different sheets

  1. C

    Compare cells in rows from 2 differents sheets before copy

    Hi everyone ! first of all thank you for all your posts. It is my first query on this forum but I've already read some very interesting things ! :) Here is my problem. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do the following, and I'm wondering if you could help out. I have a worksheet...
  2. M

    How to find the MAX Value in a range defined with R1C1?

    Hi, I'm new to VBA and this forum, so sorry, if this is a stupid question. I' trying to write a function for a university project. In this function there's a situation where I want to define a range with using R1C1 syntax. I don't want to use smth like "A1:B1" since the range is dependent on...
  3. brendalpzm

    Populate an ActiveX combo box with dynamic data from a different sheet

    Hello everyone, I have this issue that I've been struguling with for 2 days. I have an activex combo box called EmpresaCB which is located in a sheet called "Registro", the thing is that this combo box has to be populated with information that is located in a different sheet called "DB" This...
  4. H

    VBA Code: Create scatter plot with fixed x range from different sheet and y range varies based value of cell in current sheet

    I want to make a VBA code where both the x and y range are set from a different sheet (sheet2). The x range is dates and will remain in the same column no matter which dataset is imported into (sheet2). I know how to have a fixed y range from (sheet2) but I want the y range to change based on a...
  5. E

    VBA Hide rows based on two values on another sheet

    Hello, I have a report that produces a spreadsheet where column B has last names and column C has first names. There are many tabs like this and that number of tabs may vary. On a new tab named "Name Filter" I have set up Column A for Last names and a Column B for First names. What I want to...
  6. D

    Formula to Check Matches

    I thought this would be simple however, I am finding more difficult than I originally thought. I'll try and keep it simple. I have a single workbook with multiple sheets with data. I am needing a formula to check column A on sheet #1 to columns A,B, and C on sheets #2 and #3 . If the numbers...
  7. D

    Pivot Error showing but on a different macro Sheet. Not on the sheet the where I refreshed

    Hi, This is my first time. I have been looking everywhere for a solution for this I have made a pivot table on Sheet4 and named the Pivot table to Overtime. But when I refresh manually by right click the newly made pivot table stops and shows an error ------------------ Run-time Error '1004'...
  8. D

    Emailing sheets different emails.

    Hi All, I am trying to do an automation of an excel emailing process. I have a workbook which as around 68 sheets in it. I have to send the sheets as attachments to multiple email IDs. The Email ID are in the A1 cell in each sheet. There are some sheets which needs to be sent to one email ID...
  9. Q

    Index and Match across different sheets

    Hello, I have a 2 D data (rows and columns) on Sheet 1 and I have specific values in Sheet 2. I want my index match formula to return select from the range in Sheet 1 and the rows and columns in Sheet 2 to return the value specific to that combination. =INDEX('Zone & Pricing...
  10. S

    copy cells to another sheet based on cell criteria

    I am trying to move cells between cols A and L to a sheet named BREAK from a sheet name FAB w/ the criteria being met "Single Rollup Frame" in col B and it being a copy/paste that will always paste on the next available row. The code I have works some and doesn't give a debug - but it is only...
  11. C

    Slowest Macro ever - Please Help! Copy Paste

    I have written this over and over again. Its takes 30 seconds. I am a novice doing this a few months. I should be defining...tried that but could not get this to speed up. It works but looks embarrassing, I am aware. After a couple of days of trying to speed it up, I am turning to the Guru's...
  12. S

    Insert Row in excel table based on text input in a cell

    Hi All, I need a VBA code to insert a new row in my excel table if any text is inserted in a designated cell. My excel table is in a sheet with name "Reference #" and the new row should be inserted in Row 7 of this sheet. The designated cell is in sheet "Data" with cell reference B2:D2 (Cells...
  13. G

    Combining two codes for two different sheets into a mastercode on a separate sheet

    So I have two codes that I am using to delete cells from two different sheets. I first had a button on each sheet to run the macros, but instead I would like to create one button on my third sheet that will run both macros. My first code is for Worksheet ("yard") Sub RemoveTractors()...
  14. J

    Copy a column based on a cell and paste to another sheet in next open column

    Hello, I would like to copy a specific column from sheet1 to the next open column in sheet2. So I would like to say take cell A1 and find that in row 1 of sheet1 and copy that specific column to sheet2. In addition it is copying a value with a formula behind it when I paste it I would like it...
  15. D

    Index function problems when multiple tables/area numbers are on different sheets

    I want to use the reference form of the Index function where there are different lookup tables/area numbers but where one of the tables is on a different sheet. I have a simplified example where this works no problem when the areas are on the same sheet but doesn't work if one of the areas is...
  16. B

    VBA - Compare Two Lists on seperate sheets

    Hello everyone! :) Thank you for all the great solutions I could copy/paste from here to use for my own projects. Unfortunately I do now have a rather simple task, which I can figure out to work. I've tried several attempts, but did not get a satisfying result. The situation is the following: I...
  17. L

    Loading several .txt files into different sheets of an .xls

    Hello everyone, I´m trying to analyze several measurements in one excel Worksheet. Attached you find the xls sheet and a picture showing the folder structure where the measurement data is stored. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dvmtv458cpumb4/Capture.JPG?dl=0...
  18. J

    Run macro from button on separate sheet

    Hi guys, Brand new member and first post, this is also my first time playing with macros/vba and have searched the web for two days now and have come up empty handed; I hope you can help. I have a workbook (Master Production Report) where I have the following tabs Tab 1 "Control": Here I want...
  19. P

    Print dynamic ranges each from different sheets in 1 go ?

    Hi Trying to Print dynamic ranges from different sheets in one print run. I have the code below but I cant see why I doesn't populate, and I get an object error. Guidance always appreciated Sub PrintAllDataSheets() ' Print Initiate Investigate Validate Audit Implement Summary Page in sigle...
  20. M

    Running a macro when double clicking a cell in another sheet

    Dears, Good morning or good evening wherever you are. I am new with VBA. So, I had to search online on how to do what I wanted to do with my workbook. But now I am stuck and I hope you could help me. In sheet 1, there is a table of data. Each row has a site code and some data related to this...

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