1. B

    Import SharePoint Excel Files

    Does anyone know of a way to import excel files directly from a SharePoint into access
  2. J

    Ampersands Appearing in Formulas

    I have recently been experiencing something I have not seen in my fifteen years of working with Excel: @ signs are appearing in my workbooks formulas directly after the = sign. For example...
  3. S

    Find Value in Range then

    Hi Guys I have a cell range H4 - AT4, I have a formula that places a specific value in a cell within the range based on a value above, example - Formula places the number 5000 in cell Z4 using the value in cell Z3. That part works fine, now what I want to do is search the range H4-AT4, find the...
  4. K

    Excel spontaneously changes reference to linked workbook

    I have a cell in a worksheet which is linked to a cell in another workbook. In theory the link should update when I open the first workshheet, however the linking formula has changed itself to c:\Users\Michael\AppData\Roaming|Microsoft\Excel\file name and cell reference. It is supposed to link...
  5. M

    Help Code VBA Get a child window of an application and send text to a box on that child window

    Hi guy ! How can i go directly to a window of an application with it'ID , because it does not have Please
  6. P

    Is it possible? (click and directly jump to another sheet's cell)

    Hi everyone! I have 2 sheets (see below). If I click on any number in my sheet1 first column, I'd like to be able to directly jump/go to the corresponding same number in my sheet2 (and vice-versa - toggle). Example: If I click on #3 in sheet1 (row4), then Excel directly goes to/position...
  7. M

    Lock Row and Column

    Hi all, i received a excel file, in that some column are locked, means not to enter specific column like C1 to E1 even cursor is out of these column c1 to e1. when you try to cursor goes to c1 then it will goto directly f1. can anybody tell me how is this?
  8. S

    How to change the source of a PivotTable from Database connection to normal excel range

    Hi All, We have a excel file which has pivot tables, those pivot tables are connected with database connections directly. so when we Refresh All all pivot tables are refreshing with latest data from Database directly. Now we want to change the source of PivotTable from that Database connection...
  9. M

    Printing Directly Onto Letterhead As A PDF

    <tbody> <tbody> Hello, I have been puzzling over this for quite some time and have googled as many possible things that I can think of to try and resolve this! I am wondering if there is a way to print your file as a PDF and directly onto letterhead, in a similar way to as if you had...
  10. L

    adding new item to drop down list by directly typing into the cell

    The shortcoming of drop down list in DATA > validation - is that you can not add new item directly into the cell with the drop down button. The only way to do this is to bring out the drop down list and make the necessary editing. It would be nice if we can just input directly into the cell new...
  11. D

    Power Query - Get and Transform connection to Magento Databases Directly

    Hello Guys Has anybody found a way to connect directly to Magento databases to extract data on a read-only connection basis? I have seen some $600 rip off pieces of software but I am sure there must be a direct connection excel can connect. I have searched on here and Google with no luck.
  12. T

    Sumifs with multiple referenced criteria on a single range

    Hi there I am trying so sum all values in column B where the account in column A is either 10000 or 20000. I manage to do this easily with the following formula: =SUM(SUMIFS($B$2:$B$12,$A$2:$A$12,{10000;20000})) to get to the correct answer of 219,910,716. I am, however trying to reference...
  13. Dazzawm

    I Think I Need A Change Event Code

    Hi I have a list of numbers in column A & B on sheet 2. When I enter one of those numbers that are in column A into column AD on sheet 1 I would like the number next to it in column B on sheet 2 put in the cell directly above please. Thanks.
  14. C

    countifs, match and index with variable criteria

    Hi, I have the following formula which works fine (refers to pic below) =COUNTIFS(INDEX(B4:H25,0,MATCH(J8,B3:H3,0)),K8,INDEX(B4:H25,0,MATCH(J9,B3:H3,0)),K9) In its current format the formula reads cells K8 & K9 as fixed values but I want to be able to use > >= < etc. on these values. The best...
  15. J

    Finding a text and getting the cell below

    We have one column of information which is 500 lines long. We need a formula to find a specific text we are searching for and then once that text has been found we need to get the cell directly below that which contains a value we need. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we've been stuck...
  16. N

    I want to reference a pivot table with an autosizing Data Table

    Picture a three column Pivot Table (Call Type, Date, and Calls Received). Right next to it I have a Data Table directly referencing the Pivot Table, an exact copy. Is there a way to make the Data Table autosize for when the pivot adds rows to the bottom? I am using the Data Table to add to a...
  17. K

    Sum range if cells directly above are <> ""

    How do I get this to work (I know it's wrong but it makes sense in MY head): {=SUMIF(A4:D4,A3:D3<>0)*1000} I want the range A4:D4 only to be summed where the cells directly above are <> 0. So if A3 = 1 B3 = 2 C3 = 0 D3 = 0 And A4 = 300 B4 = 500 C4 = 700 D4 = 200 then the result will be 800...
  18. D

    Custom Number Format

    I want to display a column of numbers with " representing inches. I cannot type this into the cell directly as excel will not recognize them as numbers for my formula that I need. How would I go about this? Thanks for any help in advance!
  19. H

    Returning adjacent cell looking in a large array

    Hey guys, I am search a large array with multiple columns B2:AC46. I want to be able to use a set of accounts in a kx1 column vector on my sheet as the reference and always return whatever value is directly next to that reference anywhere within the other array (e.g. I may have 40 in column 5...
  20. I

    Excel programming question

    Hi I have a simple question, why in the following line the variable is not assigned the value directly like this: source_date = b8 instead of the following: source_date = Range("b8").Value Thanks for your help.

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