1. J

    Changing file explorer directories to Sharepoint directories

    Good afternoon I have a number of Excel files which use VBA to create 'dynamic' filepaths, which then proceed to do whatever is needed of them For example: Var1 = [directory root] Var2 = [month] var3 = [Filename] FullFilePath = Va1 & "\" & Var2 & "\" & Var3 ... and then the rest of the script...
  2. M

    Auto save problems with a Excel Dashboard over a mounted share directory.

    I hope somebody can be of assistance as i am rather lost. My issue is the following. The company is deploying a custom excel dashboard to access file shares and incorporate several quote forms that the user can fill and save the information. The xlsx dashboard and fileshare directory is...
  3. W

    Anyway to quickly switch between two directories in Microsoft excel 2010

    on the work that I have to do,I have to consistently switch between two directories. These are the steps that I do. Step 1:Press Ctrl + O.Navigate to directory 1. Open a file.Step 2: Then press Ctrl + O, navigate to directory 2. Open the file in that directory. Cut-and-paste that data from...
  4. mole999

    IP Address

    I have a couple of non public IPs. I have a programme that uses 1 of 2. I need to detect if either is available, and if not ensure my functions do not run (The whole thing goes really really slow). I haven't found anything simple that will do what I am looking for, anyone point me to something...
  5. J

    If period "." located in string, return "File", else return "DIR"

    Dear all, I have been tasked with reviewing network directories and files to etsablish when the directories and files were last accessed. This being in an effort to remove redundant directories and data that is no longer being used. I have used the command line to extract the required data...

    Automatically list all directories from a folder in a worksheet

    Hi guys. I need to create a worksheet that, when opened, lists all files in a directory, sorted alphabetically, and ideally to be able to show the date the file was created as well, along with other info pulled from the directory properties. This worksheet will need to be refreshed each time it...
  7. P

    I need help creating a macro to create a hyperlink to PDF file based on cells contents. Needs to also search sub directories.

    So what I have is my part numbers in row "C". What I would like is a macro that will search a network directory & its sub directories for that parts PDF & change the cell to a hyperlink to that file. The files are stored in M:\CAD\Prints\. Also, if it is not found, can I have it look into a...
  8. G

    Getting First Letter of Cell, Inserting a Row, Putting Letter above it

    I have been searching, without luck, for a macro that will search a list that's already in alphabetical order (though maybe it wouldn't hurt to alphabetize it as part of the macro to be safe), and that will insert an empty row of each word that starts with the same letter, and put that letter in...
  9. D

    Extract folders or subdirectories from long urls

    Hi, I am porting a very old and eclectic website from mostly static pages to Joomla. I need to create a list of folders/subdirectories that will become Joomla categories and subcategories to try to recreate the same url on the new site. How can I extract a list of categories and folders from...
  10. T

    Looping Through a folder and Saving sheets to a New Folder

    I have the below code and I am trying to loop through one directory find all the excel files and break them out into separate sheets each saved in their own folder within a different parent directory. The sheets will all be labeled with the date convention mmddyy. The folder titles will be a...
  11. J

    Macro to list Directories in various location - per worksheet

    I would like to index the directories i have on various servers in excel. and ideally have a script/macro i run to update them. so i have: \\server1\share1 \\server1\share2 \\server1\share3 \\server2\share1 \\server2\share2 \\server3\share1 \\server3\share2 \\server4\share1 I would like an...
  12. G

    Browse Folder ComboBox

    Hello! I have a form that pops up and requests data from the user. I would like the user to select a folder to look in and open the files related to that data. Is it possible (and relatively simple) to have a combobox that populates itself with the folders and directories on the system? If so...
  13. kyrgan

    Using Excel to create directories?

    Hello all, I have an issue where I need to save a file to a certain directory. What I would like to do, using VBA is to check and see if the dir exists, and if it does not, go ahead and create it. In this same vein, how would one go about deleting a dir (empty or full) Thanks! K.
  14. B

    Directories and Sub-Directories

    Hi, i have found a macro online which works almost perfectly Option Explicit Private cnt As Long Private arfiles Private level As Long Sub Folders() Dim i As Long Dim sFolder As String Dim iStart As Long Dim iEnd As Long Dim fOutline As Boolean arfiles = Array() cnt = -1 level = 1...
  15. D

    Kill only excel files

    I would like a macro to kill only all excel files in all the directories in my computer. Can anyone write the procedure to do this. Thanks very much.
  16. C

    Working With Files in VBA Macros

    I am trying to find out if there is a way to automatically find out if there are files in a directory and delete them so I can remove the directory. I want to do all this through a macro in VBA. Another possibility is to error check and if the error happends then do something else but I cannot...

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