1. R

    Extracting PARTIAL words from cell

    I'm in a worksheet and trying to extract the words after the 3rd and 4th hyphens when they're available in column A (see table below for representation). <tbody> Digital - workbook - sheet Digital - workbook - app Digital - workbook - test Digital - workbook - sheet - max - version1...
  2. C


    I am trying to look up a column based off a town and a service for example I want to lookup Victoria, C Basic, Start so the answer would be 19, or Munjor, D EAGLE DIGITAL, Reconnect so the result, any Ideas <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="10"><col><col><col><col><col...
  3. M

    Digital Signature in Excel

    Dear all, My boss asked me if it is possible to insert PDF style digital signatures into an Excel file. She wanted each of those to represent "approval" of a request, for example: expense reimbursement, etc. A PDF style digital signature takes the place of a person's personal signature. I...
  4. E

    Digital planning board with excel functionality

    Hello, I would like to make a digital planning board in Excel. It must look like the old fashioned planning board with paper cards. On the left the project. On top the days of te week. Every day people must be moved (drag and drop) to the projects. I have an excel example that I can email...
  5. Grizlore

    Digital Signatures in Excel 2007

    Am I missing something? Why apply a 'digital signature' to your VBA code anymore? In Excel 2003 your could digitally sign code and then the Users were prompted to either ENABLE, DISABLE, or install the certificate and then always trust the signer. In Excel 2007, they user can't ENABLE, unless...

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