difference in times

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    Formula for if time is same, earlier or later?

    QUESTION: Can you help me create a formula that looks at time in two different columns and determines if the time is the same, earlier or later? For perspective, this is to determine difference in closing time this winter compared to this summer. Sample data below. CURRENT FORMULA...
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    VBA: calculate difference in hh:mm between "now"-"target date", excluding weekends

    Hi, Please assist. I am looking to write a VBA code. I have a column named "target date" in mm/dd/yyyy 12 hour(AM/PM) format. for example 9/29/2015 5:20 pm. I want to calculate the difference in hh:mm between "now"-"target date", excluding weekends. i want the resulting difference in hh:mm...
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    Minutes Between Given Date and "NOW" Across Multiple Dates

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble working out how to do this; I've searched everywhere but as of yet no results have given the level of detail I require. I need to calculate the difference in hours/minutes/seconds between a given date in the format: "29/06/2015 - 13:57:12" and the "NOW"...
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    Count Number of Certain day between two dates

    Hi, I want to count the number of Wednesdays between 02-Apr-14 & 22-Oct-14. If I have the first date in A1 and the second date in B1, does anyone know if it's possible to do this in a formula? thanks, Eoin
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    Help Calculating Difference Between Dates But only Counting times within certain hours

    Hello, I need to calculate the hours and minutes we respond to something but only counting the hours and minutes that fall within 08:00 to 17:00 Monday through Friday. Example - if we received a call at 09:00 06/01/11 but did not arrive until 10:00 6/2/11 hour 'covered' hours are only from...
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    Time difference as a percentage

    Greetings ppls. I need to calculate the difference between a start time/date and a finish time/date, and return the result as a percentage instead of a time value. The end time would be equal to 100% and start time would be equal to 0% The difference is usually always a maximum of 5 days...
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    How to calculate date and time difference with odd months?

    Hi to all, ok I basically have 5 columns D E F G H Collumns D and F are Start and Finish dates written as (MM/dd/year), and E and G Start and finish times. While H is the result table in which I express the difference in fix hour times I need to calculate the difference of these periods but...
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    Calculating Difference in times and dates

    Hopefully someone can help me, I have Coumn A Column B Column C Column d 7/15/08 13:00 7/20/08 23:00 I need to calculate the difference time including dates, does anyone know how to calculate this???

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