1. B

    Convert or split then combine numbers from cell

    Hello! I have plenty of cells with dimensions in the following format: 100x50cm I am looking for an efficient way to convert those to inches, so the result should look like 39x20" inches. I am looking for a formula that could convert it directly or indirectly, perhaps by first splitting the...
  2. B

    Numbering new products in sequence

    Hello, I am producing a list of patterns references and each pattern needs to have a unique reference. Example pattern 1 is 100-1525/1525/8-001 and is made from a sheet of material 1525 x 1525 x 8 thick 100 = Denotes type of material 1525 = dimension 1 1525 = dimension 2 8 = thickness 001 =...
  3. J

    Ceiling not working due to none sequential numbers

    Hi All, I'm trying to produce a ceiling formula to match and identify a row number for indexing. But due to the numbers in column B not having a uniformed spacing between them it is proving very difficult. Maybe there is a better system i should use? Example below: For reference column B is a...
  4. M

    Adding another dimension to an array and preserving

    So I have an array called Setup declared as a variant. i pass a range to the array eg A1:E7 and Setup becomes an array like this setup (1 to 7, 1 to 5) i want add another dimension (1 to 3) but preserve the range data already in the array. What’s the best way to do this? I know I can’t...
  5. S

    Return Text from Corresponding Value

    I would like to return a demographics category's maximum (lowest) dimension in text form. I'm able to determine the maximum value of the dimension, but I can't figure out how to return its text. Please see sample below. The maximum dimension for the birth year demographics category is fairness...
  6. J

    Help with a formula - sizing - standard, medium or large

    Hi, I need help working out if a product is Standard, Medium or Large size based on the length, width and height dimension with the following restrictions: <thead style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font: inherit; vertical-align: baseline;">#C7E0F9[/URL] "] Standard...
  7. M

    Sort array

    Hi, I have a 2 dimensional array xx(1 to 10, 1 to 100) with numerical data. Do anyone know how to resort the array by the first dimension? Thanks!
  8. B

    Exclude a dimension in cubevalue formula

    Hi, I need a way to exclude this dimension "[Employee].[Operations Group Key].[All].[CORPSAP]" From the below formula =CUBEVALUE("sqlprodbi Payroll","[Employee].[Centre Key].[All].[GC - Gold Coast]","[Measures].[Mpr Completion Percentage]","[Date].[Month].[All].["&TEXT(G88,"MMM YYYY")&"]")...
  9. W

    DWG in EXCEL

    Our company uses excel to do calculations of dimensions for our AutoCAD drawings. I would like to insert a template drawing from AutoCAD into excel and be able to have the calculated cells from another sheet to appear on the drawing. My hope is to be able to enter the information once into excel...
  10. A

    Help with speeding up the Marco/ defining dimensions

    Hello, I am newbie to writing macros and still trying to get my head around dimensions. Whilst I do not understand much about them, I know that it important to define it correctly otherwise it causes the macro to run very slow. I have written my first code and it all goes fine until ''Filter 4...
  11. W

    Fill 2 dimension array from a vertical range of cell (and subtract values)

    I may need your help again as i'm trying to build on the code that was previously suggested by another user here when I needed help on fill 2 dimension array from a vertical range of cell. Sub FillB5M15FromA76A197() Dim R As Long For R = 76 To 207 Step 12...
  12. K

    Slowly changing dimension

    Hi all I have a challenge with a report, where I would like to report on two simple dimensions: Product and Chain. Fact table contains a turnover per week per product per chain. Things is I would like to report on a third dimension that changes over time. In this case it's a color on the...
  13. E

    VBA: new 1-D array from selected index on 2-D array

    Hello all. I'm trying to find an easy way of converting a selected index within a 2-dimensional array into a 1-dimensional array. For example, if I have the following: TwoDArr(1,1)="OneOne" TwoDArr(1,2)="OneTwo" TwoDArr(2,1)="TwoOne" TwoDArr(2,2)="TwoTwo" ... I want to do something like this...
  14. M

    Auto Populate sheet using multiple drop down lists

    Hi, I am looking to auto populate a spread sheet using multiple drop down lists, 4 to be exact. It is a dimensional drawing of a tool, where the dimensions will change when a different size and weight and material is selected from the drop down list. Please let me know if you can help me out...
  15. M

    Help! Need to make "deliverable" macro more efficient

    Hello, I am trying to fix a macro that hides the listed "deliverables" on my WS. With lower number of deliverables, the macro executes quite quickly, but once there are 10 or more deliverables the macro takes a very very long time. Is there a way to simply or fix the following macro to make it...
  16. D

    Extra digits being assigned, round doesn't work

    Okay, I have a problem that is really perplexing me. I have written an extensive VBA program that will take data sets recorded by two different instruments and prepare them for use in a piece of visualization software. One of the tricky steps involved pairing up precipitation data with the...
  17. P

    5 dimensional Chart in Excel?

    Hi there, I have 2500 unique location rows in the first column with 5 additional columns. Each additional column contains a different metric value. Is there any current excel technique which could be applied to plot all 2500 locations in a graph containing 5 different axes? Looking for a way...
  18. G

    VBA Dim and Set Worksheet for all modules

    Hello there, I am not new anymore to VBA, but I'm still strugglin: I have made 6 modules, all using the Dim PROJECT As Workbook Dim REGISTER As Worksheet Secondly they all use Set PROJECT = Workbooks("Project Register TEST.xlsm") Set REGISTER = PROJECT.Sheets("ProjectRegister") Now because...
  19. F

    How to make box with dimension

    Dear all I just need to know that is it possible in excel that we could make box with length,width,height dimensions? for example: we just enter 100mm is length, 70mm is width and 30mm is height.. so excel will make box according to this size
  20. E

    2-Dimensional and different-data-type array decleration

    Good day, Is there a way to declare a 2-dimensional array, starting from 1 upto 1000 for each dimension and most importantly consisting of different data type? What I know is: Dim myArray(1 to 1000) As Integer This provides first array index 1 as opposed to 0 but it is one dimensional Dim...

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