1. N

    Standard Deviation Function

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to do a standard deviation ifs function. I am trying to take the standard deviation from a specific criteria within a spread sheet so for example: one of the criteria I need to fulfill is <=8.5 & >=2.9 & >=18 <=26. So I will need 4 criteria that will need...
  2. T

    get standard deviation from every 1st, 6th and 10th cell in column

    Hello I have a column of data. The # of rows are always multiples of 10. How to get the standard deviation from the cells in each 1st, 6th and 10th row? For example if I had 100 rows. I would want the standard deviation from rows 1,6,10,11,16,20,21,26,30...91,96,100 Thanks Tom
  3. G

    Standard deviation of correlation matrix

    I am looking to get the standard deviation of each correlation coefficient in a matrix. The matrix is complete (as in each pairwise correlation in included twice) but i want the standard deviation including only each coefficient once. The matrix will vary in size and can be quite large so i...
  4. A

    STD Deviation Discrepancy

    I am trying to find the standard deviation for data presented in different ranges and I am currently using the following equation: =+STDEV.S(IF((e7a1!A12:A1010>=Primary!K$5)*e7a1!A12:A1010<=Primary!K$6);INDEX(Table1;0;MATCH($D19;Table1[#Headers];0));)) The reason for the formatting is that its...
  5. M

    Can someone get this formula to work?

    Hello...My name is Nathan, and I am trying to get the following formula to work. I simply want to assign full credit(2 points), partial credit credit(1 point) and no credit(0 points) for the given criteria...
  6. R

    I Need a formula to show full, partial and zero credit results

    Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Robert, and I have just one Excel formula issue. The following formula works perfectly, but I want to add criteria for "0" credit as well. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robert...
  7. A

    Making a Subtotal Deviation If aka Doing a Deviation If with filter

    Alright so I have a chart in which I need to do some deviations with a single criteria. Problems is the filtering involved and therefore subtotal, sumproduct and other complicated functions are involve. Here is an excel chart I just made to illustrate my dilemma...
  8. L

    drawing charts (vertical lines) for 3 values.

    Hi I have 3 values. Average = 100 Average+ standard deviation = 100+10 Average- standard deviation = 100-10 I want to draw a chart that show each value as below. The vertical value does not matter (I mean the line height). Is that possible . Thank you
  9. Z

    I need the right formula

    <tbody> Questions 2016 Favorability Standard Deviation 2017 Favorability Standard Deviation 2018 Favorability Standard Deviation Result Q1 66.5% 1.15...
  10. M

    Formula sale per volume deviation vs forecast

    actuals sum 135 3254 KEUR customer a 110 KG 2092 KEUR custmer b 21 kg 974 KEUR customer c 4 KG 188 keUR forcast sum 147 3377 KEUR customer a 106 KG 1993 KEUR customer b 27 KG 736 KEUR customer c 14 KG...
  11. J

    STDEVA Match for large sheet.

    Hello, EXCEL 2013 is there a way to do a STDEVA with a Match function without an array? I'm looking for a formula in column C. I have a large set of data (9,000 rows, 1200+ different instances of column a) with an unknown amount of instances in column a. I want to match column A to column be...
  12. T

    Get the Average Standard Deviation from a Dynamic Dataset

    Hi everyone! Is this possible in Excel?? Let's say I have 10 rows of numerical data across 10 columns, and I'd like to find the Standard Deviation of the numbers across each row. In the end I would have 10 standard deviations (one for each row) that I could then average. Simple enough if...
  13. L

    Lognormal formulas

    Hi all, I'm a bit confused about what value I'm supposed to use in the lognormal.dist and other lognormal formulas for the mean and standard deviation parameters. For example if my x range is in B:B and the log of x is in range C:C is the mean: 1: Average(B:B) 2. Average(ln(B:B)) 3. Average...
  14. Y

    Conditional Standard Deviation

    I wish to calculate the standard deviation of Brand A Product 1-5 and Brand B Product 1-5. Is there any shortcut for this? I call this a brand pairing and I have 300 brand pairing to be done. Help is needed! :( <tbody> Brand Product Demand A 1 3 A 2 4 A 3 12 A 4 35 A 5 6 A 6 8 A 7...
  15. D

    Standard Deviation

    Hello, Im working on calculating the z score based on work type, finding the standard deviation based on the work type has proven difficult. On column E I have the work type example Basic, Advanced, Medium, on column F I have the scores. How would I calculate the standard deviation based on...
  16. F

    Rolling Daily Standard Deviation for Last 12 Months

    Hi! I have daily data for stock market returns in column B. And the corresponding date (dd/mm/yyyy) of each observation in column A. I want to compute the STDEV of last 12 months daily returns. And get a standard deviation value for the first day of each month, which I will assume as the...
  17. P

    Neep help writing a formula that can find an unknown range in a column

    I need to find the standard deviation of data from the previous month. So, in column "A" I have dates, and column "B" I have my data. Data is being added multiple times a day. So then I have my cell that shows the standard deviation in Cell C1. How would I write the formula to only show the...
  18. G

    select data and ask me what action needs to be done?

    I have table like below. Is it possible to write something up to show on a separate sheet or on a popup the parameters( age etc) and give me an option to choose wether I want an average or std Deviation of the data set for each parameter. Example table: <tbody> Parameter SET1 SET2 SET3 Age...
  19. T

    Conditional calculation of the standard deviation.

    Hi there, I have a table with two columns (a1:b200). I need to calculate the standard deviation of the values in column B, but only for those values where a condition in column A is being met. For example: column A contains only the numbers 0 and 1 and I want only to include all numbers in...
  20. C

    Standard Deviation based on multiple criteria

    I need to calculate the standard deviation based on two criteria. Criteria 1: Date Range. The sample must fall between two years. Criteria 2: Sample must be labeled as NV. I have well over 7000 samples so here is just a very small sample. For example, I would like to find the standard...

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