1. V

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore?

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore. Message if create new folder, silent if the folder exist. I have the code to create folder on desktop
  2. T

    Desktop notification based on Excel sheets

    Hi! I have an HR-related excel sheet containing staff info as shown in the attached pic. I would like to be notified about the contract end date before 6 weeks for each with a desktop notification without accessing the file again & again. Is that possible? I know that some sort of coding may...
  3. A

    Save Excel worksheet as PDF

    Hi Exports, I am trying to save excel worksheet to PDF however encountering runtime error 1004 with the msg with reads as "Document not saved. The document may be open, or an error may have been encountered while saving. when clicked on deburg, below in bold is highlited in yellow. Kindly...
  4. S

    Save a selected range as script

    it is obvious I do not know what I am doing. What I am trying to accomplish is by pressing the button, Range A1:A12 on sheet called DATA_1 which I set it to be as "ssheet2" be saved on desktop as DATA_1.scr but executing this macro will change my workbook name to DATA_1. Could anyone please...
  5. S

    Save cell range as .scr on desktop

    Could anyone let me know how to write a few lines to save a selected range to blah.scr on desktop. The range is A1:A12 on worksheet "DATA_1". I have other worksheets on this file but my files are exported into that sheet. Also is there a way to overwrite the file each time anyone press the...
  6. N


    This may seem like a simple question but the answer has evaded me so far. I have created an Excel 2007 sheet which has a dozen hyperlinks to different websites, they all work perfectly except one and thats ( ) , whenever I click on this I get ( Unable to open...
  7. I

    Macro button on desktop

    Is it possible to have a button on the desktop which would open a msgbox & then two options. Selecting one option to open this workbook selecting the other option would open a different workbook.
  8. H

    Command Button

    Good day. I have 4 forms on one worksheet. I need to place a command button with each form. On click the relevant form needs to be saved as pdf on desktop. Please advice Regards and thank you in advance
  9. W

    Can I create new folder from excel vba into desktop ? Just want to know . Kindly appreciate for the answer !!

    I want to create new folder from excel vba into desktop and rename it one of the value from excel. And also copy the photo from excel and paste into that folder. Can we create program like that bro ?
  10. S

    debug print help

    If I wanted/hoped to have a screenshot of the exact error (specifically the highlighted line) of code and to save it in a file on my desktop. I am not exactly sure how to do this and was hoping I could get some help. Thanks!
  11. B

    macro not working on some computers

    Hello, I'm new to everything. We had a person that use to work for us that wrote some macros to scrape information from Rocket Software's Bluezone. Last Tuesday, most of the computers wouldn't let the excel script run. There were 3 that would. One a new desktop, one an older desktop and my...
  12. P

    VBA vs. Screen Size?

    I have several macros that run just fine on my desktop monitor but don't run at all on my laptop screen. There is no error message, they just don't run. They have the same resolution (1920x1080) but the laptop is 15.6" and the desktop is 22". What causes this and is there any way around it...
  13. E

    Excel "not responding" when using laptop but works fine on desktop

    I frequently am working with workbooks with over 100k rows in Excel. I will filter for certain criteria and then delete the remaining visible rows which may be over 75k rows. When I use my desktop computer this take 3 or 4 seconds. When I use my laptop it can take 10-15 minutes of Excel...
  14. HomeTek

    Hyperlinking to a shortcut which saves to desktop

    I've tried to search for help on this but struggling with the keywords I'd need to find a query like this. Basically I'm wanting to know if it is possible to create a simple text hyperlink to an application, but when the hyperlink is clicked rather than taking the user to the original...
  15. D

    Copy worksheet and save to desktop as a csv file

    I have this code to copy an existing worksheet to my desktop as an xlsx file but I need to save it as a csv file. I tried just changing the named extension but that didn't work. How would I modify this code to save the file as a csv? Sub Expo() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  16. F

    Saving a Macro Enabled Template to a Shared Drive

    Hello, I created a macro enabled template and saved it on our company's share drive so everyone can access it from any desktop without having to send the VBA code to everyone, not all of whom would know what to do with it. The template works fine on my desktop, but no one else can get it to...
  17. F

    Transfer Dax Formula into PowerQuery M-Language so I can exclude from Power Desktop

    Hi all, I have the following dax code which i want to transfer to power query so i can exclude certain rows before they get to Power Bi desktop: FilterMostRecentSurvey = IF ( SurveyData[Report date] = CALCULATE ( LASTDATE ( SurveyData[Report date] ), FILTER...
  18. X

    Ribbon - Qat Icons - Unwanted Change

    Shortly after returning from a trip last week, I copies a bunch of Excel files from my Laptop to my Desktop. Later when I started up Excel (using latest Win 10 & Office 365) on the desktop & immediately noticed all the icons had changed. Not just my custom QAT, but also in all the sections of...
  19. K

    On Error Goto Statement

    Hi, Is it possible to use multiple On Error Goto statement in single vba code? Actually in my code i want to use it twice. One on to to handle any error and one in between when giving command to delete all files on desktop. If any file is there on desktop it's working fine but when no file is...
  20. I

    Msgbox question,delete file upon clicking OK

    Hi, I have the working code in use shown below. When i receive the message "File Already Exists On The Desktop" i click on OK then i need to go to the desktop to delete the file then go back and start again. Can we add a line of code so when i see this message then clicking on OK deletes the...

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