1. M

    Counting based on other criteria - COUNTIFS maybe?

    Good Morning All I have inherited a huge spreadsheet of one worksheet (called ManningPlot) detailing the manpower situation across a number of departments across the business. This spreadsheet has one row per person and details a lot of info regarding that person and his/her position. There...
  2. Small Paul

    Run Time Error 9

    Hi I have the following section of code within a large macro: Worksheets("Dubai Data").ActivateActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Copy detail = ActiveCell.value Sheets(detail).Select ActiveCell.Offset(-2, 1).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues ActiveCell.Font.Bold = True Range(cells(ActiveCell.row, "C")...
  3. K

    Combining transactions

    Good evening, There are occasions when I am presented with line level detail and need to sum related lines into a single transaction. At the moment I sort and subtotal related lines and copy detail from the cells above into subtotal lines. This be as follows: Date Unique Reference Line...
  4. J

    Transpose multiple header into columns details

    Hi I have huge database with 3 rows header and I need to transpose it to columns for me to be able to create a header and detail tables
  5. D

    Moving data between tabs based upon criteria

    Hi There, Thank you in advance for your help! I have a mass of data on a tab called "Detail". I have another tab (Summary) with a list of names. I need to pull information from the detail tab based upon the name in the "Summary" tab. For example the information on each tab is: Detail Tab...
  6. S

    Combining Formulas

    Hey all, Hopefully a simple question for you lot but unfortunately not for me! =IF(INDEX(T:T,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=H5,"Yes","") =IF(INDEX(S:S,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=G5,"Yes","") I have the above formulas in two different cells but I'm wanting to combine them both together. So that if both are...
  7. C

    Multiple Search from 4 different criterias

    My formula is currently looking at 2 criterias; however, I need to add 2 more criterias to complete my search. How can I modify or simply my formula?:confused: i tried different combinations and none seem to work. My formula now; =IF(ISERROR(INDEX('CPI Data 306 Detail...
  8. S

    Double Clicking a cell in Pivot Table not showing all columns from the source.

    I have a pivot table connected to a SSAS Cube. The Field List shows all the columns from the table. When double clicking a cell the detail sheet is not showing all the columns in the table. Is there configuration to show all the columns in the detail table. Is this by design show only few...
  9. A

    Disabling Row Expand After AutoFiltering

    Hello all, I have a set of data that has manual grouping of rows, and all the rows are summarized to level 1 to hide the detail. When an autofilter is entered, my grouping automatically expands all rows. Is there any way to disable this? Many thanks! -Andy
  10. J

    Pulling part #'s from sheets that have no prices

    I have a workbook with many spreadsheets for assemblies. In the assembly spreadsheets I have detail part numbers that make up the assemblies. I pull prices for each detail from another reference spreadsheet. If there is no detail listed in that spreadsheet, the price field yields an error...
  11. R

    Pivot Table 'show detail' showing detail incorrectly - Excel 2010

    Hi all Is anyone aware of limitations with Excel 2010 pivot tables whendouble-clicking grand total and 'Showing Detail'? I use 2016 for work and havebuilt a few dashboards which use pivot tables, slicers and vba to then extractfrom the main data what the user has filtered on. My problem is that...
  12. R

    Remove Value from External Links

    Hello I have a large property detail workbook with a column on one worksheet pulling some confidential data from another separate workbook. This works fine. I would like this confidential data to be removed once I close the property detail workbook but leave the links in place so that the...
  13. T

    KPI - Help required

    I need assistance on a formula to return the KPI scores based on the weighting on the below: The formula should read the number on under detail which in row 1 is 31 and return a kpi score from 0 in line 1 as per the scoring criteria. A <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col...
  14. T

    Loop through values in a pivottable and show/hide detail based on condition

    here is my code that used to work, but for some reason now, it is not hiding the detail... For r = TopOfPivotTable To BottomOfPivotTable If Cells(r, 2).Value = "1" Then fname = Cells(r, 1).PivotField.Name Worksheets("Execution for...
  15. L

    VBA Vlookup another sheet

    Dear Friend How to edit code VBA for the VBA Vlookup another sheet please see table and ad visor:eeek: Thank you lotto Beginner VBA Sheet1 <tbody> item Detail Age School name Mother Country parent 1 david 17 T 2 job 12 G 3 steep 13 H 4 art 15 I </tbody> Sheet2...
  16. J

    Click on a cell and go to other cell in other Sheet, is possible?

    hi all friends.... i know how to create a Hyperlink and go to other cell in other sheet. but the problem is the name of the hyper link is static..... my cell have a Quantity... and it change constantly.. i make a Dashboard panel, i want user click (sample) on cell C5 with cell value...
  17. D

    Excel Pivot Table with Text Values or Matrix?

    Hello, I need to create a matrix style table from my data set similar to this: <tbody> Category Sub Category Product Name Product Detail Product Detail Product Detail Product Name Product Detail Product Detail Product Detail Product Name Product Detail Product Detail...
  18. D

    Pivot Table

    Hi All, This is going to sound a little strange so bear with me.... Last week i was sitting with a colleague going through some data and he created a pivot table - this is fine i can do that. Although he then did a few things to show dates in a weekly bucket ie 12/02/18-18/02/18. The raw data...
  19. T

    Form Control Buttons - Cell reference - Macro

    I created a collections form from several linked tables. On our aged receivables table I added a cell with a validated list were a customer ID can be entered. There is an associated macro that will go to the customer account detail form and update the filter with the selected ID from the Aging...
  20. J

    SUMIFS and looking at the left 2 characters or using a wildcard only return "0"

    Hello all, I am working on creating an executive dashboard. I need to sum the total spend for all budget codes by department and company. Unfortunately the department does not come through into the report but the budget codes does. There are at a minimum 20 budget codes per department. So I...

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