTERS" section, I can't filter on value (i.e. - want to keep all observations greater than 1,000,000 2. The desired field to filter on is not in...

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