1. O

    MS Scripting for directory tree parsing

    Go easy on me. I'm more of a decent hacker using other's code not a programmer. 1st post here. Tried using recursive code I found based on MS scripting (which I barely understand) to parse directory tree to fill an array with all paths. It seems to be parsing fine as I can tell HOW MANY dirs it...
  2. D

    dynamically changing a formula for vlookup

    is there a way to dynamically change the workbook name in a Formula vba statement? I'm looping thru multiple workbooks based on the filename found in the directory and each passthru of the macro would have to reflect the workbook just opened. first pass workbook name is "Servers with...
  3. P

    VBA - Saving a workbook in a SharePoint directory

    Hello, I want to save a workbook directly to SharePoint. If I know the URL of the SharePoint directory, I can enter it directly into the directory line of the "Save as" dialog window. But the question now is how I can specify the desired URL for the "Save As" dialog via VBA. Further I would...
  4. S

    How to create a folder in an specific directory with the name on specific cell?

    Hello, I am trying to create a code that allows me to create a folder in an specific directory with folder name on textbox1 and if this folder is already created in that directory, it does not allow to create another with the same name. As I am very new to Excel VBA, can you please help me...
  5. A

    Search For File In Directory Using Wildcard Works, But Now To Get The Complete Name Of That File

    This code checks to see if a file (tar_str) exists in a directory. Sub cheese() sdate = 43609 'May 24 2019 EDate = 43757 'Oct 20 2019 Days = 148 For lp = sdate To EDate t_mon = Format(lp, "mmm") t_day = Day(lp) t_dayy = Format(lp, "ddd")...
  6. W

    Copy a file from a specific directory and make available in clipboard

    Good Morning All, I have searched Google long and hard for an answer to this question to no avail!! I need to copy a CSV file from a specific directory, and make it available to the clipbaord, so I can paste it later using ctrl + v. I have developed a Macro that manipulates an XLSM file then...
  7. A

    Open Directory for user to choose a file

    Hello, I hope i can get some help from people whom i regard as super smart. The code below (that i have managed to get from others) finds the username and computer name so that other users would be able to use the same code on their computers. I had hoped that the code would also open the...
  8. Nelson78

    VBA: how to open the only .csv file existing in a directory

    Hello everybody. I've the following directory in my pc: R:\Users\john.smith\Downloads It contains two files, only one of them is a .csv. But, about it, I don't know the exact name. How can I open it exploiting the only information I have? (it is a .csv file). Thank's.
  9. rjplante

    get file name root folder

    I have the get folder location function listed below. I would like the dialogue box that opens to start into a specific root directory. This will allow the user to start at this location which they select the final destination from the list of folders within the root directory. How to I modify...
  10. S

    Loop through directory and copy data from same tab in each

    I have a folder which contains various excel sheets, some xlslx and some xlsm, in each of these sheets there are multiple tabs but each one has one called 'Data'. The data starts in Column A row 6, and goes to BE6. This is consistent throughout each file in the directory, but the number of rows...
  11. D

    Saving workbook on shared drive that may have different letter assignments

    Hello, I'm receiving a method 'SaveAs" of object' _workbook failed error when I attempt to save a newly created file on to a shared drive. I have the correct Directory path, and I am able to access another file within that directory, but when I attempt to save the file I just created I get that...
  12. S

    Looping through all files in a directory, but open file does not loop

    Please help, my issue is that the code below works but not for active work book, so when i run the macro from the a open workbook in the same directory, it works for all the files but not for the one thats opened and im running from... i want it to run for the file thats open too. Allfolders...
  13. Muleskin57

    Same File Name, New Location

    I've created a tool to manage resources for disabled persons in a group home setting. It will be used by non-excel users mostly. I'm trying to create a macro that saves the existing file to a backup directory before exiting. Anyone have experience with this? I'm hitting my frustration point.
  14. M

    VBA to open MM_TEST in folder /subfolder

    Hi , I would like to open a file ie MM_Test by DIR or FSO method by searching all folders and subfolders in Directory: C/Example/ The file names can also range from 01_TEST to 12_TEST. For example , latest would currently be 06_TEST based on June. So rather than date modified, is there a...
  15. rhino4eva

    get directory names

    I have a very complicated problem that may have a simple solution I work with a biochemical analyzer which churns out copious amounts of data for quality purposes The machine outputs a directory structre which I need to explain the root of the directory is on c:\data\ each day the computer...
  16. B

    List Files Sorted Alphabetically and Grouped by Folder

    The following macro groups files by folder and produces the desired output. However, it is very slow when it runs on a large directory, like 'My Pictures' with 30,000+ files. I suspect I don't need a double loop, or perhaps I can use an array, but I am fairly new to VBA, and not sure how to...
  17. tyija1995

    Importing CSVs to Access with VBA

    Hey, I have 55 CSV files that I want to export in to Access, I am currently using a macro but it only takes the first file from the directory, I need a loop to take all of the files from the same directory but I am not sure how to implement it, any help would be appreciated. I am using the...
  18. L

    Merge and Rename Worksheets Based on Matching Cell Values

    Good morning, I have excel files in directories that I need to rename based on the value in specific cells in each worksheet and need help with a macro code to achieve this. I would like the macro to loop through the folders and rename each file based on the value it finds in the indicated...
  19. V

    VBA to check the value in all the files in directory

    Hi All, Looking for VBA code which helps in finding a value in list of files in the directory. It should fetch the filename, sheet name and address of the cell where the value holds. For instance if I want to search "December 2019" in directory which has files name say file1, file2, file3...
  20. B

    Vlookup/IF question

    how would I create a formula to lookup an ID number in column C on a US directory tab or CA directory tab if the country code in column B is either US or CA? Below are the three columns I'm using and I want the file number to look in the specific directory tab based on what country code is used...

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